Randal Teo

Proudly introduce to you my Prince..... Randal Teo Jia Han (张 家 瀚). He was born on 16th July 2009 which was 3 days over my estimated due date. He was 3.61kg and 54cm when born. Although I had a hard time during this delivery, but I feel it's worth when he smile at me.

Due to the unexpected complication during delivery and the Urine Tract Infection which happen on the 3rd week of my confinement, my body was so weak and I get not enough of rest during my confinement. So, hubby and I decided to send Randal to babysitter start from next Monday so that I can have a good rest. Oh yes, almost forgot to update you all about my breastfeeding journey.... I've give up to BF Randal as he is such a big eater (4oz of milk per feeding) and due to my admission to the hospital (because of the urine infection), I'm forced to stop BF him for few days and the supply drops so much when I'm discharged. I'm so stress to undergo all this unhappy moment and I think this is the main reason why my milk supply is so low.... STRESS!!!!! Furthermore, my confinement lady gave me lots of problems too...... will share with you all when I'm free later.

Anyhow, what had happen is happen. I feel so thankful to have my family and hubby to by my side when this all happen. Without their support, I think I won't be recover so fast!!!! I know you all love me so much and so do I....... I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!
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