3M Scotchgard

Have you seen this before? It's called Scotchgard™ Fabric & Upholstery Protector from 3M. I'm searching high and low to get one but it seems it's not available in Malaysia...too bad. I read from a forum and it has a good recommendation from the member to scotchgard the Toki bags. It helps repel spills, block stains and resist soils.

If you found this products, please don't forget to let me know ya....!

New Writing Desk

Hubby bought this writing desk during our KL trip and Kendra just love it. This video captured when Kendra saw her new writing desk and she seems so excited, right?

My Lesportsac Bags Collection

I think I started to fall in love with this Lesportsac bags is the time when I first go to Hong Kong. I transited at Changi airport and got a chance to have a look on the range of this bags. I'm not able to get myself a LSS bag because it's expensive to me at that time.

Every now and then if I have a chance to transit at Changi, sure I will go to the DFS shop or the Lesportsac outlet to have a great look on it. Everytime when I flip the price tag, my mind always reminded me that it's not worth to pay a few hundred bucks to get a canvas bag like this. So, I will put the bags on the shelve again and the urge to get it had been reduced.

Lately, hubby bought me my first LSS bag when he came back from his business trip. I like it so much and I've started to "collect" the print I like. Let's gp for my little collection:

my little collection........

mini bagssss..........

Lulu in Fantasy print...this bag never been use yet

Get this tissue + coin purse at a very good deal in MV..........

Another bags from the Fantasy print..........

Don't think that I can get this style here (Malaysia).......

Large weekender in Caviar

small tote bag in Ink print......

3 zip cosmetic in Chandelier........

molly in sweetie pie.........

Of course not forget my Toki's.........
Buon Viaggio in Paradiso.........

Ciao Ciao in Vacanze print

After you have view my collection, will you feel a little bit itchy to have one for yourself?????

Christmas Gift

Christmas was just over and let share what X'mas gift you have bought/received........


Kendra got this writing desk set from her daddy

Mommy bought her 2 books, coloring book and crayons.

Guess what her Auntie Terri bought for her...????

hehehe...it's a denim overalls

a Bobux soft sole shoes from uncle Felix....too bad the size is too small for Kendra

Bought for:

From me to hubby......

A cook book for my mom.........

A 2008 planner for my sis....Joeye

"ying shiong" (Take Photo)

I like this video clip a lots as it reveals how happy Kendra was when we checking in the hotel. I still remember the first time we brought her to KL when she is only 4mths+ and know nothing. Compare to now, she knew a lots and she really grow up.

In this video clip, you can hear she said the words like "ying shiong" (take photo), No more fish, "hou song ar" (enjoyable), "dai ngan kaeng" (wear spectacle), "kakak" (Sister), thank you daddy, thank you mommy..........

KL Trip - Day 2

We didn't take our breakfast in hotel as I wanted to have the "xiao loong pao" at I-Dragon. Hubby brought me to One U for breakfast and we just have a walk in One U after breakfast.

Finally I found the DVD that I've wanted for so long in a shop in One U. It's a limited edition which is imported from Hong Kong. I will treat it as a x'mas present I bought for myself since hubby got no action on it.

We went to The Curve after One U and we just stop for awhile there coz we both are so tired to have such a outing with a active girl - Kendra. We then went to Ikea and manage to buy some stuffs for Kendra.

We start our journey back to Ipoh around 6.30pm and thank God the traffic is ok and we reached Ipoh about 9.30pm. Kendra was so tired and she sleep all the way back. Pity me and hubby still need to tidy up before we can go to bed. Overall, it's a enjoyable trip for 3 of ours.

KL Trip - Day 1

We start our journey around 9.00am after taking our breakfast. Along the journey, Kendra was behave very well coz she sleep all the way. We reached Aquaria around 12.00pm and Kendra was so excited when she saw the fishes and tortoises there.

There are not much things to do inside the Aquaria. We took about 45minutes to go through it. After we came out from the Aquaria, we have a coffee break at the Starbuck while we waiting for Ivy. This is the first time hubby and Kendra meet Ivy.

After we met Ivy, we need to rush to Mid Valley to meet up with Angie. Hubby and I were not so familiar with the road in KL so, it take us some times to find the way to Mid Valley. When we reached MV, hubby go to check in and I go and meet Angie with Kendra. We met up at MPH and I'm so sorry to keep Angie waiting as Chloe was so sleepy at that time. We took a walk around MV while Kendra having her nap.

We go back to our room to rest before we meet up with Hooi See around 6pm. We met up in Mothercare and only chat for awhile because her hubby is waiting for her inside the car. We then head to The Garden. Kendra like the toys department inside Robinson so much. She refuse to go when daddy want to carry her. She want to stay there and play with the "gor gor" and "cher cher" there.

A Special X'mas Card

This is the first time I received such a nice X'mas card. I's from a thoughtful mom...Jennifer. Thanks Jennifer for the card and I will like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Kendra Teo Jia Ning

Normally when I asked Kendra who is she, she will either answer me "kendra", "ying ying" or "girl girl". I'm so surprise with her answer when I ask her the same question this morning. Here is our conversation:

me: hey, who are you?
Kendra: annnn...dra (kendra)
me: No, again who are you?
Kendra: ying ying
me: NO......
Kendra: girl girl
me: No No
Kendra: annn dra jia ning
me: huh...again, what is your name?
Kendra: annn dra jia ning (kendra Jia Ning, her surname was missing)

Now only I realized that she know her full name. It must be teach by her nanny. Hopefully I can hear her spell out her name soon.

Leap Frog Again

So happy to read this thread in MJ as I'm looking for some cartridges for the set. Need to thanks Gaik Pheng in advance for her help. And Myself also need to finalize my order so that she will have enough time to order it.

So far, I've shortlisted the cartridges for the My First computer and I'm still thinking whether to get the My first LeapPad or the Read & Write LeapPad. The books for this 2 models are at super low price now, think it's a good time for me to make the purchases.

Any of you did ask the favor from Gaik Pheng too? Mind to share you is in your list?


Today is a sad sad day for me as I just came back from my gynae's clinic and confirmed that I've a miscarriage.......can't hold the baby!!!

We don't know what is the main cause for this miscarriage. And myself also don't wish to think about it. What I'm looking forward is to take a good rest for myself and try it again when we are ready.

Wish me luck!!!!

Yeah....I got Dora for Kendra

As some of you knew that I was away to attend the Fisher Price training last Friday which was held by Mattel. The training was fun and I learn a lots in this training.

There was a role play section in the training and I'm so 'lucky' to be selected for the role play. At first, I'm so scare and nervous for it. I need to act as a promoter to sell the FP products to a picky customer. It's really a challenge for me and Thank God my partner was not as fussy as in the scenario listed.

At the end of the training, a Dora toys was given to those who participated in the role play. I'm so happy to get it as my little girl likes Dora a lots. Other than Dora, they also gave each of the attendants a Barney plush as a souvenir.


After almost a year of trying, finally I'm conceived. I did the 1st test on the second day of my missed period and the second line of the result was blur. I'm not sure whether I'm pregnant or not. So, I decided to test it again tomorrow morning (3rd Dec) and unfortunately the result was same as the previous one......blur on the second line.

So, some of my buddies in MJ advise me to test it a week later which the result will be more confirm by that time. I also keep on reminded myself not to be hurry but when I went to Jusco yesterday, I automatically walked into Guardian and bought another tester......see, how "kan cheong" I am. This time, I bought a "digital" one instead the normal one. The result will only show "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant". No need to guess the line this time.

I did the test early in the morning today and here is the result that I want............

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