This tag was pass to me by Whoisbaby and anggie at the same time. Fatt Fatt Fatt Fatt.....a lucky nomber that chinese loves a lots. They will pay a numerous amount just to get the plate with this 8888, 888.......which they think will bring them luck. Are you one of them?

What are my plan on that day? hehe....I also cannot recall what I've did on 07.07.07. It still have 373 days to go if we start countdown today. A long long way to go........

I hope that I'm expecting again very soon and able to have a brother or sister for Kendra before the day come. So, we can have a family trip for 4 of us.......how about Australia, daddy? Wow......what a nice plan, is't............

Now, tell me what you going to do on 08.08.08

1. Judy
2. hooikoon
3. Karen (not sure she will layan me or not, coz she might be busy with her newborn)

Instructions :**Start Copy**
Proposition: My plan on 08.08.08
Requirements: Share us your plan on 08.08.2008.
Tag Mode: 5 blogger
1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.
3rd - Leave me a comment so that I can compound all your links in a final list on 08.08.2008.

What They will do on 08.08.2008
Xilly want to create a list of 08.08.08 plans.
Chooi Peng was at Hokkaido on 08.08.08
Jazzmint will pass the day blurry on 08.08.08
Dragonmummy will run the normal SAHM task on 08.08.08
Kiasumum's 7th Anniversary 'n honeymoon
Lovely Mummy want to get a new CRV on 08.08.08
Whoisbaby wants an additional with the family on 08.08.08
peimun wish she can have a family trip to Australia with her family (hopefully with the additonal) on 08.08.08


Just received a call form my ex-colleague and being inform that she is expecting for her second baby. I'm so happy for her and at the same time was so down for myself.

I got to know that she just try for about one month plus then conceived already. How come it's so difficult for me..?????? I started to plan since last December but still no news yet up to now. Hubby and I were so desparate eveytime we heard someone we knew is pregnant. Most of my friend will comfort me and ask me not to think so much and have to be more relax. How I'm going to be relax....... the age gap for Kendra and the little one will be far away if I'm still not conceive......this is what I worried the most!

Ipoh J Card Day

Last Thursday was Ipoh J card day and too bad that I'm not here because I need to go to KL for my sales meeting. Few days before the sales, I already went to Jusco to ask the promoter there to reserve the things I want and then ask hubby to go and collect it on my behalf.

Early morning on that day, hubby called me up and told me there's so crowded there even the store haven't open. Hubby quickly went in to the store and collected my stuffs and went home. According to him, his t-shirt was all wet when he came out from the store.

Luckily my meeting was ended earlier and able to catch the 2.30pm bus to back to Ipoh. When I reached Ipoh around 5.30pm, I straight away go to Jusco with hubby. This round, I want to shop for toys as my friend SMS me and told me that lots of toys is marked down to 70%. That day I only shop and reserved Kendra's clothes and didn't buy any toys for her. And when I'm at KL that day, I bought her some clothes from GAP too. Wow, it seems she got lots of new clothes waiting for her........

Mamy Poko is cheap on that day.....only RM44.90 for the super jumbo pack. I cannot resist the offer and had bought 2 pack of it even I still have some stock. Other than that, we have bought her a set of Lego. It's very worth buying it on J card day as the retail price for this set is RM199.90 and on J card day, it got 10%+10% discount. Furthermore, we can claim back RM10 vouchers for every RM100 we spend on that day.

Let take a look on what we have bought for Kendra.


We went to Jusco after we had our breakfast to buy some groceries. When we walk nearby the concourse area, Kendra was so excited when she saw there are some balloons giving away by the Moo Moo. When hubby bring her go nearer to the Moo Moo, she was so nervous and hold her daddy so tight. She walked away so fast after she had taken her balloon.

Actually there is a fair called "Moonderland"host by Wall's to promote their products...."Moo Soft Cookie Sandwich". To participate, you need to purchase either Moo sandwich wrapper or the Moo stick. With a pack of Moo Sandwich wrapper purchase, you will entitle 3 Mooney (as a token)and 1 Mooney for the Moo stick purchased. With this Mooney, you may participate in the various activities/game to collect points. Among the activities are Fun Bowling (3 Mooney per game), Throw and Win (3 Mooney per game), Moo Photo Frame (1 Mooney), Mooney Chamber (2 Mooney), Archery game, Inflatable Game............

We had bought 2 pack of the sandwich and 1 Moo stick. So, we have all 7 Mooney with us. We have used 1 Mooney for the photo shooting for Kendra. Then hubby meet his friend Wai Man and he told hubby that bowling is the most easy game to earn points. So, we used ours 3 Mooney to participate it. Since hubbys friend is so confident then we decided to ask him to play on behalf.......Wow, he got a STRIKE!!!!! 100 points vouchers was awarded. After that, hubby enroll himself in the Throw and Win game.....not bad, he score a 90 points.

Here are the gift that we managed to redeem:

The "Big" cow needs 100 points to redeem while the smaller one needs 91 points.

This is the photo taken on that day......

If I Have $1 Million

Got this tagged from Chooi Peng before I go to KL that day and I promised her will get it done when I'm back. How I wish I could have this 1 million with me when I went to Kl that day, so I can have a carzy shopping spree there.......

Ok.....If I have 1 million:

1. I'll bring my whole family for vacation and the destination will be Japan again. So that I can shop shop shop.........(100k gone)

2. Change a new car for myself and hubby. I think I won't use that money to settle our housing loan since hubby is getting the housing loan subsidy every month from his company. (150k gone)

3. Tender my resignation.....so that I can be a SAHM to take care of Kendra

4. To invest the balance of money into Unit Trust......hopefully will get a good return after 10 or 20 years.

Let see what this people will do with their 1 million........

1. vickylow
2. aidaR
3. Ivy

**Start Copy**

Proposition: If you Have $1,000,000.00…………………………………
Requirements: continue above sentences
Tag Mode: 5 blogger1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.
What They Do With Their $1 Million
SYH will spend for Family.
Chooi Peng will spend on new car, new home and a shopping trip
peimun will spend a trip with family and keepsake

My Love Will Get You Home

A nice song to share with you all!

MY New Promoter cum Model for Crocs

When I brought home the Crocs shoes that my customer return to me few days ago, my busy body girl keep on playing with the shoes. Sometimes she will bring the shoes to me and ask me to put it on for her and then while she walk with the shoes, she will keep on saying "neng neng"(nice- refer to the shoes) to me. I think I have to get a pair of Crocs shoes for her ASAP since she love it so much.

From the pictures above you will noticed that she like the shoes so much, aren't she?

Four....... @ peimun

This is the first tagged I got from mummyinvain. A very simple and easy tagged I think. So, without any delay, I decided to get it done before my princess is awake.

Here we goes:

Four jobs I have had in my life:
Part time Promoter
Credit Clerk
Branch Co-ordinator
Sales Executive

Four places I have lived:
(Only can name 2.......)

Four Countries I have been to on vacation:
Hong Kong

Four of my favorite foods:
all food cooked by my mom
Koay Teow with chicken & bean sprout (very famous in Ipoh)
Pan Mee
Baskin Robin's ice cream

Four places I would rather be right now:
My home sweet home
vacation at other countries with my family
shopping mall
on a spa....

Four friends to tag:
cairo's mom

Hot Babe in Town

See, Kendra was so cute in her new stocking that mommy bought for her. She was so excited the whole day and keep on showing it to her "por por" and "yi yi" about her "neng neng" (nice stuffs).

My Sleeping King

Hubby has an interview in US embassy today, so he need to wake up early in the morning as the taxi will be coming at 5.00am to pick him up.

He had set the alarm before he go to bed yesterday night. When the alarm beep this morning, I just turn it off and wake hubby up.

me: woi, wake up lor (by shaking his arm).....it's 4.30am already!
hubby: ok ok......

After about 10 minutes he is still in the bed.

me: woi.....it's already 4.40am. You want your US Visa or not?

hubby: WHAT? 4.40am?Why don't you wake me up earlier?Isn't something wrong with our alarm? How come I didn't hear it beep?

me: The alarm is alright, just yourself got problem. Actually I did wake you up 10 min ago, but I don't know why you still in the bed after that.....

He quickly jump out from the bed and go to the washroom to dress himself. While he changing his clothes, the taxi is in front of our house. So, he had to rush for it without taking any breakfast........he seems steady!

If I know I gotta outstation, I'll have a sleepless night the day before depart. Not like hubby, can have such a good sleep all night long. If I'm hubby, I'm sure I can't get everythings done in 30 mins. I'll need at least 1 hour to prepare myself and spare some times to double check all the documents before leaving the house. Maybe this is the different between men and women.

I signed up for PPP

Recently, I have been thinking to make extra money out of my blog. As of now, I am using Google Adsense only and I could not make much money from there.

I knew several friends of mine who made decent money from PayPerPost. They gave me good comments and strong recommendation on PayPerPost. So, I thought I should also give a try since this opportunity is open to everyone and I had signed up since March. For those who are keen may also visit this blog marketing website.

This is going to be my second funding from my blog. In PayPerPost, I can write on anything which being offer to me. Of course, each post comes with an attractive payout. Although, I have yet to earn any money from PayPerPost. But, I hope I can easily earn a few hundred bucks per month like what my friends is earning now. Beside that, I will also promote PPP to everyone who want to have some side income like myself.

So, please visit my blog more often to give some support to me.

Finally I've found it

Finally I've found this alphabet macaroni in the newly open Cold Storage at Ipoh Parade. It's selling at RM6.99 per pack with 500g in it.

Small Gift for Kendra on her 15th Month

This is what I bought for Kendra on her 15th months. Can't wait for weekend to put it on for her........

8 Random Facts about Myself

I was tagged by Vicky and Judy at the same time. I think it's a good tag which allow you all to know me better.

1. I'm such a emotional woman and my mood will swing easily. So, you better watch out....
2. I'm a messy wife. Hubby use to clean up the house when he cannot "tahan" about it.
3. I'm a small eater.......Although I'm quite big in size but I eat very little. I always skip my lunch but I still look fat.....what i can do about that?
4. I always think that I'm the most lucky person in the world. I'm blessed that I got Kendra, hubby and my family with me......
5. 100% shopping mom-I like to shop for Kendra and end up buying a lots of unnecessary stuffs for her.
6. I'm an optimistic + humour person. This make me get to know a lots of friends......
7. I used to be called "IT mom" by my brother. This is because I cannot live without internet......
8. To all of my friend, they will think that I'm "resourceful". Whenever they got question or need some suggestion, sure they will come to me first......

Yeah, I've finish my tag and would like to pass it to:


Sad news

When I was in my customer place this afternoon, mom called me up and told me that Yasuyo's (my sister in law) dad just passed away. I was so sad to hear this news........Felix and Yasuyo will be fly back to Japan tonight. Actually both of them were just back from Japan this Sunday and now they need to go back again.

Although I don't know him very well and just met him once on Felix wedding this April. To me, he is a very tough person. I heard from Felix that he had been suffered from cancer for about 5 years but he is very strong and positive to fight with it. Too bad that he is gone now.........

Our deepest condolence to Yasuyo's family and I know that "HE" will always in our heart/memories even he is not around........

Picture of Kendra with Yasuyo's dad when we visited Japan this April 07

My blogroll my neighbour

It has been quite some times I didn't read the post from lovelymummy and so surprise that I saw her son Marcus photos in the blog. Why I'll say surprise to see her son's photos? This is because I feel like I met this baby before, almost every morning I saw him. His grandparents like to take him out to walk at our housing area when it's about the time I send Kendra to nanny's house......

This make me more curious and would like to confirm with her. So, I posted a comment on her to ask her whether she live in Bandar Baru Tambun and she replied me that Yes.....this make me more sure that the boy is Marcus.

It's really a small world. Lovely mummy = my blogroll = my neighbour......Nice to meet you.

Kendra @ 15 months

Times flies and Kendra just turned 15 months today. By this stage, she is :

1. able to call mi mi (mommy), gong gong (grandfather), por por (grandma), yi yi (aunty)

2. mumble the words like: flaaa-wers (flowers), Laiii-yan (Lion), Oooo-range (orange), perrrr (apple), kow kow (sleep), leang leang (beautiful), ball, pa pa (scare), pao-pao (full and sometime refer to carry too).......

3. able to walk by her own. She don't like to be carry when we are shopping in the mall. She like to walk freely by her own and keep mommy chasing for her.

4. able hold the coins in RM0.10, RM0.20 and RM0.50 with her little fingers and put into her piglet coin box.

5. had her chicken pox vaccines last month and going for her 4th pneumococcal vaccine next week.

6. very clingy to her daddy compare to mommy.

7. experience her 1st time admitted to the hospital due to diarrhea.

8. taste the new things like macaroni, spaghetti bolognese, french fries, etc....

9. cannot live without her pacifiers. Ever since she discharge from the hospital, she like to suck her pacifiers so much. Like last time, she will only have it when it's time to sleep, but now she want it eveytime she see the pacifiers.

10. growing bigger in size too. Mommy have to clean up her wardrobe to clear off the clothes that she already outgrow.

Will get her a small gift like previous months to cherish her 15 months old.

Abbott Redemption

Just got this redemption catalogue last weekend and found that their redemption is much more better than MeadJohnson.
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