My Little Model

This are some new clothes I bought online and hubby help me to bring it back when he was meeting his US colleague in India last week. The saree (I'm not sure whether this costume can be classify as saree or not) is one of the gift bought by hubby's boss to Kendra and she like it so much. Keep asking me to put it on her everyday....LOL!!!!

Early Birthday Celebration

Time flies and Kendra will be turning 3 years old next month. We had an early birthday celebration for her this year because her daddy is leaving to India by today and it's too short of time to prepare her birthday dinner when he is back later.

We planned to celebrate for her this Saturday and nothing much different from past years. No birthday party has threw for her even a small one, just a simple dinner with my parents and sister. Since we can't bring her for the Princess on Ice show, so we decided to have a "Fairy" theme on her birthday. Let her be a "Fairy" for a day.

She was so looking forward to her big day. After breakfast, we went home to dress her up with her princess dress and have some photos shooting. She really enjoy being a fairy and keep on playing with her magic wand.

At night, we had our dinner at the Chinese Restaurant that we used to dine in. During the dinner, the little fairy can't wait to cut her cake and rush us to finish our dinner in short time. She was so happy when we sang her the birthday song and cut the cake.

After dinner, we had a drink at the newly open cafe at Ipoh Garden....Josephnie! This was my first visit and I like the atmosphere there very much. The captain (maybe the owner) overheard our conversation and got to know that it's Kendra birthday. She presented us a cup of jelly (yes, jelly cake again) with a candle on it and guess what???? the jelly cupcake is on the house.... hahaha!!! Kendra told us that she was very happy yesterday.....!!!!

more photos here.........!!!!!!!

Present from her gong gong......
Present from her Auntie Terry..... a handbag from Joules and a coin purse from Marks & Spencer

KL Day Trip

We supposed to bring Kendra for the Princess On Ice show next week but due to some unexpected circumstances, we have to cancel the show and change our plan to a day trip to KL. Kendra was not feeling well early in the morning. She can't finish her milk and vomited after she took her milk.

I advised her not to follow us since she was not feeling well but she insisted to go with us because she wish to collect her cake by herself. So, we got no other choice but to bring her along. She slept well once she got into the car and had some bread when she woke up. When we are almost reach the toll exit, again she vomited. I'm so worry about her condition.

We head to One Utama straight from the highway and it's almost lunch time when we were there. We had our lunch at Dragon-I and Kendra's seems ok when she reach the mall. She told me that she felt better and no more the vomiting feeling.... Great!!!! We started our window shopping then and headed to The Curve after that. She had a great time playing the slide there while mommy was shopping alone. I'm so happy that I finally found the Princess dress with Magic wand for this little girl. She was so excited when I showed her the dress. After a few hours of shopping (walking non stop), I felt so tired and asked hubby to drive me home. Before we were leaving, of course we need to collect the princess's cake and this is the main purpose we were visitng....hahahah!!!!

My Amnio Test Result

Hi all, this is an update on my result about the Amniocentesis test which I took 2 weeks ago. Hubby rang up the clinic this morning and the line was pass to the dr. by the nurse. According to him, every thing is fine and I can carry on my pregnancy.......hooray, what a relief to me and hubby!!!

Now, I can continue my shopping for the baby and not forget to get a confinement lady too!!!!Of course a big thanks to those mommies who concern and have me in their prayers too!!!!

Avent Feeding Bottles To Let Go.....

Since my girl no more fancy to drink from the milk bottles, so I have to let go my existing stock of the bottles. Some of you may wonder why not I keep it for the coming baby...??? For him, I've placed my order of the Avent BPA free bottles and that is the reason I need to get rid of the bottles.

*****2 Set left*****

I've 4 set for this 9oz/260ml x 3 bottles and would let go @ RM55 per box. All are in sealed box. Price is excluded shipping. Kindly email me at if you are keen on it.

No to Feeding Bottles

Bravo........ another big achievement from my princess before she turn 3 years old next month. She don't want to drink her milk from the milk bottles but in her cute Hello Kitty mug. At first, she only took 1.5-2 oz of milk per feed and I feel so tired to persuade her to finish her milk every time. At first, I thought she get bored with her current milk powder and thought of changing it after all my stock is clear later.

Before I move on to change her milk powder, I try to prepare her milk in the newly bought Hello Kitty mug and what surprised me was she finished the whole cup of milk within couples of minutes. After that she told me that only babies have their milk from bottles and she is a big girl now, so she must drinks from the cup.

I thought problems was solved since her milk intake is back to normal. But lately, she told me that she get bored with the cup and demand for a new My Melody or Keroppi mug........ So, mommies out there, if you came across any nice mug, please let me know ya!!!!!

** Stay tune for the Avent Bottles sales by me!!!!!!!**

My First Spaghetti in Carbonara

Yeah.... this was my dinner today and can't wait to share it with you all. This was the first time I try on this sauce and thanks Lilian for her great recipe. The taste was just nice and my princess finished up all her portion and so does my hubby. He rate me 9 out of 10....wahahaha!!!!!

Safe Pregnancy Beauty Products

I'm now 5 months into my pregnancy and I found that my skin tends to be more sensitive and delicate when dealing with drugs and cosmetics. So, I'm very concerned when choosing the right kind of products I consume and put on my skin as I never know what is inside the product and will it affect my unborn baby if I apply it. It's not easy to find a range of beauty products that are safe for mom-to-be as well as baby in the local market.

Thank God! I learned about this Beaute de Maman. Beaute de Maman is a unique line of beauty products developed by a board-certified obstetrician to treat problems specifically related to the physiological and hormonal changes experienced by women during pregnancy. These products have been used by Hollywood celebrities like Penelope Ann Miller, Chyler Leigh, Brooke Mueller Sheen and others.

I'm keen on their stretch mark cream which contains all the natural botanical and herbal ingredients to help preserve the skin's elasticity and suppleness. It's totally different from other brands in the market as this stretch mark cream is an absorbent cream rather than a messy oil. It's value for the money with the cost only $24.99. So, order now and enjoy free shipping with purchase of $25 and above.

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