She is HEATY!!!

After our dinner last night, I took out a bottle of Yakult for Kendra as a reward to her for finished up her dishes. While she was happily enjoying her Yakult, my mom took out the bowl of fruits for us. When she saw it, she quickly run to my mom and demand for the fruits while she still haven't finished her Yakult. I sound her and told her that she can't have the fruits as this will cause her stomachache if she took too much of cold food. Guess how she answer me...?????

"You try to see my lip, it's soooo RED........ means I'm heaty!!!!! I need to take some fruits or "leong sui" (some chinese drinks to cool down the body).........

We all were so surprise by her response and laugh non-stop after heraing it........ Now only I realized that my girl grow up a lots.....LOL!!!!!


We went to Genting last Saturday to meet up with Felix. This is the first time Kendra went to Genting and she was so excited about the trip. Every morning when she woke up, she used to ask me are we going to Genting on that day...hahaha!!!

We woke up as early as 7am on that day and after washed up for Kendra, we went to my parent's house to meet up with them and departed around 9.30am. It was raining all the way from Ipoh to Genting. We had our lunch at Goh Tong Jaya while Felix was taking the cable car to Genting for check in.

Kendra was so excited to see her Ah Fu (uncle) and so does her Ah Fu. After we had settle our luggage, we straight away brought Kendra to the amusement park. She keep on running here and there and we had to chasing her all the way. We walked to the First World indoor theme park as Kendra wanted to ride on the Reindeer cruiser. We were there till 5pm and then we walked back to the hotel for a rest and prepare ourself for dinner. My uncle and auntie who live in KL met us up for dinner.

Kendra started to show her tired face during dinner because she skip her nap and overjoy at the theme park. After dinner, we all head to the casino while hubby brought Kendra to the amusement park again as requested by Kendra. Half way playing, she told hubby that she feel sleepy and wanted to go to bed so hubby brought her back to hotel.

I went back to hotel ard 12.00am and both hubby and Kendra were sleep so deeply. Middle of the night, I think it's around 5.00am Kendra woke up by her own and I thought she wanted to go to toilet. But it's not, she told me she wanted to go down to the amusement park to play again........ OMG!!!!!

On the next day morning, we had our buffet breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast, we went back to the hotel room and having some great time chit chatting with Felix while Kendra did lots of performance for her uncle Felix. Uncle Felix did brought back some nice stuffs he bought from Japan to Kendra. We checked out at 12.00pm and brought Kendra to the amusement park again. After we took our lunch at the nearest restaurant, it's time to say goodbye to Felix as he need to rush for his flight. Overall, we all had a great time there especially Kendra.

More trip photos here.........

Normal Furikake & Hello Kitty Furikake

Ms Bunny Oshibori, Princess bandage and Ms Bunny container

@ 12 weeks

Went for my checkup yesterday after my last checkup which was 2 weeks ago. I felt this checkup are so special to me as we did it on the last day of 2008 and it remarked the end of my 1st trimester too!!!!

baby length: 5.09cm (grow about 2.36cm in 2 weeks times)
Heartbeat: 165 beats per minutes
mommy BP: 120/70 (seem not so relevant, right...LOL)

During the whole ultrasound scanning, we (hubby, Kendra and myself) can feel how excited the little baby was when he/she meet his/her parent and sister. He/she keep on moving and kicking till my doctor told us that he/she was tooooo active. Halfway of the scanning, he/she started to suck her thumb......hahaha!!!! When daddy told Kendra about this, she was doing the "shame shame" reaction to her little sis/bro. Other than this, doctor did count the baby fingers with Kendra too!!!!

My gynae has stop to prescribe me the folic acid and prescribe me with the multi-vitamin, calcium capsules and neurogain. For my weight, it remain unchange from my last visit and my appetite was back to normal. I didn't have any special foods I would like to crave so far but I like chilling drinks a lot especially Ribena.....LOL!!!!

I was so amaze that I found lots of new development of my baby on my visit and can't wait to see him/her in another month time.
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