Baskin Robbin

Yeah, here come the 31st of March and it's the best time to buy the Baskin Robbins ice-cream. They will have a 31% discount on every 31st of the month for their handpacked.

Hopefully I'll get the "love potion 31" for this time round. I think it has been some times that I didn't taste it already. Will go and get one after hubby come back from office. So, don't wait and move to to get one for yourself. Here is the location for their brach.


This week I suppose to be very busy but I'm not. I'm still so relax to write my blog here.....hehehe. Actually I need to start and pack my luggage and plan where to have the birthday dinner for Kendra. Most of my friends keep asking me whether I have pack my luggage or not and when they knew that I haven't start to pack yet, their respond is the same. "Hoi, if you don't want to go, please let me know....I'm free on that day"......I think I better start to pack it by today or tomorrow.

For Kendra, what shall I bring other than below:
1. Enfalac HA & Nestle Cereal
2. Clothes : Sweater, socks, shoes, handkerchiefs, blankets
3. Feeding set: bibs, bottles, bottles cleanser, pacifiers, wet tissues
4. BORO that cannot be missed out!
5. Her favorite toys....Hello Kitty
6. ?????
7. ?????

Please help to think what else I should bring.....


Recently, I received lots of compliments from friends about the slideshow that I made for Kendra. Phew! This morning, Felix told me maybe he should ask me to design one for his wedding's MTV. I'm so impressed by his words as he used to criticize me most of the time.

Actually it's not tough to do the slideshow. What you need to do is just go to the Rockyou website and follow their step by step guide. That's it's. Lets try it out!

Becoz you are CUTE!

When we are shopping around the consourse area of a shopping mall last weekend, we were approach by a sales person of the unit trust. At first, he keep his eyes on Kendra and try to be friend with her. Then he walk closer to us and try to invite us to have a free wealth consultation.

We did accept his offer and he started to brief us on the unit trust products that they are offering. According to him, if we start invest certain amount on that day, we will be giving a free toys.

After the consultation, we just walk away and Kendra was giving a free toys too even we didn't invest in it. You want to know why? Because the sales person said she is so cute, she deserve the toy although we didn't invest single cenrs.

Anyhow, I still will consider to invest some unit trust for Kendra. The return i think will be better than conventional fixed deposit.

Photo Book

I have seen this few months ago from a magazine and was told it again by my friend yesterday. The one that I read from the magazine is photo book and another one that my friend recommended me is pixart. Both are offer the same things but the price is a little bit different.

I have decided to get one for Kendra as her birthday present. I will upload all her photos from birth till the recent one to compile the book. I'm half way designing it and will place my order once it's done.

Kendra New Dress

As kendra will be celebrate her 1st birthday soon, I've bought her a Poney's dress to wear it on her birthday. I have been eyeing for this dress since Chinese New Year but Don't think of getting it for Kendra coz it's not cheap. Until yesterday, I went to Parkson and surprisingly there are having their member's day. With the additional discount, I bought it without thinking twice. Most of my firends will discourage me to buy the expensive clothesfor Kendra, because they will think that the baby will outgrow the clothes very fast. But I have a different point of view, I think my childs deserves the best if I can afford it.

I think her new dress suit her Robeez's shoes that bought by her auntie terri. Will lether dress like a princess on her big day. Make sure you come back and check for the B'day photos later!

E-Ticket for Kendra

We will be attending Felix's wedding this 5th April which will held in Osaka. Everyone is so busy for the trip and myself and TCW was busy rushing here and there to get the visa done before we depart. TCW received a call from the travel agent saying that we didn't submit the air ticket for Kendra. According to the girl, Kendra need a ticket too but we was informed by Felix that she don't nee it. It make us so confuse and TCW did call up SQ ticketing office to clarify it. What's we understand from the friendly call center staff is that we need to pay 10% of our air fares for Kendra in order to her to get the ticket. I quicky forward the infomation to Felix and everythings was settled. Kendra got her E-ticket on the following day. And again, Felix was screw up by the SQ's KL staff.

I think I can start packing some stuffs now since Kendra got 10kg baggage allowance too. I can ease my worried of the overweight luggages. I can brings more clothes for Kendra....hooray!
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