CNY Greeting From Kendra

Chinese New Year is approaching and let Kendra be the first to wish you Happy Chinese New Year and have a wonderful year ahead.


Soup Filter

Get this from Parkson, Ipoh Parade and found it very useful for boiling soup for Kendra. I like to boil the "ikan bilis" soup for Kendra and everytime I found that it's very troublesome to separate the "ikan bilis" from the soup. Thank God I found this soup filter and it make my life more easier.

I just need to put in the ikan bilis into this filter and put all other ingredients into the soup for boiling. When it's ready, I just need to pour it out without any hassle.

It's only RM5.90 (I bought mine at sales time, got 20% discount) for 32 pieces. All are pack in a resealable bag for hygiene purpose. You can use it as a tea bag for your tea leaves too.

Swing for Kendra

Since Kendra like to go to the playground so much, finally I've got her this swing from my customer at a very attractive price. She was so excited when she return home from her nanny's house and saw this swing in the living hall. Hope she won't get bored so fast on this swing.

My Birthday

Nothing special on my birthday this year as hubby didn't have any surprise for me. He brought me to Coffee Beans for breakfast early in the morning.

In the afternoon, he open up the fridge and bring out the Baskin Robbin's ice cream cake that he bought and ask Kendra to bring it to happy at that moment when I see my little angel presenting the cake to me and as per her daddy instruction, she give me a big big kiss.

Kendra's Babysitter's about Kendra babysitter again. She gave me such a "Big" surprise in year 2008. She told me that she wanna take care of her grandson in Singapore and cannot take care of Kendra anymore. Ask me to look for a new babysitter for Kendra. I was so shocked when I hear this as Kendra was so attached to her.

Last weekend, hubby and I were so busy to interview the babysitter. So far, we have 2 plan in mind.

Plan A
To send Kendra to the new babysitter's house from 9.00am to 7.00pm as what she is practising now.

Plan B
To send Kendra to Vital Years in the morning session (9.30am to 12.00pm) and send her to a new babysitter's house after the class. No doubt this is a good plan but what worried me is whether Kendra can adapt herself to this new environment or not. And I feel a little bit pity on her as she need to wake up more earlier than usual to attend the classes. Maybe what hubby said is true, not she herself cannot adapt the changes but her mommy. I'm too much worry about her and she is a big girl now, should let her explore more.

Mommy, if you were me, what do you think????

Birthday = Public Holiday

I think I need to blog it down before I forget. When I was checking the Public holiday for year 2008 this morning and I found out that hubby and my birthday are falls on a public holiday, what a coincidence.

I still remember that my last birthday also falls on a public holiday ( Hari Raya Qurban) but this year is fall on Awal Muharam. For my hubby, his birthday is falls on Wesak Day. I can have a rest on my birthday......hooray!
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