Horse Riding

Whenever we bring Kendra to Jusco, Kinta City sure she will ask us to bring her for "kok kok" (horse she mean). See, she is so enjoy!

Counting 1 to 10

Kendra knew how to count from 1 to 10 in English and I think I must blog it down.

When we were on our way to send my dad to meet his friend, Kendra was sit with her daddy and mommy was driving at that time. Suddenly, she sit quietly and start her counting to her daddy...."One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten".........unbelievable. We never heard she count on the six, seven.....ten before. We are so happy to hear the counting from her and when we ask her to count again, she just pretend don't know like that. Keep on turning here and there again.

I really surprise that she can catch up so fast.


My dad ask me out for breakfast last Friday. He brought me to a restaurant which I never been to before. According to my dad, this shop is quite famous for the porridge they sell. The shop name is "Lucky Restaurant" which located at Pasir Puteh.

I think this is the most luxury breakfast I never had before. My dad didn't order the porridge because the pot is quite big for 3 of us (my parent and myself). What he ordered are:

Fish Noddles with Chicken Soup
The noddles are freshly made by the boss and the soup are so tasty because a whole chicken was use to cook the soup. Other ingredients inside the soup are the "fish stomach" (I don't know what it called in English). In Cantonese, it's called "fa kao" and "yu piew".

A Lobster
This is a strongly recommended by the boss because he told us that this lobster was just arrived and was so fresh to have it. Yeah, he is right..... the taste of the lobster was just so fresh.

Fish Ball
We ordered 10 homemade fish balls but we cannot finished it. At the end, we have to bring it back to give it to Kendra.

If you happen to come to Ipoh, you can go there and try it out their yummy yummy foods.

Tru Blue Award

Thanks lovelymummy to pass me this award. This is the first award I receive during my blogging life.

Dolphins are blue, so true blue, calm in the storm, they never sleep,
so ever-present, they’re friendly, so amicable, accountable, dependable,
and protective. This award is presented for bloggers who
always stand by you!

Now, I'm going to pass this award to the list below to thanks for their support.

1. Esther

2. Penny

3. Calivy

Japanese Rice Cracker

I got few mommies in MJ wanted to know how the Japanese Rice Cracker looks like. This are some pictures I snap when I went to Cold Storage last week and some of the Hello Kitty rice cracker I bought few weeks ago.

Hello Kitty Rice Cracker @ RM6.99 per pack

Vacanze Print

So excited when I'm reading the forum today. The code for the 25% off the retail price is still work even for this new print- Vacanze. Without thinking twice, I quickly place my order before it run out of stock. I've place the order as below and I can't wait to have it now.

Gioco in Vacanze

Ciao Ciao In Vacanze

Tag: The Age That I Wish To Go Back To

Thanks Dora for tagging me. Eerr...... at what age I wish to go back huh?????? Lots of question mark in my mind now. If I were giving a chance to turn back the time, I wish that I can go back to the time when I delivered my girl.

How I wish I'm strong enough to witness the whole process. During my delivery of Kendra, I vomit when the doctor ask me to "push" and I've totally lost my concentration. Hubby also can't recall the whole process when I ask him due to he is so busy taking care of me at that time. So, if I'm going to deliver my second baby, I've to be more strong to witness his/her arrival compare to my last experience.

How about you:
1. virginia
2. mummy in vain
3. lovelymummy

My New Hair Style

This is the latest hair do I did lat week. I've cut my long hair due to the serious hair drop and I just like my latest hair style. Am I look younger with it?

Garage Flooring

Do you ever dream of having such a nice garage flooring in your garage?Yes, I would definitely love to have this flooring in my garage. For me, I'll have the tiles flooring which I think will be more lasting and easy to take care of and most important is that it's so easy to install in your garage. What you need for the installation is just the mallet and the utility knife. What else, you can have your own pattern you want for the tiles setting!

Good news from Felix

Hooray......just got an email from Felix and being told that he had bought some cute and nice stuffs for Kendra. He is in Osaka now and will be head to Tokyo to attend his colleague wedding dinner tomorrow.

I need to search around what I've miss on my last trip to Japan and ask him to get it for me. I think most of the things are for our princess.........


Caring for your elderly folks are not an easy task. Especially, when those who has health issues that required constant care and with your daily schedule which is packed and hectic. Sooner or later, you realize that you need to hire someone who can care of your folks.

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Kendra with Pooh and Friends

I likes this pictures of Kendra took at Jusco Kinta City when Astro having their roadshow there. She was so excited when she saw the "Pooh" and wanted to hug him.........

Pay Days Loan

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Price Increase Everywhere

Do you notice that the price for the "teh tarik" or the "kopi o" you had this morning is being increase??? I had my breakfast outside every morning and I noticed that the price for the drinks and the food I ordered is being increase for additional 10-30 cents. Here are some of the latest price for my breakfast:

Nescafe ice was RM1.60 increase to RM1.70
Pan Mee was RM3.00 increase to RM3.30
Fried wat tan yee mee was RM3.00 to RM3.20
Wan tan mee was RM2.20 to RM2.40

What the hell is going on.............!!!!!! This will increase my daily expenses if I still have my breakfast outside. Hubby suggested me to take away the food and have it at home so that I can save the cost for the drinks.....a good idea indeed!

I think maybe it's the time for our boss to increase our pay too! AGREE????

Holiday Shopping Promotion.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when major retailers around the country discount products to help kick off the Christmas shopping season. So, you can save money when shopping this Christmas by buying items during black friday.

Attention to all holiday shoppers, if you don't wish to stand in line at the store at 5am for your shopping on Black Friday, then you better take a look at this They will show you all the Black Friday 2007 ads before anyone else and also offer direct links to each product so you can purchase the items online without having to stand in line at the store! What you need to do is just enter your email address to stay alert for the latest Black Friday ads when posted. You can save a lots by shop with black-friday net before the rush or the items disappear from the shelves.

I've enroll myself for the newsletter from Toys R Us Big Toy Book coupons and Old Navy deals. I found there are lots of suitable toys for Kendra from the list of the Toys R Us and so for the clothing listed by Old Navy. So, don't wait and start to plan your Black Friday shopping now!

Hearing Aids

I found a bit difficult to communicate with my mom recently because one of her hearing aid was spoil few weeks ago. It needs RM1800 to repair it and mom feel so unhappy.
The hearing aids were bought somewhere in August 2005 and manage to say that she had been using it for nearly 2 years +. The set is not cheap man.......... My brother paid about RM10k for the pair of the hearing aid and we are doubt with their quality.

Felix (my brother) did call to their KL office to file a complain of their product quality and what he get from the customer service manager is that we are the bad luck customer as we get a unit which is spoil easily.


Do you buy any products or services online? I believe all of us will try to search for more info about the products or services online before we make the decision. How do we know that the products offered on the Internet are actually work? As we know, Internet is filled with products and services that sound interesting but unable to deliver the results, BUT there is a website called Trustsource that provides feedback and allows consumers to rate the services and products listed on the Internet. It provides 100% real comments and facts on from the people who had actually bought, used and experience them. They are many products being reviewed like hemorrhoids , provillus, cellulite cream and even stop smoking products.

Beside that, you are also allowed to post reviews on products that you have tested. It's so simple as it requires you to rank and input your comments if you have any. This is how it help each others back.

Thus, if you’re looking for decent reviews on products that you wanted to buy, visit TrustSource first for a trustworthy
opinion before you will be regretted.


Last Saturday, hubby and I brought Kendra to the playground near our housing area. She have a fun time there and the urge to buy her the slide came across my mind again. Here are some pictures taken on that days to share:

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