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Identity Theft Protection

Recently, I had received a hoax email saying that I am selected to own multi-millions wealth from someone who has deceased. It requested to click on the link and it will redirect me to a website to insert my particulars. This including my login credential in one of the local bank. Another scenario I faced earlier is SMS notification. In the SMS, it requested me to send them my personal particulars and bank account. Of course, in both of the cases, I didn't do as what they told cause I never believe such thing cause I know this will bring harms than good.

Here I would like bring up this topic which is identity theft protection. There are 4 things that you need to know about Identity Theft.

1. Identity theft is always a stepping stone to identity fraud.
2. Identity theft can victimize anyone.
3. Most identity theft crimes are committed by someone the victim knows or may knows.
4. Early detection of identity theft is better.

You can learn more about identity theft and preventions from IdentityHawk. I hope you are not the next victim and could spread the knowledges around your peers and family members. Together we could beef up our identity protection in the virtual world that could bring us unexpected damages e.g. money loss and crime conviction.

Latest Photo

Time flies without notice.... See, my 2 babies had grown up so fast in this picture. Picture taken on the ferry to Penang.....!!!!

School Reopen

Today is the school reopen for Kendra and she was so excited that she can go back to school again after one month break. Hubby is off today and we send her to school together with her brother. The little boy is excited too as I can see that he is happily put on his bag when we told him to go to school.........!!!!!!!

When we reached school this morning, Kendra was very behaved and she was being told by one of the teacher that her new classroom is located upstairs and she is with Ms Carol's class. She keep telling me over the past few weeks that she is going to be a "big girl" and "big girl" must study at upstairs.... Her wish to be a big girl is granted....!!!!!!
Her schooling time is the same as last year. When we fetched her and guess what she told me? She ask me where is her text book....... Due to my laziness, I didn't go to the office and purchase her books and thought to settle it once by today. I never expect the teacher will start using the text book on the first day of school. She told me she is the only one that without text book in her group this morning. I feel so guilty for her........... Actually I did went to the office to purchase it but being told that they are running out of stock for the text books and the soonest I can get it is by end of this week. How I'm gonna tell her this.......gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't know how to describe my feeling over the past 3 days. It's terribly sad and heart pain deep in my heart. I never feel so down after the birth of my boy as I had a hard time during my labor and it's the darkest time in my life. But, after I know about his case, I can't help and keep thinking why it's so unfair to the little boy who had just live for 7 months on his life..... I'm really blessed that my boy is given a second chance to live.

I think most of you are aware about Bernard Wee....... ya, a poor boy who had a heart disease and passed away before he got a chance to go for the operation. My heart is so pain every time I clicked on his mommy's blog and FB and saw the messages she left for him. As a mommy of 2 kids, I really can feel how sad will it be of a mommy who lost her child.

When I decided to left my lappy for all the sad news, my friend show me another blog of a little angel who passed away on this Feb due to cancer. My tears are out of my control when I'm reading her blog. Why they need to suffer so much in their life????? They are just a innocent baby, aren't they deserve a chance to live since YOU decided to bring them to this world...... Why YOU want to take them back from their parents?

May these 2 angels will meet in heaven one day.........!!!!!!!

My New Toys

Yay..another new toy of the month of September........ oops, now only I realize I haven't share with you all about my first new toy which hubby bought it few weeks ago. Never mind, I will reveal it in this post too!!!!

First of all, hubby had bought this Nintendo Wii for us..... You must be wondering who is the "us" refer to....yes, it's for me and my girl- Kendra!!!! The main reason he got it for me is with the hope that I can have some workout at home. He got me the Balance board and it looks great to me. Hope it really can help me to shed off some weight.

Nintendo Wii........

My 2nd new toy is the sewing machine which I wanted for ages. Finally hubby approved my request and got it for me. A big thanks to him for his support even he know that I know nothing about sewing....... what a joke, right?????

I will try my best to sew some pouches and bags for my kids everyday use......!!!!!!!

Brother Innovis 30

Some fabrics I bought for my projects..........


While I'm chatting with my friend Angel on MSN yesterday, she told me that her husband's car was break down middle on the road when he is on his way home. I suggested them to send the car to Dallas Auto Repair for a thorough inspection.

After seeing their case, I think I should send my car to the workshop for some brake job too since I've been travel so frequent in the past few months. We should make sure that our car is always in tip top condition when on the road to avoid unnecessary things to happen.

Hubby thought of selling his existing car and get a new one. I help him to do some surveys and found out that this Chevrolet Silverado has a good reviews by others. I have all the reviews print out and will show him tonight.

"Family" in the eyes of a 4 years old

2 scenarios below were best described the word FAMILY of my 4 years old girl.

Scenario no. 1
On last Saturday afternoon, while I'm busy washing some dishes in the kitchen and hubby walked in and told me that he need to go back to office to settle some issues. Kendra heard it and she raise up this good question to her daddy. " Do you know today is Saturday? It's weekend which is our family day....why you need to go to work". She asked with full of disappointment.

Scenario no.2
When hubby was ready to go out for a date with his friend, Kendra again not allowed him to go. She cried and begged her dad not to go and not to leave us in the house.

"Don't go out, left 3 of us in the house so "yam gong"(pity).............

When hubby was out and I asked her, why she don't let her daddy go out. Guess how she answer me?????

Kendra: In a family, must have daddy and mommy. Now daddy go out, we don't have a family already.......:((((((((( I want a family...............................


It's always too much time in Facebook and too less time for my chores. Only 3 days left for our Singapore trip but I still yet to pack. why why why....I keep asking myself why I still don't want to start to pack it even I have the time to do so..... See, I'm still sitting in front of my lappy now rather than go and pack.....hahahah!!!! This is the real ME, always wait till last minutes!!!!!!

Maybe I still can't feel the mood yet..... my poor boy still not yet recover from his flu + cough!!!! I know it will be a "hard" trip with a sick kid. Hope he can recover before our departure. Better start to draft my list and pack later.....bye!!!!


I like this Envirosax very much and lately their Origami range catch my eyes and end up it's in my collection....LOL!!!!! The pouch that comes along with the set is so special and this is the main reason I got it from so far away!!!! I emailed the distributor here and being told that they never bring in the set with pouch, so I have to buy it outside Malaysia.

He is 1 Today....

Time flies and he turn 1 today. No big birthday party for him as usual as I'm a lazy mom and hate all the cleaning job after party (don't laugh so loud ya...:))))) Will have a simple dinner with my family tonight.

I had been recalling what had happen last year this day from morning till now. It's a HARD day for me last year at this time. I know I know.... I should not think too much since me and Randal are well now, but my mind just non stop flashing back what had happen that day....sob sob!!!

Okay Okay, let's talk about Randal progress.

**He is able to walk very well now. whenever we are outside or in the mall, he likes to walk by his own.

**He is able to recognize some of us in the family...... daddy, mommy, jie jie (Kendra), gong gong (grandpa), por por (grandma) and yi yi (aunties)

**like to mumble a lot but we don't understand his baby language.

**he likes to get on his sister's bicycle now. Everytime when we are in my parent's house, sure he will looks for it!!!

**He is 9.5kg and taking semi solid now. Still on Isomil and 3 feedings per day @ 210ml each feed.

**taken all the compulsory and optional jab to date.

**can't think of anything to write already...... will post more after the dinner tonight!!!!!


mommy wish you healthy and happy always!!!!!

Nod His Head - Video

Nod His Head

Before I drop Randal to his nanny house this morning, we went to my parent's house which is just next door of his nanny's house. My parents were so happy to see him and so does him. The first things he saw my dad is ask for carry.... He will open his arms wide and ask them to carry. And my dad will carry him without saying NO and straight away bring him to the dining hall. My dad brought out a big can of raisins and let him to taste some. After that, they came back to the living hall.

My dad left the can of raisin on the staircase. Randal spotted it and he keep nod his head while pointing it to my dad..... My dad keep asking him whether he still want that raisin is it? And he keep nodding his head....he is so funny till I must blog it down.....hahahahha!!!!


Below is the conversation between Kendra (K), hubby (H) and me (M).

Hubby told me his conversation between Kendra after he bathed her yesterday.

H: See, daddy and mommy love you so much, what you want we also got it for you..... when we are old later, will you do the same to us????

K: of course I will.......... I will buy you BEERS and WINES too.......... (hahaha, she know her daddy love to drink)

H: then what you want to buy for mommy???

K: oooh.... I will buy mommy LV bags............ (hahaha, not bad not bad)

So, I continue to ask her what she will get for others when she came down......

M: what you will get for your beloved gong gong (grandfather)???/

K: I will buy him a horse.......

M: why a horse....???

K: coz gong gong like to go turf club ma...............kekekekke!!!!

M: how about por por (grandmother)???

K: recipes books................ coz por por like cooking.

M: how abt dai yee (my sis - terri)............

K: buy her a pan........... coz she like to cook also!!!!!!

M: Anuty Joey????

K: buy her a computer because she like to online and play games.....wahahahhah!!!!!

M: how abt your yer yer???

K: buy him cigarettes la...................... he likes to smoke.....*wink*

M: your ma ma ler?

K: buy her biscuits.....coz she likes to eat so much!!!!!!

M: how about your ah fu and kam mou (my brother and his wife)???

K: buy a computer for ah fu also.... and a doll for kam mou.......

M: why....why a doll for kam mou?

K: (Guess how she answer me) Coz kam mou like to take care of baby ma....see, she always take car of Rafael only......whahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!

From the above conversation, I can feel that she is so observant for everyone in the house. She knows what we likes and what we usually do........!!!!!

Randal @ 11 months

Yay, today marked 11 months of my beloved boy and there is only one more month he is being called "baby" and soon, he will be a TODDLER!!!!!!!! I think we will not have the birthday party for him but planning a Singapore trip for him.

Most of the peoples around me told me that he is able to walk before he turn 1 and that's true enough. He is able to walk at least 5 steps without any help and always like to stand up by his own. He looks cute when he walk.

He likes to play with his sister very much and used to fight with his sis some times. When his sis refuse to give the toys to him, he will start beating his sis and keep saying "da da" (beat in mandarin). But I'm happy that his sister will never fight back and always share her toys with him.

He was down with fever for the past few days and now suffer from flu and cough. This is the 2nd time he got fever since born. Hope he will recover soon...........

Trying out the swing....................

inside the play tent with jie jie................................

This one is cute....taken in the clinic while waiting..................

Leap Frog Tag Reader

I'm letting go this Leap Frog Tag Reader with a free book " The Cat In The Hat". It's a 16MB unit in purple color in Excellent Used Condition. CD and cable are included in the package. Some local online store are selling it @ RM232 for the system only, no book is included!!!!! So, offer me your best price by email me at serious buyer only!!!!!

For your info, this tag reader can be connect to your pc/laptop to download the audio books and you may connect it to get some fun rewards for your kids too over the Leap frog website.

Simply connect the Tag Reader to your computer with the included USB cable, download the audio for your Tag books and drag-and-drop up to 5 of your child's favorite stories onto your Tag Reader.

While online, you can also discover your children's favorite books and activities, learn about the skills they are exploring and share in their accomplishments by creating a free LeapFrog® Learning Path at

My Rojak March 2010

This is a backdated post. Yeah, March oh March.... the busiest month for me but still have to update my fellow blog follwers to let you all know what happening on my March 2010.

Randal was being send to a new nanny due to his previous nanny will be going to Australia to look after her granddaughter. He cried badly for the first day with new nanny and slowly accept the fact that he will be with these nanny for the coming year. This new nanny just stay next door to my parent's house and most of the time, my dad and sis will go and kacau him too........ maybe because of this, he feels more secure and happy to stay there.

My younger sister got married on 13th March which is also my brother's birthday too. I was busy helping my mom for the preparation for her wedding as my elder sister was away to Sarawak for hiking. More photos of her wedding can be view in my facebook......

On 20th March, it's Kendra's school annual sports day. She had been practiced had last few weeks and she got a silver metal for her house in her age group.

We had a small celebration for Kendra's 4 years old birthday before she fly off to Australia. It's just a simple dinner with my family members.

After the sports day, I was busy packing for our Australia trip. Our main purpose for this trip is to get our visa validated as part of the fulfillment for the visa granted. Now, we are officially an Australian PR. We visited Gold Coast and love the weather there. Hope can settle down in Brisbane. Hubby might be going there end of this year to hunt for job and hope that we can join him by next year as Kendra will finish her school term by that time. Photos of our trip can be view here, here and here.

Hubby's Birthday

Hubby celebrated his 31st birthday yesterday and we had a simply birthday lunch at Spaghetti Sweet Tea Cafe (SSTC) right after fetching Kendra from school. We are welcome by the boss when we stepped in. The ambience of the restaurant is great and we were the only customer by that time.......

The boss is so friendly and strongly recommend us his "chef recommended" dishes. So, we just order what he suggest and here are what we had yesterday........

Tomato soup with Macaroni.......

Special Aglio Olio with mushrooms

White Sauce with Turkey Ham.......

Cup of Cappuccino...........

Cup of Mocha................

and this yummy Tiramisu,............

Overall the foods is great and we were so full when we walked out from the restaurant.......!!!!!! Once again, happy birthday to you my dear and wish you stay healthy and happy everyday!!!!

Randal's Teething Chart - 1 & misc

As promised, I will update my blog more often and I've to force myself to write at least a post before I login to Facebook....LOL!!!!

Yes, Randal got his lower central incisor erupted last month while we were in Australia. Not much of cranky or uncomfortable for him. Like to bite on everything in hand..... key, remote control, pillow and etc. I remembered Kendra teething quite late too and I think Randal just as same as his sister.

Today when I sent him to nanny's house, his nanny took out an used handphone and passed it to him. Guess what..... he is able to take the phone and put it near to his ear!!!!!!!!! His nanny said he is a future boss, can answer call at so young.....hahahahaha!!!!!

Beside this, he is able to stand without support for a few seconds. Sometimes, he likes to push/stroll his jie jie's stool to walk around the house. I think he can walk very soon...... and my night mare will be start soon too!!!!!!!


I felt so sorry for my fellow blog readers. I've been away from my blog for a certain of period without leaving any message here...... SORRY!!!!!!

You all must be wondering what I'm busy with lately until no updates for my blog....!!!!! Actually nothing much than Facebook-ing.....hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! I've make up my mind to cut down time spend on FB and will try my best to update my blog more often. I've lots to princess and price's milestone, my bags collection, my vacation, my gadgets, my photography (lol.... dunno shld i share it with you all or not)...bla bla bla...... So, just stay tuned with me!!!!!!

Jusco Funniest Baby Contest 2010 - Finalist

Finalist for category 1............

Finalist for category 2...................

Yay, Randal had make it to the final..........for this baby contest!!!!! These is the only baby contest I joined for him and never expect he can make it to the finalist!!!!!!

I need your help to vote for him, PLEASE!!!!

The forms are available at the baby department of all the Jusco store throughout Malaysia. You just need to fill it up and submit to the box the provide. NO purchase is required for the vote and you can vote as many as you like........... He is in the category 1 (under 12 months) and his no for vote is NO.21 (Randal Teo Jia Han)

Thanks for your support and wish me luck for the grand prize............. RM10k of Jusco voucher !!!!!!!
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