It's Pay Day

I'm so happy to received an email from my HR saying that the pay day will be on 30/6/07. This is the 1st pay day I have after 6 months resting at home. How I'm gonna use my pay ler...???

I think I'll go and check my balance in my account early in the morning to make sure the pay is in. Then only I can start my shopping spree tomorrow.

Other than some fixed expenses, I think I'll deposit some amount into Kendra's saving account. Then I'll buy hubby a gift to thank him for his financially and physically support during my jobless day and I'll treat my family dinner too.

It seems like I'm earning 10k per month with so many plans I have.......hahaha


When I was tidy up my handbag just now, I found that I still have some vouchers that haven't been use yet and the expiry date is end of this month. This vouchers had been keeping inside my handbag for quite sometimes but myself almost forget about it. I think I better go to Jusco tonight and see anythings to buy so that I can utilise the vouchers.

Crocs shoes

Since my company is the one of the distributor of Crocs shoes, I'm entitle to purchase it at a lower price than retail price. I start hopping around to find the design and colour I want to buy for myself, hubby and Kendra. Finally, I've come out the list.......
For myself, I'll have the cleo in chocolate/cotton candy, white/celery and for the capri (the middle design) I'll go for charcoal/sea foam and lastly the mary jane in lavender.
For Kendra, I'll buy her the kids scutes either in lavender/cotton candy or army green/yellow.
For hubby, I'll buy him either scutes in black/lime or sobek in white/green.

Kendra recent photos

This is the photos taken last week and I noticed that Kendra really grow bigger liao......enjoy!

Separated with Kendra

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I'll be going to KL for 3 days 2 night to attend a training. I need to go there by tomorrow and I feel so sad to leave Kendra here.

This is the 2 time I didn't sleep with her since she was born. The 1st time was just few weeks back when she was admitted and I'm not fit to take care of her by that time.

"Kendra, you must be a good girl when mommy is not around. Please listen to what daddy said and mommy will be back as soon as the training is over, love you aways!"

Kendra bully her mate

Hubby need to attend a department dinner on last Friday and so, I have to fetch Kendra by myself. When I reached her nanny's house, I couldn't found them inside the house. So, I try to search around for both of them.

Ohh, they were at few doors next to her nanny's house. I came out from my car and Kendra's nanny was walking out from that house follow by the house owner (an auntie) and her granddaughter who is about 2 years old. I recognised the little girl, she always play with Kendra while waiting for me to fetch her. While I'm carrying Kendra and the auntie tell me : " wah, your daughter very fierce one, always bully my grandchild".........I'm so embarrass when I heard so and quickly apologize to her. Actually the auntie didn't mean anythings but just wanted to get me informed about it only.

When we are home and I told her in a very soft tone, "Kendra, you cannot ta (beat) Jie Jie (sister) you know, if you do so no one will like to play with you"....PAK........she just slap at me right after my words with a smiling face........Gosh, what's wrong with her and I'm so pity to be a victim.

I really cannot believe that my girl was so 'brave' to bully a girl who is elder than her. Maybe what old peoples said is right, baby with 2 spiral are more stubborn and they will do what ever they like without thinking of the consequences.

Alphabet's Macaroni.....

GUESS.....what is this to made up the name of Kendra Teo....????????????????
NO, it's not beads......
Chang, chang chang chang......It's macaroni in alphabet shape which I got it from a friend of mine. As she told me, it's bought by her MIL to her girl and she got a lot of it that cannot be finished, so she just share some with me. I got it yesterday and today I already bought all the ingredients to cook it for Kendra.

This is the soup with carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and ikan bilis. Looks very yummy, rite?

WOW, unbelievable.......Kendra can finished the whole bowl of't too delicious or just because she never taste macaroni before. By seeing her can finished the whole bowl of macaroni, I've more confident to cook now.

Limited Edition Tupperware....Shrek

Bought this 2 Tupperware products last Friday. The sandwich keeper is for hubby as a Father's Day present and the snack cup is for Kendra to keep her snack. The sandwich keeper is very cute, it got 2 attractive designs of auto animation effect as you can see from the photos. Hubby like the sandwich keeper a lots and he already bring it to work.........

A Special Wedding Invitation Card

Got this invitation card from my Tupperware manager.....auntie susan. I found this card quite special compare to the one that we normally get. I looks like a post card more than an invitation card.

Work Work Work

It has been more than a week I've started my new job and still can handle it for the time being. What I've done for the past week is just meet up with the existing customer whether in Ipoh area or the outskirt.

I need to be attend a product training which will be held in our HQ next week. Have to stay overnight there for 2 nights. I think I'll miss Kendra a lot.......

Pic of Kendra during her hospital stay

Having fun in the playing room at the Paediatrics ward......

New friend of Kendra, Her name is Leong Poh Yee and was admitted due to diarrhea also.

My poor Kendra.......

Robeez shoes for sales

Robeez Footwear has been crafting exceptional quality Canadian-made children’s footwear for over ten years. It’s that commitment to quality and level of caring that has led to Robeez Footwear becoming one of Canada’s fastest growing companies.
  • soft flexible soles recommended by experts
  • easy slip-on, stay-on elasticized ankle band
  • skid-resistant textured suede soles
  • washable by hand or machine
  • durable, quality leather and lined upper
  • soft, comfortable leather cushions and protects
  • breathable to keep feet cool and comfortable
  • warm brown suede sole

Lots of Hollywood celebrity is letting thier little one wear Robeez shoes too! Check it out

Please refer to the sizing chart below.

Robeez Size
Shoe Size

Shoe Size

Shoe Size

Sole Length

Sole Length

0-6 months
11.75 cm
4 5/8 in

6-12 months
13 cm
5 1/8 in

12-18 months
14.5 cm
5 5/8 in

18-24 months
15.75 cm
6 1/8 in

2-3 years
17 cm
6 5/8 in

3-4 years
18.25 cm
7 1/8 in

Anyone who is interested, please feel free to contact me........

Superb Hubby

I need to write this post to compliment my hubby for his support during the day Kendra was admitted. I didn't stay in the hospital to take care of Kendra for the 1st night because myself was having a flu on that day. He volunteer to take care of Kendra and did ask me to go home and have a better rest.

On the following day, we both stay together to take care of Kendra. He is really good in taking care of Kendra from diapers changing to cuddle Kendra to falls asleep. Somehow, I feel so shameful where I think he is doing much more better than myself. He is patient enough to take care of Kendra compare to myself.

Other than that, he is always make sure that I have enough of rest and I'm be good to take care of Kendra. When I'm going to report work on 1st June, he just stay at home with Kendra. He did all the laundry and housechores for me too.......really appreciate his work.

A big "THANK YOU" to him........!!! muack muackssssss

Nightmare was Over

Brought her to the clinic yesterday and her paed told us that she has fully recovered.

From my observation, her appetite was good compare to last time. She took 6oz of milk every 4 hour before but now she can take 5oz of milk every 2 hour. Hubby told me one funny action of her yesterday. As some of you may knew that I have just started my new job recently and yesterday I was late to fetch her from nanny's house. So, hubby had fetch her and wait for me at my mom's house. While waiting for me, she is so annoying. She went near the diapers bag and took out the can of milk and her milk bottle and show it to her daddy......keep on saying"mam mam"......... Hubby cannot resist her request and just give her 3 oz of milk. After she finished her 3oz milk, she did request again by showing the bottle to hubby again........hahaha

According to her paed, her appetite will increase at this moment (7-10 days after recovery) but we need to give her in small amount and more frequent instead of giving them their normal intake in one short. As long as she is ok, I don't mind to do more work.

Vomit and Diarrhea - 2

Finally Kendra was discharged on Thursday late evening. Before we went home, we did stop over Tesco to buy some necessary. During the check out, she poo again until all my pants and sling bag also wet. I'm so embarrass at that time and quickly take the car key and run into the car.

When we reached home, she is so excited. After changing her diaper, she is so happy to play around but she still poo poo quite frequent. During the whole night, I think she poo more than 5 times. In the morning time, she poo about 6 times until I saw some blood near her buttock. I'm quite worried and quickly call to her paed to confirm with him whether to send her back to the hospital. According to the paed, all this are common and as long as she is no fever, then no need to bring her back.

I'm so stress this few days when she was admitted. As some of you may knew that I'm going to report work on 1st of June and Kendra was only discharged on 31st May. Anyhow, I still meet up the manager on 1st June and thank for his kind understanding, I may leave early on that day.

Do you believe or not, Kendra finish a packet of Huggies Ultra (M40) within a day........Up to today (2 days after discharged), she still poo once 3-4 hourly. But her stool is not as watery as the one in hospital few days ago. Hope she can recover soon as tomorrow I need to start work and will be sending her to nanny's house.
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