My Diapers Stock

Finally I managed to grab the discounted Mamy Poko at Tesco yesterday after so many times of attemps. I didn't thought of they got stock for the size I want but just give a try since we are having dinner there. So happy that they got stock for size M and without thinking too much, quickly I grab 4 packs of it and another 4 packs of MP pants. After checking out, we go and have dinner and hubby decided to go back and "sapu" another 2 pack of size XL plus the MP pants. The MP pants is super cheap with the RM3.00 rebate, only cost us RM13.60 per pack after the rebate.

When reached home, I did do a stock take for all the diapers I have now and here is my stock on hand:

Mamy Poko

  • Super Jumbo M66 = 4 packs

  • Super Jumbo L56 = 2 packs

  • Super Jumbo XL50 = 2 packs

  • Jumbo M44 = 1 pack

  • Jumbo L38 = 5 packs

  • MP Pants M17 = 2 packs

  • MP Pants L14 = 6 packs

  • MP Pants XL12 = 3 packs

  • MP Pants Travel Pack : L2 = 11 packs

  • MP Travel Pack L3 = 8 packs

  • MP Pants (Bought in Japan) : L26 = 1 pack


  • Huggies Dry Comfort L60 = 1 pack

  • Huggies Dry L72 = 2 packs

  • Huggies Ultra L34 = 2 packs

  • Huggies Pull Up Pants XL30 = 1 pack


  • Sealer M57 = 1 pack

I think the supply I have now can last for at least a year and the next things I wanted to stock up is the formula milk that Kendra is consuming now.


chinneeq said...

can buka kedai liao...hehe

peimun & princess kendra said...

yeah..will sell it off if the pocket diaper is good to use....

liteng said...

wah.. really a lot!! i also got store some but not as much as u do.. hehe

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