Goodbye 2009

With her best friend - Felina

M2 Class...........

She told me this pic is abt the Winx club and ultraman...hahahahha!!!!

Today is the last day of 2009 and also the last day for Kendra in Kid's Choice. She will be attending a proper school starting nest week. She has be with Kid's Choice almost 2 year. I still remember the first week I sent her to the center with lots of tears between me and her. I felt so guilty to let her in the center as that time she is only 23 months.

Time flies without notice, she is going to be 4 years old in few months later. I told her this morning that today is her last day in this center and she seems sad too. Luckily I managed to bring the camera to her nursery and seek help from her teacher to snap some pictures for her before she left.

For myself, this year gonna be a "bad" year for me. Some of you may already know how I had my hard time during labor for my son. I really hope that all the bad things I can left it behind and tomorrow onwards, it will be a good year with lots of joy waiting for me. For my fellow blog readers, I wish you all a happy and prosperous year 2010 too!!!!!

Peanut Butter Marble Cupcakes


150g butter
90g Peanut Butter
240g caster sugar
4 eggs
240g self-raising flour
10g cocoa powder


1. Preheat oven to 175 Celsius. Place paper baking cases in muffin tray
2. Combine butter, peanut butter, caster sugar, eggs and flour in a mixer. Beat until smooth and pale, about 2 to 3 minutes.
3. Take out half of batter to add in cocoa powder, mix well forms cocoa batter.
4. Spoon batters alternately into the cases. Bale for 20 minutes or until cook.
5. Remove tray from oven and cool for 5 minutes. Then remove the cupcakes and cool on a rack.

*remarks: can bake about 12 pcs of cupcakes


Santa Yourself - Turn yourself into a dancing Santa

Santa Yourself - Turn yourself into a dancing Santa

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Cute Fullmoon Package

I must blog it down before I forgot. I came across this website when I'm searching full moon package for Randal months ago. I like their products so much but didn't happen to order from them as I've promised my friend that let her handle the Full moon package for Randal.

Their latest design are so cute and make myself have to promote it to all of you. I like their creativity. Other than the full moon package, they do sell some good quality baby wear too. So, mama to-be, try to take visit their website and I'm sure you will like it too. Even though I didn't place any order from them, but I wish I have a chance to do so later.....maybe Randal coming birthday...hahahaha!!!!!

*this is not a paid post...

4 Months Old

Randal turned 4 months on 16th and we brought him for his vaccination yesterday. His weight is 7.7kg and head circumference is 41.5cm. We didn't start him the pneumococcal vaccine when he is 2 months old as we planned to let him take it when he is 4 months old. He took his 2nd dose of Rotarix and 1st dose of Synflorix yesterday.

When taking the Rotarix oral vaccine, he is trying to throw it out from his mouth but the PD is experienced and patient enough to let him finished it. The Synflorix Randal took is cheaper than Prevenar. Both Rotarix and Synflorix only cost us RM354.

Randal like to listen while we are talking now. Sometimes, he will even add in his opinion by making the sound"buuuu", "kuuuu", "aar", "yiiii".............. and even scream out loud when he is over excited. I think he will be talkative as Kendra......"faint". Another new skill he learn....... pull mommy's hair. He like to pull my hair when I try to come near to him. And sometime I pity Kendra too..... she always go near to him and thought give her brother a kiss but ended up being pull by her brother......hahahaha!!!!!

Bring or Not To Bring

We will be attend my friend's wedding dinner at KL end of this month. Initially we plan to bring along Kendra and Randal with us. When I told Randal's babysitter that we will bring him along, she seems worry that Randal is still too young for travel. She suggested us not to bring him along and leave him to stay overnight at her place.

I'm dilemma now....... I thought of bring him along because I don't wish to separate with him even a single day and I'm sure I will miss him very very much. Secondly, I felt that myself are very bad if I just bring Kendra and not bring him with us. I remembered when Kendra is about his age, we did bring her to KL too.

On the other hand, it's good not to bring him along too. As what his nanny said, virus is everywhere now and he is still young. More over, we are going to attend a dinner and scare he cannot get used to those noisy/loud environment. If without him, I can have more time to catch up with my former schoolmates.

So how....?????? Bring or not to bring....??????????

Custom Made Items

YAY! These 2 items which I ordered one week ago finally reached me today. One is a passport holder for Randal and another is a card holder for myself. Both are sew with the Sanrio character fabric that I like most. There are many cute fabrics from her too. Thanks Siew Chern for the nice items and I like it very very much. Will place my second order very soon.

Please feel free to visit her store..........!!!!!

Sammi Concert

I overhead from radio yesterday that my idol Sammi Cheng will be having her concert end of the year but they didn't mention where the concert will be held. When I got home, I quickly on my laptop and search for the concert info.

OMG, the concert will be held in Hong Kong and guess what.... all the tickets for the 10 shows were fully sold out. Initially there are only 6 shows (24th December 09 to 29th December 09) but due to the overwhelming response from the fans, the organizer decided to have additional 4 shows for her concert from 31st December 2009 to 3rd January 2010.

I'm happy to see her back to stage and can't wait for her World Tour Concert for Malaysia stop. Any updates about her concert is welcome.

Processing of Our Autralia PR

We had our Australia PR granted somewhere in September 2009 and some of my friends would like me to share with them how the process was. So, I will try my best to share it out with you how our application being processed. The process is base on the points system. You need to have at least 120 points in order for you to lodge your application under General Skill Migration (GSM) subclass 175. Beside this subclass, there are still few types of visa available.

He has to get his skills assess by the relevant organization/bodies. He work in IT field and of course he need to get Australian Computer Society (ACS) to recognized his skills.You may check out your skills recognition here. All relevant documents including a letter from your superior need to be submit to them. It took about 8 weeks for them to get back to you and no online submission for this. You have to send them the documents by mail and the result also will send back to you by mail. He paid AUD200 for this assessment.

While waiting for the ACS result, we registered for the IELTS test. We took the test on xx Dec and got our IELTS result 2 weeks after the test. For this IELTS test, the main applicants must score at least band 6 or you will get additional 5 points if you score band 7 for all 4 components. Hubby only scored band 6 for this test means he is short of points for him to lodge his application. He got 2 options which is either re-take the test until he score band 7 for all 4 components or get the State sponsorship which earned him 10 points. Moreover, if you lodged your application under GSM subclass 176 (State Sponsor or sponsor by a relative living in AUD), only 100 points is needed. So, hubby decided not to re-take the test as the test cost him RM530 per test. He tried to apply for the state sponsor from Queensland (QLD) due to we don't have relatives in AUD. The state sponsor is free of charge. You just need to make sure your skill is listed in their demand list. Each state will have a different list for this. Hubby got the letter from QLD xx weeks after he submitted all his documents.

Since he got the state sponsor from QLD, he has more than enough points to lodge his application. He lodged his application on 29th April with the fees of AUD2050. I think the fees had been adjusted to AUD2525 W.E.F 1st July 2009. He didn’t appoint any agent for our application, all are done online and this had saved us about RM10k for the agent fees. He got the case officer allocated to him 3 weeks after the application was lodged. We are requested to undergo the Medical Examination (ME) and submit the good conduct letter. Due to I’m expecting at that time and can’t carry out the X-Ray. Right after I finished my confinement, we (include my 2 kids) did the ME and all reports were submitted by the panel doctor.

We got the grant letter around 4-5 weeks after the ME and stated in the letter that we must validate our visa by enter to AUD no later than 22nd July 2010 and the visa expired 5 years from the date granted. Time to time, they are still some changes of the requirements for the application.

We have booked out tickets for our initial entry and I’m so looking forward to this trip. This will be the first overseas trip for Randal.

Leap Frog Tag Reader

I like Leap Frog product very much and so does Kendra. She had been playing with her click start lately and so into it. I planned to get her some new cartridges as I can feel that she started to feel bored about the game she have now. While I'm searching for the new game, I found that this Tag reader is not bad too. Maybe will get for her as her Christmas present.......

**With a huge library of hardcover books and games including favorite TV, movie and classic tales, each Tag Book allows children to learn at their own pace, building their skills and their confidence. Plus, by connecting the Tag Reader to the online LeapFrog Learning Path, parents can see what their child is learning -- and even receive recommendations on what books their child could read next! Includes Tag Reader, plus the "Ozzie and Mack" Book; additional Tag Books sold separately.* The amazing touch technology of the Tag Reading System encourages a child's love of reading as words talk, pictures sing and stories live out loud!* The Tag library includes over 20 books and games featuring characters from TV, movies and classic tales.* Tag storybooks and learning activities help children build vocabulary and reading skills such as word recognition, reading comprehension and phonics skills.* Children learn to read through an exciting and interactive experience in which they can also earn online rewards.* Parents can connect the Tag Reader to the online LeapFrog Learning Path to see what their child is learning, and explore ways to expand their child's learning journey.

3 months old

By 3 month old, he is able to lift up his head

By 3 months old, he wean off his night feeding. Took his last feed around 11pm to 12am and the next feed will be 7am

By 3 months old, he like people to talk to him.

By 3 months old, he is able to sit with support of the bumbo seater.

By 3 months old, he is still having 5oz of milk (no increment from last month)

By 3 months old, he is being more talkative. Always like to mumble.......

By 3 months old, he like his thumb more than his pacifier.

By 3 months old, mommy love him more and more... especially when he smile at me early in the heart melted!!!!

Lucky or Unlucky

Today is the replacement holiday for hubby's company so he decided to go to the Australian High Commission to get all our passport stamp for our Australia PR. He took the 8.30am bus and suppose to reach there before 12pm.

I gave him a call around 11.30am and I was being told that the bus broke down and he need to take a cab to rush to the AUD High Comm before they close for lunch. 12.10pm, my phone rang again and hubby told me that he was not allow to enter the building because he reached there at 12.02pm and their office was close at 12pm. He pleased the receptionist (a malay lady) to let him go in since he is travel so far away from Ipoh. But the malay lady insisted not to let him go in. I can feel how frustrated and annoyed hubby was at that time. He purposely took bus to get there but was not allow to go in because he was late for the 2 minutes. Opps, I forgot to mention that their office was only open till 12pm only. He please the receptionist again and again and even show her his bus ticket but she still not to let him go in. So, he have to leave with no other option.

At 1.30pm he called me again and let me know that he was on his way to Pudu and will be back soon. So, I just take note about it and continue my Facebook game. Not long later, he called me again and told me that he called to the High Comm office and his phone call was answer by an Australian lady. He told the lady about his case and she was helpful enough to ask him to go back to their office and she will get it done for him.

While I'm writing this post, I'm waiting for his call too. Don't know how the receptionist feel when she see hubby can go in later and will hubby make a complaint to them about this......hahaha!!!!

Wrong timing

Haizzz..... I think I've choose the wrong time to make my purchase for these wallet. Why I said so, because the price for this wallet had just been increased before my sis is back next month. I checked their website regularly and sad to see the new pricing this morning. The wallet I intend to get had been increased for GBP25. That's a lot after conversion. Now I pray hard that the bag I want will remain the same price.

New Stroller for Randal

Got this Maclaren Quest Sport for Randal as the Combi was just uncomfortable to him due to his size. Many thanks to my ex-colleague who get me these super good deal. I like the color of the stroller.... it looks great to me.

The blanket is not included in the package. It's the prize I won from simple review.

It's a handmade minky blanket from MEGoriginal. Other than blankets, they have bibs, burp cloths, diapering set and others. All are handmade by the seller and they ship worldwide too. Maybe you can have a look at their store and found something useful for yourself.

*Note: this is not a paid post.

LV Damier Neverfull

Thought of getting my very first LV bag end of this year but can't decide which size to choose from. I like BIG bag and this Neverfull is what I'm looking for. Available in 3 size which is PM(petit), MM(Medium) and GM(Grand). I like both MM and GM but can't afford to get both ask there is still a Gucci wallet in my list.......LOL!!!!!

size: PM: 11.2" x 8.6" x 5.1"

Size: MM: 12.6" x 11.4" x 6.5"

size: GM: 15.5" x 12.8" x 7.9"

This is how the bag looks like when the side straps were pull to change the capacity of the bag.

Roll Over

Yes, he can roll over by his own even he is only 2 months and 3 days. At first, I don't believed my eyes as I thought it must be assist by his jie jie who sit beside him. But when I ask Kendra, did she trying to push or help him to roll, she answered me that she didn't touch him at all.

I keep my eyes on him and observed. Yeah, he did it all by his own.

Mom's Birthday

15th September was my mom's birthday and we supposed to have dim sum at the newly open "Restaurant Foh San" but it was close that day. So, we change our plan and dine at the dim sum restaurant just opposite Foh San.

After dim sum, we head to Jusco right away. Opps.... I forgot to tell you all that Kendra was ponteng that day as she said it's por por's birthday and no need to go school....LOL!!!! Below is the card she wrote to her por por.......

2 Months Old

Brought Randal for his scheduled vaccination last Saturday. Didn't let him took the Pneumococcal vaccine as the paed told us that there is another new brand of this vaccine will be available after 2 weeks time.According to him, the new brand will be cheaper compare to the existing brand. It's expect to be around RM200. So our plan is to let him have this vaccine when he is 4 months old.

Weight: 5.87kg
length: 64cm
milk intake: 5oz every 4 hour

Randal Teo

Proudly introduce to you my Prince..... Randal Teo Jia Han (张 家 瀚). He was born on 16th July 2009 which was 3 days over my estimated due date. He was 3.61kg and 54cm when born. Although I had a hard time during this delivery, but I feel it's worth when he smile at me.

Due to the unexpected complication during delivery and the Urine Tract Infection which happen on the 3rd week of my confinement, my body was so weak and I get not enough of rest during my confinement. So, hubby and I decided to send Randal to babysitter start from next Monday so that I can have a good rest. Oh yes, almost forgot to update you all about my breastfeeding journey.... I've give up to BF Randal as he is such a big eater (4oz of milk per feeding) and due to my admission to the hospital (because of the urine infection), I'm forced to stop BF him for few days and the supply drops so much when I'm discharged. I'm so stress to undergo all this unhappy moment and I think this is the main reason why my milk supply is so low.... STRESS!!!!! Furthermore, my confinement lady gave me lots of problems too...... will share with you all when I'm free later.

Anyhow, what had happen is happen. I feel so thankful to have my family and hubby to by my side when this all happen. Without their support, I think I won't be recover so fast!!!! I know you all love me so much and so do I....... I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

Cute Ad to share......

This is a very cute ad to share....Enjoy!!!

Result for the J&J Lotion Giveaway

Thank God that I'm able to finalized the winners of my blog giveaway before I go for labor. I asked Kendra to pick the 5 winners for me right after she came back from school and hope I can send out the gift to the lucky winner by tomorrow. I'm proudly announce the winner as below.........

1. Vicky Low
2. Vivian Wong
3. Penny
4. Sarah's Daddy & Mommy
5. Stephanie

Congrats to the above winners!!!!!!

J & J Anti Mosquito Clear Lotion Giveaway

When I'm housekeeping my girl's room, I found that I have overstock for this lotion and decided to give it away. I will be giving out 5 bottles of this lotion to 5 lucky winner. What you need to do is just put a simple comment on this post (anything you want to write) and my girl Kendra will choose the 5 lucky winner.

This giveaway will run for a week start from today till next Monday (6th July 2009), so don't miss it!!!!!

** For those who view it from Multiply, please make your comment here as the winner will be finalize from comments make in blogspot..... sorry for any inconvenient caused!!!

I'm ready to be a Moo Moo......

I'm fail to breast feed Kendra for at least 6 months when she is a baby and I'm so regret that I don't have a strong determination that time. All the discouragements from the confinement lady makes me give up so easily.

This time, I have a strong determination to breastfeed for at least 6 months and I've got all the BF essentials stuffs with me this time, no excuses to give up easily....hahahah!!!!

How He looks like.......

Went for my fortnightly checkup Wednesday and according to my gynae, every things is fine. This time, my boy is very co-operative and my gynae managed to get a good angle to print out the photo of him to us. From the photo, you can notice that he open his eyes so big to stare at us...... such a cute boy!!!!

baby length: 35cm
baby weight: 1445 gram
Heartbeat: 160 beats per minute
So far, mommy only gained 7kg for this pregnancy.

This picture was taken 2 weeks ago (22nd April 09)

see, he is stare at you!!!!!!! (6th May 09)

I won.....

Think most of you had take part in the blog giveaway mentioned in my previous post and another good news of mine to share with you all. Yeah, I just managed to claim the today giveaway prize which is a nursing shawl worth RM105 this morning. I'm so happy for that even I had place an order for the similar item weeks ago...don't mind to have 2 of it at the same time, LOL!!!! I've choose the blue and gray color for the shawl.

Hope more surprises to come after this....!!!!

Blog Giveaway

Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, a good news to share with you all.........The lil caliph is running a blog giveaways in conjunction with their 2nd Anniversary during the whole month of May. Tons of freebies worth more than thousand in RM will be giving away by the thoughtful store owner as a token of appreciation to her customers. This e-store is one of my favorite store because what they carry are so special and premier and it's totally different from other local online store.... it's really an extra ordinary online store I would said.

What you need to do is very simple, you just need to leave a comment here and that it's! It entitle you for an entry for the contest. If your entry was not the winning entry for the day, don't give up as they will have more surprise to come. What you need to do is visit their blog more often to check out the surprise they bring to you!!!!

So, spread the good news with your friends and good luck to you all!!!

Gift From Stephanie

Finally I got back this parcel which I think it was lost in mail. I received a PM from Stephanie on last Sunday asking whether I've received the parcel that she sent out last week. I was so surprise about the gift and on the other hand, I was worried too as she told me she posted it out last week via Pos Express and the status shown from the Pos Malaysia's website was " Delivered".

I decided to wait for the postman to come and ask him about the parcel on yesterday. Around 10.30am, I received a call from a stranger and being told that she was oversea and when she returned home yesterday, she got a parcel which was belongs to me and wrongly send to her house. She would like to pass it back to me. Hoo hoo hoo...... i got it back finally. Thanks so much for this kind lady.

OK..... what is inside the package???? It's a birthday present for Kendra from this kind and thoughtful mommy...... Stephanie!!!! There are some princess stuffs inside and when I show it to Kendra, she like it so much and keep on asking me to unwrap it for her.

Once again, THANKS Stephanie!!!!!

The Backyardigans

Yes.... The Backyardigans, this is the latest cartoon show Kendra like to watch lately other than Shrek and Dora. Hubby got her the full version of session 1 and with the portable DVD player her grandpa bought her, she keep watching it on her leisure time. Among the 5 characters, she like Uniqua the most. As for myself, I like this cartoon series too. The wonderful animation and lovable characters make me can't resist to keep watching it just like a big toddler....LOL!!!


I've been comparing some baby pouches lately and keen to get one for myself. I never used it before and doubt whether it's as useful as described. Among all, I like those slings from Hotslings. I like the fashion fabrics use in this slings especially the color and pattern.... can't resist to get one for myself but, the price is not cheap. Here are some photos to share with you:

Designer - Kyoto

Designer - Sweet Pea

Reversible - Leaves Noir

Everyday - Tokyo

hahaha.. they got the kids version too.....
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