Xmas Gift From Uncle Felix

Received a parcel today and yes, it's the Christmas gift that her Ah Fu (Uncle) sent to her before he departed to Japan. I did not unwrap it until she is back from her nursery. She saw the parcel was lying on the sofa and start her questions to me..... what is this, who send to you, what is inside.... bla bla bla...... Until I can't stand her and ask her to open it herself.

Guess what is inside....??????? Scroll down

It's a vest for her........

What Color to Choose

A design blue color

A design Pink Color

B design white color

B design Fuchsia color

B design Green Color

Mommies, I need your help as I can't decide what color to choose for Kendra as both color are so cute for the A design.

Today is My Lucky Day

From the title of this post, I think you already know that I got good news want to share with you. Yeah, today is my lucky day..... why I said so????? This is because I won 2 wahmies cloth wipes from the Christmas Give Away which was organized by Bonnie. A big thanks to this lovely and generous mommy for her effort. I admitted that luck is not always by my side for the past as I never won any prizes in my life and this is the first time I won prizes. Maybe from now on, good luck will be following me....heheheh!!!!

Second good news to share with you all is that my IELTS result finally arrived this afternoon. I feel so scare when I saw the Pos Express envelope was in my letter box when I got home just now. Without waiting any longer, I straight away open the envelope and check for the result...... Hooray, my nightmare is over, I scored the band required and I don't need to re-take the test again. That is really a good news to me as I don't wish to have any pressure from this IELTS again. I can finally enjoy my pregnancy now!!!!!!!

Hope more good news to come...... maybe I should go and buy lottery now, LOL!

@ 10 weeks

Went for my checkup on last Wednesday and this was the progress of my little one inside me.

Length: 2.73cm
Heartbeat: 176 beats per minute

Head, hands and foot were seen through the ultrasound scan. For myself, I only gain 0.5kg from my last visit which was 2 weeks ago. I'm so surprise about the gain as I thought I will gain at least 2 to 3 kg because I ate a lots during this 2 weeks time.

Kendra was so excited when she saw the scan and when we got home, she keep on showing us her tummy and told us that she also got a baby inside....LOL!!! One thing I need to compliment her is that she was very behave during the scan, when the nurse try to give her a sweet and this was how she answered to the nurse....."Thank you, I don't want".....even my gynae also praise her for this as he seldom see a kids that will say NO to sweets/candies.

Looking forward to my next visit.....!!!!!

4 Great Holiday Gift Ideas


Christmas is approaching and have you done with your shopping gift list? I'm done for the gift to my sweetie pie and my mom's but I'm running out of idea what to buy for my dear hubby. Since I'm a SAHM(stay at home mom) now and got no income, I will go for something which is within my budget and I wish I don't over spend on this as the Chinese New Year is around the corner too. After some survey, I found this offer from Pexagon is very attractive. From now until the end of the year, there is offering 20% off 4 awesome personalized holiday gift ideas!

I plan to get hubby something which is unique and personalized holiday gifts for this Xmas. I think a personalized thumb drive is just perfect for him. From a starting price at $7.99 after discount, with 14 colors available and up to 16GB in capacity with FREE custom laser engraving!!

At the same time, I want to get my dad few personalized pens too! As he always left his pen somewhere else and can't find it by the end of day. With the engraving on the pens, he can easily identify his pens.

So, place your order for it now before it's too late!!!!


No. 2 is on the way

I got no idea how should I start my post...... Yeah, I'm 9 weeks preggie with my 2nd one. As most of you may knew it from the ticker I posted at my blog not long ago. So, I would like to take this opportunity to spread the good news of mine.

Everything were fine and so far I didn't came across any morning sickness and hope it will not come and visit me too!!!! My appetite is SUPER good. Before I'm preggie, I seldom took my lunch and now, I can't even skip any of my meals and the portion must be BIG enough to fulfill my hunger most of the time.

My next appointment will be on next Wednesday and I'm looking forward to this day. As I've promised Kendra to bring her along for my next visit to show her how's the baby looks. She is looking for this day to come too as the previous visit nothing much can see from the scan. Whenever I ask her whether she want a brother or sister, sure she will answered me she want a sister...... and this is what hubby and I wish to have too!

Stay tune for more updates!!!

Shot on The Spot!!!!

What an interest tag from Kristie..... Thanks Jayden mommy!!!

I'm playing with Kendra in the living hall.

1) Take a picture of yourself right NOW!

2) DON'T change your clothes, DON'T fix your hair... Just take a picture.

3) Post that picture with NO editing.

4) Post these instruction with your picture.

5)Tag 10 people to do this.Now, I'm tagging according to the rules:
Donna, Penny, Vivian, Vicky, Joanne
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