How He looks like.......

Went for my fortnightly checkup Wednesday and according to my gynae, every things is fine. This time, my boy is very co-operative and my gynae managed to get a good angle to print out the photo of him to us. From the photo, you can notice that he open his eyes so big to stare at us...... such a cute boy!!!!

baby length: 35cm
baby weight: 1445 gram
Heartbeat: 160 beats per minute
So far, mommy only gained 7kg for this pregnancy.

This picture was taken 2 weeks ago (22nd April 09)

see, he is stare at you!!!!!!! (6th May 09)

I won.....

Think most of you had take part in the blog giveaway mentioned in my previous post and another good news of mine to share with you all. Yeah, I just managed to claim the today giveaway prize which is a nursing shawl worth RM105 this morning. I'm so happy for that even I had place an order for the similar item weeks ago...don't mind to have 2 of it at the same time, LOL!!!! I've choose the blue and gray color for the shawl.

Hope more surprises to come after this....!!!!

Blog Giveaway

Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, a good news to share with you all.........The lil caliph is running a blog giveaways in conjunction with their 2nd Anniversary during the whole month of May. Tons of freebies worth more than thousand in RM will be giving away by the thoughtful store owner as a token of appreciation to her customers. This e-store is one of my favorite store because what they carry are so special and premier and it's totally different from other local online store.... it's really an extra ordinary online store I would said.

What you need to do is very simple, you just need to leave a comment here and that it's! It entitle you for an entry for the contest. If your entry was not the winning entry for the day, don't give up as they will have more surprise to come. What you need to do is visit their blog more often to check out the surprise they bring to you!!!!

So, spread the good news with your friends and good luck to you all!!!
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