Vomit and Diarrhea

Kendra was not sleep well the whole night and was vomited this morning while hubby and myself still in our sweet slumber. After I had clean up the bed sheet, she continue her sleep and hubby was awake to prepare for his work.

After hubby went to work, she vomit again and this time I need to clean up by myself. I let her rest for awhile and follow by her milk. She cannot finish the 6oz milk but only took up 4oz, better than nothing. After 5 minutes of her milk, she vomit all the milk out and was poo poo (watery).....what's wrong with her????

After bathe her, I straight away bring her to the clinic. According to doc, it's caused by virus and it need about 4-5 days to cure. When we reached home, I did prepare the milk for her again. This time I only prepare 4oz but she can only took 3oz....Fine, I just hope she won't spit it out.......Right after I sitted her upward, the milk was flow from her mouth again.......

When I feed water, she vomit water and I feed milk, she vomit milk......poor girl. She didn't have anything the whole afternoon. Around 3pm, I feed her some bread + water and same like the previous time.......I'm kinda worried about her condition now and hubby ask me to monitor her for 2 to 3 more hours.

Around 5pm, I did prepare 3oz of milk for her and she did finish it this time. I dare not to let her sit upward and just let her lie down and slowly she fall asleep. When hubby return home, he brought Kendra a walk around our housing area and she looks better. So, I prepare another 3oz of milk for her again and she finished it too. 20 minutes later, she vomit again. Without thinking too much, we decided to send her to the nearest hospital.

p/s: actually she is vomiting while I'm half way writing this post .

Potty Train

I think now is the best time for me to potty train Kendra (she will be 14 months on this coming 2nd of June). Like just now, when I ask her whether she want to "ng ng"(poo poo) or not, her reaction is touching her buttock and keep on babble "nngg......nngggg......." until her face turn red.

I think she knew when is the time and I just need to educate her more..like when she want to poo, she need to let mommy know about it by giving some signal.....at least mommy can bring her potty to her.

Ok, will start this potty training now................and hope that Kendra will get use to it.

The 4th Day: Kendra and Me

Today is the fourth day I'm full time babysit Kendra. The previous 3 days were still ok to me because most of the time I won't let her stay at home with me. I just brought her out to meet my ex-colleagues.

As for yesterday, I'm down with migraine. So, I cannot bring Kendra out today and just stay at home. After bathe her and let her have her milk, I try to play with her for a while and hope that she will fall asleep after that. Thank GOD she is sleep after that but not long......ngam ngam I finished clean all her stuffs she awake already. Then I have to entertain her again and I really feel discomfort at that time. Then, I force myself to play with her again.

Around 4pm, she is still so energetic and crawl here and there but myself is so exhausted. I told Kendra "mommy need to nap for a while, can you please "kuai kuai" and play with yourself?" She seems to know that I'm not feeling well, after she listen to what I told her just now....she give me a kiss. By watching her playing around, I falls asleep.............

When I awake after 5 minutes of my nap, I was so surprise to see my spec that I place it on the coffee table before that. Alamak..........it's being spoil by my girl. I just get this new spec somewhere on March and now it's spoil. Gosh, what's wrong with my girl? 1st day she rosak my camera and now my spec........don't know what is next.

Luckily I got a spare spec to use for the time being, I really don't wish to spend money on a new spec as this one already cost me about RM400 and I did told myself to wear it at least for a year......

Kendra spoil my camera

Yesterday was the 1st day I babysit Kendra since her nanny was outstation. Guess what is spoil when she is here...????? It's my camera.

When I'm busy checking my mail, she is playing around my desk. Suddenly I heard somethings drop on the floor....alamak, it's my camera. I quickly open up the case and check on it. Found out that the battery cover is crack and cannot be close.

I quickly change myself and drive to the nearest photo shop. According to the staff, he need to send this camera back to the authorised service center to have the quotation first and the courier service charge is RM35. I cannot make the desicion and hubby suggested to me not to send for repair as it's still can be use by plaster the cover with some tape. More over, the bill may be come out few hundred if send for repair.

We bought the camera is because we want to take picture for Kendra and now she is the one who spoil it.........

Kendra called "Yi Yi"

I don't know what feeling I should have when I first heard Kendra calling her "yi yi"(auntie)......happy was because she knew and recognized her auntie and SAD was she learnt to call "yi yi" before mommy........

Other than calling her "yi yi", sometimes she will point to the scale in my room (got a winnie the pooh print on the scale) and keep on saying "pooh, pooh".....so cute of her.

Little swimmer 2

Here is the video clip we capture on last Saturday.....as you can see that Kendra was so enjoy at that time.......

Snoopy's Cutting Masher

If you ask me what is the most satisfy stuff I bought during my Japan trip, sure I will tell you this is the one.......... "Cutting Masher with Case"

I bought it in the Snoopy Town in Harajuku at 787 yen. It's really convenient to use especially for us that always dine outside. I use it to cut the noodles into small pieces for Kendra so that she can have what I ate. Other than use it as a noodles cutter, it can be use as a masher too. I used it to mash everything before feed it to Kendra. It comes with a clear case which I found it's hygiene enough for you to carry it anywhere you like.

Remember to check this out if you happen to go to Japan.......

My Little Swimmer

Yes, this is the first time Kendra going to pool. We cannot make it on the morning session because hubby got an appointment with the guy to fix our auto gate. So, we have to change our plan to go in the afternoon.

After breakfast at Mcdonald, we have a walk at Jusco to buy a sunblock for Kendra to be use later. Daddy and mommy did meet us up there. They were so impress when they saw Kendra can walk around by her own. Daddy had buy a pair of nice pant + shirt for Kendra. After the walk, we went home and have a rest before we head to the pool.

Around 1.30pm, Kendra had her lunch and we are ready to go to the pool. When we reached there, it's around 2.00pm. It was a sunny day and I think we have choose the right day.

Kendra was a little bit nervous when hubby first putting her into the water. She hold her daddy hand so tight and didn't let him go. After the warming up, she was soooo into it. When hubby and I try to tease her by telling her that we are going home now, she start to cry and pointed to the pool meaning that she want to go back to the pool.

I think my girl is the "kepochi" type, she was so friendly to the kids that around her. Trying to friend with them. She was so happy and won't feel strange when a little Jie Jie (sister) holding her hand and swim around the pool.

Kendra really enjoy her swim today and hubby had promise to bring her to swim again next week. I'm look forward for our next swimming session........

Hubby's Birthday

Tomorrow will be my dearest hubby's birthday and I'm yet to have any plan on it. I'm not sure whether he is aware that tomorrow is his big day because he seems don't have any plan for himself too.

I got a plan in mind now. I think I'll bring Kendra to the pool with DH tomorrow. This is the first time Kendra going to the pool and make it more memorable, we go on her daddy's birthday. I'm sure hubby will be happy with this plan too.

Other than the above plan, I think I'll buy him a present or cake on behalf of Kendra.

Which country are this notes come from

Got to know about this Money Generator from Karen and it's fun to have Kendra's pic on the notes. Beside generate it for Kendra, I did generate one for DH and myself. Hope Karen don't mind that I blot about this on my blog....hahaha
Here are some notes I generated, let's see how it's.....

Kendra blowing the floats

Hubby and I were watching TV as usual after dinner and Kendra was playing with her own on her small mattress. Suddenly, I heard the sound "blu blu blu" and turn my head to Kendra. OMG, she is blowing the floats that hubby bought it weeks ago.

I did only blow the floats in front of her once and didn't expect that she will remember how I did it and imitate it. I think she is eagerly to go to the pool...hahaha I think we have to bring her to the pool very soon since everythings is prepared.

My stupid PC

I'm so mad this morning because I don't now what happen to my stupid PC this few days. It will automatically restart everytime I turn it on. I did try to figure out what's wrong with it by doing lots of checking. And finally I found that it's my MSN messenger problem. Everytime I sign on my MSN messenger, the PC will reboot by itself and it's alright if I didn't sign on. What I suspect it's because of the spyware DH kena few months ago. Anyhow, DH advise me to back up all my important files and he will format the PC for me tonight. Hopefully he can fix it very soon and for my online buddy, you may catch me in Skype too under this ID: peimun.

10 Things I Hate About My Hubby

I was tagged by cairo's mommy

It's not an easy tag for me compare to others tag. Not because my hubby was too perfect but I really can't think of what I hate about him. Anyhow, still have to complete it.

Here we go:

1. He like to keep his mouth shut all the time when attend to our family/friends gathering until others will thought that he was mad at that time

2. He don't have the sense of urgency. Sometimes we are run out of time but he still can drive very steady.

3. He got more than 10 pairs of shoes but still plan to buy more!

4. He will go out when his friend call him even at 1.00am

5. He is so good in $$ management until I can't have a chance to dig his money..hahaha

6. Always left the paper/magazine in the toilet

7. No sense of romance AFTER I married him

8. Always force me to talk to him when I'm angry with him

hehehe....so fast come to no.9 liao

9. I hate about his eyes when taking picture. He like to blink his eyes whenever we are taking picture and end up he is the one who spoil the picture.

10. ....it take me abt 10 min to think of this last point ler....... yeah, he don't like to turn on the signal whenever he is driving, feel so unsecure sitting beside him.

Finally I have completed this tag and sure I'll forward it to hubby to read it.

I would like to pass this tag to:



When I'm trying to login to the KWSP website to obtain my membership number, I found that their website had improve a lot compare to my last login. When is my last login....??heheh at least 6 months ago, when I quited my job.

Other than checking the yearly statement, we can check the withdrawal status, withdrawal history and withdrawal eligibility. By clicking at the withdrawal eligibility, you will know how much you can withdraw for purchase a new house, passed away, education, lost of ability, leaving country, medication, monthly payment [not sure what is this for], retirement and to reduce your housing loan.

What a surprise to me when I'm checking for my 2006 statement. My previous employer did pay for me the December KWSP although I have officially resign WEF 1st of December. WOW.... this time "untung" already!

Japanese Snack/Biscuit

Felix bought a lots of Japanese Baby Biscuit for Kendra on his trip back. All are in very nice packing and Kendra like it so much. She keep on passing the box to me and hope that I'll open it for her.

I noticed that most of the Japanese food is less/without preservative. Like some snacks we bought in Japan during our trip, was expired 3-4 days after we were back to Malaysia. Like this biscuit and snacks was only can be keep about 2 to 3 months from the manufacturing date. I feel more comfortable to let Kendra have this kind of snacks.

Kendra's first step

I noticed that Kendra will like to learn to walk this few days. When I try to hold her while she is standing, she will step out and walk for 1 or 2 steps. I'm so impressed about it when she first walk in front of me.

I did try to let her walk this few days and sometimes she is too "manja"....... purposely tease me. When I let her stand still and with hope that she will walk by herself, she will just sit down and smile at me. When I ignore her and pretend watching TV, she will stand by her own and step out to the coffee table and call me (just to show me she can walk)......what a naughty girl she is.

Beside walking, she learnt some funny expression this week. When I show her a very cute bedsheet this morning, she was so surprise and open her mouth big big with the word "WAH......" my heart was melt by looking at her expression...seems she is really big girl and knew lots of things already!

Mother's Day

This coming Sunaday will be Mother's Day and this year is the 2nd year I celebrate Mother's Day with Kendra. I couldn't recall how I celebrated my Mother's Day last year as Kendra was only about 1.5 month at that time. We were so busy to take care of her as a new parent and didn't really celebrate it.

For this year, I still haven't heard any celebration plan from hubby. Hope that he will give me a surprise then..........For my mom side, I think we will have dinner with her on Saturday because my brother is back on today. I'm so eager to see him now because he told me that he has bought Kendra some Japanese Baby Snack.

I'm employed

After about 5 months of resting at home, I got an offer finally. It's a sales job which I don't have any experience before. I would like to give myself a chance to take up this challenge and I think I can do it better.

I was so surprise when they called me up for an interview this morning because the application was submitted a month ago and I already don't have any hope on it. The package that they offer is not bad. Due to they don't have any branch in Ipoh, I will be base at my home for the moment. (sound great, right)...it's one of the reason I cannot resist to take this offer too....I really like this offer because it need to deal with the baby boutiques.

My official working day will be 1st of June and I still have plenty of time to get myself prepared.

Let's Party

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Confusing English

This is the email I got from my ex-boss and it really cheer up my day.

1. If Fed Ex and UPS were to merge, would they brand it Fed UP?
2. Do Lipton Tea employees take coffee breaks?
3. If olive oil comes from olives, where does baby oil come from?
4. If people from Poland are called Poles, why aren't people from Holland called Holes?
5. Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?
6. Why the man who invests all your money called a broker?
7. If horrific means to make horrible, does terrific mean to make terrible?
8. Why is it called building when it is already built?
9. If a book about failures doesn't sell, is it a success?
10.If you're not supposed to drink and drive, then why do bars have parking lots?
11.If you take an Oriental person and spin him around several times, does he become disoriented?
12.If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?? Humans ???
13.If working hours are meant for working, then why are you reading this???

Pocket Diaper

As this topic was bring out by some of the MJ members, I'm keen to let Kendra try on it to save some money on the disposable diapers. Still in the searching stage to find out more about this diapers as too many brand were in the market. Here are some brand that I'm looking into:

1. Mommy's Touch
2. Bumwear
3. Drybees
4. Bum Genius

Mommies out there, what brand will you choose?


Finally Kendra had her MMR jab yesterday. Her weight was 8.39kg, yet to said it's a idea weight but at least she gain her weight compare to our last visit 3 weeks ago. During our last visit, her weight was only 7.89kg and doc commended that she is underweight. I'm so worried and as DH and I is not a small size people, how come our girl will be underweight?? Her weight is 8.45kg somewhere in December and now dropped to 7.89kg (14/4/07). I think it's because she didn't take much solid during our trip to Japan last few weeks and got cold and fever during the trip.

Thank GOD she can catch up her weightand will monitor closely on her diet to make sure she got an idea weight.

Kendra and her Bikini

This bikini was bought by Joey (my younger sis) when Kendra is about 2 or 3 months old. She bought it at KL when she attended a training there.

Hubby and I thought of bringing Kendra to the pool on this Sunday as we already bought her the float 2 days ago. When everything is planned, I just remember that she got appointment with the paed for her MMR jab on this Sunday too. For the good sake of Kendra, I think I'll bring her for the jab first and the planned to go to Lost World will be postpone. What my worried is if she got cold (touch wood) after swim, then the jab need to be delay again. So, I think this will be the best decision........

Although we cannot have our fun time this Sunday, I still let her to try on her bikini. When I try to put her on the bikini, she feel so uncomfortable and try her best to pull it off...maybe it's too sexy for her. Luckily Joey was here to distract her when the photos were taken. Hope she will enjoy her time then.......


Yesterday hubby and I went to visit our neighbour's newborn baby. He just arrived on the 28th April 2007. I still can remember that last year this time was the most happy time for me as my confinement month was finished and I can go everywhere I like.

There is a lot of things we cannot do during the confinement month but I didn't bother all the "pantang larang", I just did what I think it's right to me. Here are some DON'T during my confinement:

1. Cannot shower/bath (I bath everyday on the 3rd day onwards)
2. Cannot wash hair for the whole month (I washed my hair on the 10th day onward)
3. While drinking water, MUST be sit down and cannot be stand up (try my best to follow it)
4. Cannot turn on the fan as the wind will easily go into our body (I did turn on both fan and air-cond)
5. No to TV and magazines, must keep your eyes to rest more (hehe, if without TV and magazine, I don't know how I can pass my time just by looking at the baby)

When think of confinement, I scare to think of my second baby as it's more suffer than the labour pain for me.....what say u?

Personalized Birth Annoucements

Just finished housekeeping the store room down stairs and managed to found the "full moon" pack of Kendra that we still left from last year.

As what you see from the picture, it's a cute box containing some cookies, chocolate, lollipop , toffees and a personalized card. It's a very creative idea of birth annoucements from One-Joy. Like it from the first time I saw their advertisement at the parenting magazine and insisted hubby to order it for Kendra. It worth the money to get it because most of our friends who received it like it a lot. For my second child, I think I'll order it again since I wish to give a fair treatment to both of my them.

Kendra was fully recover! Hooray

So happy that Kendra is fully recovered from the cough that she suffered this 2 weeks. Will bring her for the MMR jab this week.

She is exactly 13 months today and I'll buy her a small present like I did every 2nd of the month. I'm still doubt whether or not I continue this practice (to buy her present on every 2nd of the month) as I scare this will spoil her more.

What do you think??
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