Green to Grow BPA Free Bottles

I'm still undecided whether to change Kendra's bottles or not as I still have plenty of stock of the Philips Avent bottles. If I were to change all her milk bottles, "Green to Grow" bottles will be the first brand I will consider.

This is how the bottles looks like...... it's cute, right?

Other than milk bottles, I intend to get her a BPA free drinking cup too. What do u think about this donut shape cup?

Bisphenol A (BPA) on Baby Bottles

I'm sure that most of the mommies are shocked like me when read the article I posted couple of minutes ago about the bottles that containing BPA. I've gathered some info for you all about the BPA on Philips Avent bottles (I knew most of you are using this brand) Other than this, I've attached some useful info for your reference too....check it out for the safe sake of your baby/toddlers.

Philips Avent on Bisphenol A (BPA)
Philips Avent Feeding Products Material Chart
BPA Free Bottles

Hope this info will help!!!

Plastic Bottles Recall in Canada

I was shock to read about this article from The New York Times when I'm hopping around:

Published: April 18, 2008

OTTAWA — The Canadian government moved Friday to ban polycarbonate infant bottles as it officially declared one of their chemical ingredients toxic.

Nalgene brand water bottles had used bisphenol-a, which some studies in animals linked to hormonal changes.

The move by the departments of health and environment is the first action taken by any government against bisphenol-a, or B.P.A., a chemical that mimics a human hormone and that has induced long-term changes in animals exposed to it through tests.

“We’re not waiting to take action to protect our people and our environment from the long-term effects of bisphenol-a,” the environment minister, John Baird, told a news conference.

The most immediate impact of the toxic designation will be a ban on the importation and sale of baby bottles made with clear, hard polycarbonate. That move will not take effect until the end of a 60-day discussion period, however.

The health minister, Tony Clement, told reporters that after reviewing 150 research papers on B.P.A. and conducting its own studies, his department concluded that the chemical posed the most risk for newborns and children up to the age of 18 months. The minister said that animal studies suggest “there will be behavioral and neural symptoms later in life.”

Not only are potentially unsafe exposure levels to B.P.A. lower for children than adults, Mr. Clement said that cleaning infant bottles with boiling causes the release of the chemical into their contents.

He suggested that the government had planned to also ban the use of epoxies made with B.P.A. and sprayed into most infant formula cans as a lining. But, he added that no practical alternative is currently available.

Both ministers, however, insisted that current research showed that adults who use food and beverage containers made with B.P.A. related plastics were not at risk.

“For the average Canadian consuming things in those products, there is no risk today,” Mr. Clement said.

The government will, however, begin monitoring the B.P.A. exposure of 5,000 people between now and 2009. If research indicates a danger to adults, the government will take additional action, the officials said.

In addition to its concerns about infants and young children, the government said that its B.P.A. review found that even low levels of the chemical can harm fish and other aquatic life forms over time.

If the baby bottle ban takes effect on June 19, an event that can only be derailed by significant new evidence, it may have little practical effect.

Reports earlier this week indicating that the government would declare B.P.A. toxic prompted a rush by most of Canada’s major retailers to remove food-related B.P.A. products from their stores. The company’s largest druggist, Shoppers Drug Mart, took the step on Friday at its 1,080 stores shortly before the announcement.

Nalgene, the company that turned polycarbonate bottles from a piece of lab equipment into a popular drink container, has also decided to drop the plastic and use others plastics that do not contain B.P.A.

In Washington on Friday, Senator Charles E. Schumer, a Democrat from New York, said in a statement that he intended to introduce a bill that would create a widespread ban on B.P.A.-related plastics. It would prohibit their use in all children’s products as well as any product use to carry food or beverages for adults.

Kendra's nursery

I saw a banner in front of the nursery when I send Kendra this morning. The banner showing the nursery website which is just newly launched. I'm so eager to check it out........

In the website, I can see Teacher Wani, Teacher Githa, Lim Chee Hen (Kendra's best friend).......and etc. Can't wait for Kendra home and show her later.

Now, I look forward the service that the principal told me earlier will be launch next. So I can view what Kendra's is doing in the nursery from home by paying the monthly subscription fees.

DH Birthday

Hubby birthday is around the corner and I still don't have any plan to celebrate it. As you all aware that when we ask them what they want for present, sure they will ask us no need to buy them anythings. Maybe he know that if I would get him somethings and in the end he have to buy me back a present to "thank" me..... So, it's better don't ask for anythings.....hahahah!

Although that day is a Public holiday but he need to work on that day due to short of manpower in his department. I think I will only arrange a lunch with him together with our princess since Kendra no need to go to nursery on that day. I think I will also buy him a present on behalf on Kendra.... any ideas what I should get him???

Refund @ Paypal

I'm so sad that one set of the Nike outfits I bid tru eBay was lost in mail. I've waited for more than a month but the items still not yet reach me while the others set which I bid later were on my hands.

Without wasting my time, I wrote to the seller and check with her but I got no reply from the seller after waiting for a week. Then I have to seek advise from one of my friend who used to claim back her money from Paypal.

First, I need to open a dispute at Paypal and they will try to contact the seller. For my case, the seller did show the proof by presenting the tracking number of the parcel but when I try to key in the tracking number to trace the parcel in USPS website, it show that number does not exist. So, I have to escalate the the claim to Paypal and let them settle it with the seller.

After about 2 more weeks of waiting, finally I received an email from Paypal yesterday informing me that they will refund me the sum I paid earlier.

I was very satisfied with their service and I have more confident to use it for all kind of transaction I made tru Paypal.

Ostrich Farm Trip

When I send Kendra to nursery this morning, her teacher pass me a slip and I just put it aside and didn't really read about it. When I reach the coffee shop to have my breakfast, I took the slip out and read it carefully.'s a permission slip. Her nursery is going to organize a trip to the Ostrich Farm in Sungai Siput this month end. Since I don't allowed Kendra to join the past 2 trips to Japanese Garden and the Pamelo Farm, I think I'll not stop her for this coming trip although hubby say no too.

Hope Kendra will enjoy her trip later!!!

1st friend in nursery

After I've fetch Kendra from her nursery yesterday, in the car we start to chat. Kendra keep on waving her hands and said "bye bye teacher Cynthia, bye bye teacher Shirley................ bye bye Yee Chee Hon"...I was shocked when I heard she call out somebody name. Below is our conversation (seems I like to post up our conversation lately...heheh)

Kendra: Bye bye teacher Cynthia, bye bye teacher Shirley.............bye bye Yee Chee Hon
mommy: Kendra.......just now u said bye bye who ar???? What Yee Chee Hon? Who is he? Your teacher???
Kendra: No........Yee Chee Hon gor gor (She corrected me her friend name)
mommy: ooohh.....Yee Chee Hon your friend friend in school ar?
Kendra: hai ya (means yes in cantonese)........ (While she answer me, I can see that she feel shy at the same time)

This morning when I send her to nursery, I ask the teacher whether there is a boy called "Yee Chee Hen" and the teacher told me the boy actually name "Lim Chee Hen" and according to her, both my girl and this boy are same age.... only different by few days only. They are best friend in the class and like to play to each other while teacher is teaching in front.

I'm glad to hear that and feel that my girl really grow up...... she know how to make friends and mixed with other kids.


While daddy is driving, Kendra and mommy are talking to each other. Suddenly, daddy talk to Kendra and our conversation goes like this:

daddy: Kendra, when you go to school later, you don't "ng ng ng" (pretend crying)....ok???

mommy: Kendra, answer yes sir to daddy la

daddy: don't "ng ng ng" ok or not??

mommy: you answer daddy la.....

Kendra: yes sir yes sir three bags for my master and one for my dame.....*wink*

Both hubby and I keep laughing non stop after listen to her answer.
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