Home Furniture Change Over

I feel so thankful to own our (me and hubby) own house. Before we move into our home sweet home, we did a lots of survey for the home furniture. Due to the place where we live is a small city, we found difficulties to find a good furniture for our house and end up buying the furniture that not suit our house due to the limitation of choices available.

I thought of have a change over for some of the furniture in my house due to wear and tear of. The first things I would like to change is my bed and mattress. I thought of getting a bigger bed for since Kendra is sleep with us now. I'm looking for those storage beds that I can save lots of space in my room.

I also wish to have a small bar counter beside my living hall. Just a simple bar counter with some bar stools will do. When hubby's friends come and visit, they can have their "men's talk show" there. A wide screen entertainment center is needed I think. So that they can enjoy their drinks while watching the football match. At the mean time, I need to have some new dining room furniture too as the dining table set that bought by my sister is a bit small.

Hopefully I can have a new look for my house before the Chinese New Year!


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