School Reopen

Today is the school reopen for Kendra and she was so excited that she can go back to school again after one month break. Hubby is off today and we send her to school together with her brother. The little boy is excited too as I can see that he is happily put on his bag when we told him to go to school.........!!!!!!!

When we reached school this morning, Kendra was very behaved and she was being told by one of the teacher that her new classroom is located upstairs and she is with Ms Carol's class. She keep telling me over the past few weeks that she is going to be a "big girl" and "big girl" must study at upstairs.... Her wish to be a big girl is granted....!!!!!!
Her schooling time is the same as last year. When we fetched her and guess what she told me? She ask me where is her text book....... Due to my laziness, I didn't go to the office and purchase her books and thought to settle it once by today. I never expect the teacher will start using the text book on the first day of school. She told me she is the only one that without text book in her group this morning. I feel so guilty for her........... Actually I did went to the office to purchase it but being told that they are running out of stock for the text books and the soonest I can get it is by end of this week. How I'm gonna tell her this.......gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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