Negaraku is the national anthem of Malaysia. See how well Kendra presenting the whole song.

Negaraku, tanah tumpahnya darahku,
Rakyat hidup, bersatu dan maju,
Rahmat bahagia, Tuhan kurniakan,
Raja kita, selamat bertakhta.

Kawai Kanyu Drops

I knew this products quite some times but didn't plan to get it due to the price is not cheap and I scare my princess don't like it. But after influenced by the media and some good comments from others, I bought a can of it to try. Not bad, Kendra just love it and so does her mommy.

The one I bought is Kawai Kanyu Drops C20 (Orange Flavor). It contains Vitamin A, D and C to strengthen the body immune system, lightens common colds and stimulates wound healing. It also aids in the absorption of iron. KAWAI Kanyu Drop C20 is especially suitable for those people who eat little fruit or vegetables. It's made in Japan.

I got mine at Guardian @ RM66.70 with 20% discount for 180 tablets. And you can get more info for this products here.

Get Paid by Bloggerwave

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Kendra's Shoes Collection

I remember that she and she had posted up a post about their kids shoes collection and I would like to share with you all Kendra's one from birth to now.

This is how it looks like before I do the sorting

dang dang dang dang............. so well arranged

This is the 2 booties she normally wear before she turn 1 yr old

She like to wear this 2 shoes when she is just learning to walk

The Adidas was bought by her yiyi while the Nike was bought by mommy! Now this 2 shoes have to be keep in the store because she already outgrow it!

The white color pumps shoes wore only once for Uncle Felix wedding
the other sandals was bought by uncle Felix from Japan......kawaii!

This are the Crocs that she like most when going out........

Shoes she wear to her nursery...........

Still wearing.................

This is the one that mommy like the most.....have to thank auntie Terry to get this nice pair of shoes for Kendra!

Cheaper Than Hotels

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Fei Lou Gong Gong

Below is the dialog between my dad, Kendra and her teacher in the nursery.

my dad: Kendra, let's go home

teacher: Kendra, this is your gong gong or your yer yer?

Kendra: this is my fei lou gong gong (fatty grandpa)

teacher: come you call your grandpa like this?

my dad: she used to call like this.......


Actually I'm the one who should be blame for this because I used to call my daddy "fei lou" (fatty) and when Kendra hear it, she just mimic what I said. I'm speechless when my dad told me all about this.

Super Size Boy

Do you feel like to pinch this meaty boy when you see the picture above? I did have the feel when I first saw his pictures. He is just soooo chubby compare with others babies who is same age with him.

Let me share some info about this baby boy...... He was born on 22nd March and his weight at birth is only 3.615kg. He is a fully breastfed baby and he is going to 3 months a few days more. Guess, what is his weight now???? I think you will be surprise when I give you the answer.....hahahah

Aunt peimun love you......Rafael!!!


Finally hubby passed his final paper of the CCNP and now he is a Cisco Certified Network Professional. Since he passed all the 4 papers of the exam and he is thinking to look for a better offer now. In the other hand, he also got an "weird" idea lately.........migrate to Australia.

We are thinking to get an Australia PR since hubby had did the online assessment of his skill and his score are qualify us for the application. From the info we gathered online (from the AU Immigration and some forum), we found that self apply can save us about RM7k compare to applying through agency. But with our location now (Ipoh), it's not so convenient for us to go down to KL for some of the forms submittion. We are still indecisive whether to self apply it or let it handle by agent.

One thing for sure is I must take the IELTS English test. I will go for the class this afternoon and will be sitting for the exam maybe end of the month. I joke with Kendra this morning that Kendra is going to school and so to mommy......hahahhaha!

Used Car

Finally Joeye got her new car after waited for more than a month. She is so excited about the new car and get us a ride right after she got it from the sales agent. Not bad, the car is so comfortable and handling was so good compare to her old car.

Since she got the new car now, I suggested her sell of her old car instead of leaving it in the car porch. Earlier on, she didn't sell it because she need a transport to work place.

We have experienced of selling few cars to car dealer and we were always unable to get a good deal. Therefore, we feel that we want to sell it online this time and we found this reputable company - BuyYourCar. BuyYourCar is a websites that provides the best possible rates for all type of used cars. There are tons of selected used cars which offered at their best price by both private sellers and used car dealers. It's so easy to create the listing of the used car. All we need to do is just follow the step by step guideline provided by the website. You can upload the latest image of your cars in your listing up to a maximum of 4 pictures. Write some detail about your car and your contact for interested buyer to get hold of you, just that simple. If you are new seller, you can refer to the selling advises which available on the website. However, there is a one-time charge at £10 per list. But I think it is worth to pay if we can have a good bargain for our used cars.

For those who are looking for a new car, you can look through the new cars section and get the one that catches your eye. Check them out while you are there.

Sick Sick Sick

Last Wednesday, I received a call from Kendra's nursery and being informed that Kendra was not feeling well, she got fever.. So, I fetch her earlier that day. After she took her milk and I feed her the medicine she went to bed.

The next day I didn't send her to nursery because I want her to rest more so that she can join her nursery to the Ostrich Farm on Friday. The whole day she is behave and no problems for me to feed her the medicines.

On Friday, the fever still not subsided, I'm so dilemma whether to let her join the trip or let her rest at house. I let her to decide herself. When I ask her, she told me that she wanna go to the Ostrich Farm. So, I changed her and send her to the nursery. At first, the teacher seems not willings to let her join the trip. After my explanation and both of us also don't wish to disappointed her. So, her teacher agree to let her join in and assure me that she will take care of her during the trip.

When I'm having my breakfast, I received a call from the nursery telling me that Kendra was not feeling well again..... she was vomiting and the principal ask me to bring her home. I can see that she was very disappointed when I pick her up at the nursery.

The whole weekend, we just stay at home and didn't go anywhere else. Her fever was subsided on Sunday but daddy was the next person who fall sick. He is having fever and today taken MC to rest at house. Hope he can recover soon and I can have a good rest too!
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