My Birthday

Testing testing..... these pic was taken by my Canon EOS 500D, how was it?

My little model at the bar...............

I celebrated my birthday yesterday with my family. No cake bake by my hubby and daughter as what they did last year. My elder sis treat me Dim Sum at Foh San in the morning time (actually by the time we arrived, it's almost afternoon).

In the evening time, we all get prepare and go for our steamboat at MP. Before we head to MP, hubby drop by Stadium where the PC Fair is going on. He bought me the camera....FINALLY!!!!!! I think he is too annoyed hearing me complaint of my existing camera everyday...... it works, it works.....hahahahhaha!!!!! Got the good deal from PC fair which save him RM400 from the price we got from Fotokem.

This year birthday really meant a lot to me as I celebrated it with my hubby, daughter, son and of course my sis who is back for good. Looking forward to the Chinese New Year reunion in another month time.

Thanks my dear hubby who gave me a memorable birthday this year. And thanks him for doing all the house chores for me including ironing Kendra's uniform yesterday. A big claps to you....!!!!! wahahahah

5 Months 3 weeks

Today marked 5 months and 3 weeks old for my lovely boy. He suppose to have his vaccine 2 weeks ago but due to his paed was on long leaves, so he only had it yesterday night. The clinic was not as crowded as what I expect. We reached there around 7.30pm and Kendra was happily playing the slide in the clinic while waiting.

Randal was weighted 8.36kg yesterday and according to Dr. we can introduce solid to him if we intend to (actually I already started it last weekend...I fed him some puree from Heinz). He took his 3rd dose of Infarix Hexa and 2nd dose of Synflorix. He cried a little while when the jab is on him and stop right after his daddy carried him. He is not as tough as his sis which she never cried when jab.

At this stage, he likes to play with his tongue most of the time. Can see the picture in my post........... Beside that, he can crawl very well. When I put him on the mattress in my living hall every morning, he will came out of it within a minute and start his morning exercise there. He is learning to grab things too. Once he get hold the things he wants, he will put it into his mouth... really need to keep a close eyes on him from now onwards. Other than this, he started to get used of his walker too. He loves it so much especially the music played by his walker. He enjoy being put inside the walker.

Hope he will learn more skill for the coming days....... !!!!
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