Cute Fullmoon Package

I must blog it down before I forgot. I came across this website when I'm searching full moon package for Randal months ago. I like their products so much but didn't happen to order from them as I've promised my friend that let her handle the Full moon package for Randal.

Their latest design are so cute and make myself have to promote it to all of you. I like their creativity. Other than the full moon package, they do sell some good quality baby wear too. So, mama to-be, try to take visit their website and I'm sure you will like it too. Even though I didn't place any order from them, but I wish I have a chance to do so later.....maybe Randal coming birthday...hahahaha!!!!!

*this is not a paid post...

4 Months Old

Randal turned 4 months on 16th and we brought him for his vaccination yesterday. His weight is 7.7kg and head circumference is 41.5cm. We didn't start him the pneumococcal vaccine when he is 2 months old as we planned to let him take it when he is 4 months old. He took his 2nd dose of Rotarix and 1st dose of Synflorix yesterday.

When taking the Rotarix oral vaccine, he is trying to throw it out from his mouth but the PD is experienced and patient enough to let him finished it. The Synflorix Randal took is cheaper than Prevenar. Both Rotarix and Synflorix only cost us RM354.

Randal like to listen while we are talking now. Sometimes, he will even add in his opinion by making the sound"buuuu", "kuuuu", "aar", "yiiii".............. and even scream out loud when he is over excited. I think he will be talkative as Kendra......"faint". Another new skill he learn....... pull mommy's hair. He like to pull my hair when I try to come near to him. And sometime I pity Kendra too..... she always go near to him and thought give her brother a kiss but ended up being pull by her brother......hahahaha!!!!!

Bring or Not To Bring

We will be attend my friend's wedding dinner at KL end of this month. Initially we plan to bring along Kendra and Randal with us. When I told Randal's babysitter that we will bring him along, she seems worry that Randal is still too young for travel. She suggested us not to bring him along and leave him to stay overnight at her place.

I'm dilemma now....... I thought of bring him along because I don't wish to separate with him even a single day and I'm sure I will miss him very very much. Secondly, I felt that myself are very bad if I just bring Kendra and not bring him with us. I remembered when Kendra is about his age, we did bring her to KL too.

On the other hand, it's good not to bring him along too. As what his nanny said, virus is everywhere now and he is still young. More over, we are going to attend a dinner and scare he cannot get used to those noisy/loud environment. If without him, I can have more time to catch up with my former schoolmates.

So how....?????? Bring or not to bring....??????????
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