I miss this moment

When I'm housekeeping Kendra's photos and I found this video clip. I watched it again and again and decided to share it with you all. I really missed that moment when Kendra was arrived into this world. Really can't imagine that this lil baby in the video clip will become a 'monster' today....LOL!


I used to tell Kendra that I will ask the snake to bite her if she is not behave lately. I keep on telling this and guess what...... the snake really come to my house this morning.

When I was home after sending Kendra to the nursery, I parked my car and unlock the pad lock of my gate, I see something moving near the stack of old newspapers in the car porch. At first, I thought it's just a lizard and I just ignore it. After I unlock the door and thought of going into my home, the "things" still moving there and I turned my head to it and I saw a snake was moving form the newspapers to my shoes rack.

I quickly pick up the broom and thought of hitting it but it's so amazing that I can't found it anywhere in the car porch when I'm ready to fight with it. I try to open up the shoes rack also can't find it. Don't know where it will be going and I quickly called up hub and ask for a help as I was a little bit worry as I scare the snake will come to bite "Happy" if no one is outside.

So, I just place"Happy" into my kitchen since I'm not cooking today and hub will bring home the "sulfur". Heard from my dad, sulfur can keep the snake away and I pray hard hubby will come home on time today.

Thanks for the reminder

I need to thanks my hub because he keep on asking me to check whether our (Kendra, mine and his) passport is with me or not. As far as I remember, I've keep all the 3 passport with me and recently I just noticed that Kendra's passport is with me.

When I open up the drawer to double check again this morning, I only found Kendra and hub one...where is my passport!! I start panic and rush to the bank to further check on it.

Thank God my passport is in th SDB and luckily hubby ask me to check it again, if not I will be the one who to be blame to delay the trip coz we have decided to depart early at 6am.

Packing my stuffs

It's only 2 more days left before we depart to Singapore and guess what...I have yet to pack my stuffs and so for Kendra. I don't know what I'm busy about, just feel lazy to pack it. Maybe it's only a short trip and I'm expect nothing special in my trip except the little fella who I never met before.

I think I really have to make up my mind and start packing my stuffs else hubby will start mumbling at me again (he is my boss since I'm jobless now...have to listen to him) LOL!

My 2nd one

Since others are so busy blogging about their 2nd and 3rd one, I also being "Kiasu" and wanted to share with you all my 2nd one.......

Yeah... I'm proudly present to you all my 2nd blog. It's set up with the main purpose to sell some baby stuffs and hope you all will give me a big support!!!

Spiffies Teeth Wipes

It's so hard for me to ask Kendra to brush her teeth every morning because she just so lazy + sleepy when I wake her up in the morning. She is so reluctant to go to the toilet in the morning and keep on telling me that she don't want to go to school..... she thought she can escape by this......

Since I will be going to Singapore next week, I plan to bring back some boxes of Spiffies Teeth Wipes for Kendra.

And for your information, this Spiffies is a safe, convenient and easy way to clean your baby's mouth and gums. It's designed for children 4 months and older and used by everyone when brushing is not available. Spiffies contains xylitol, a natural sweetener that looks and taste like sugar but has 40% fewer calories than sugar. It has the natural ability to fight cavities, reduce plaque, and keep bacteria from adhering to mucus membranes such as the nose. Xylitol also has been shown to fight ear infections and is safely used by diabetics.

* This is NOT a paid post*


If you are Strait Times readers, I believe this "wonderword" is not a new things for you as it will appears on the Sunday Times every Sunday. I start to love this game when I have a copy of this Sunday Times which bought by hubby weeks ago. Once I play it, I can't stop it just as I play the Sudoku few years back.

Wonderword is a one-of-a-kind word search that uses every letter on the grid to form hidden words that tie into the puzzle’s daily theme. The letters that remain will spell out today's WonderWord.

Here is the puzzle I just completed and you can have more and more puzzle here. I think you will like it as I do if you have start to play one of the puzzle.

Guessing Game

After I read the post from Lee Ying about the switching from MJ to Multiply and noticed that I've invited quite a numbers of MJ members to Multiply.

So, I would like you all to guess, I was invited by who to join M.......

tips: she is also an active member of MJ

Nike Kids Apparel

I'm crazy about the Nike kids clothes lately, always sit in front of ebay and search for the good deal. Sure you will ask me, why ebay? I can tell you that it's not so easy to get it here (Ipoh) and I can have more choices over there.

So far, I've bought 4 set of the outfit for Kendra and so happy that I've received 2 set of it this morning. Can't wait to see Kendra putting on all the nice outfit.

Potty Train Chart

Since few of the mommies in Multiply had successfully train their toddlers off the diapers, I had decided to try my very best to Kendra. While searching the net about the potty train, I found this cute and useful website.

I've printed out the chart and the sticker of the Dora the Explorer and will stick it on the door of our toilet to encourage Kendra. Here it is...........

Potty Train

Since few of the mommies in Multiply had successfully train their toddlers off the diapers, I had decided to try my very best to Kendra. While searching the net about the potty train, I found this cute and useful website.

I've printed out the chart and the sticker of the Dora the Explorer and will stick it on the door of our toilet to encourage Kendra. Here it is...........

Baskin Robbins - Love Potion 31

Since hubby had went to KL this afternoon and I got nothing to do with Kendra at home, so I bring her to Jusco to have dinner. After dinner, we have our walk around the mall and when we go near the Baskin Robbin counter, I saw my favourite taste of ice cream is available.....without thinking twice, I ordered a pint of this "Love Potion 31" home.

The next day, when I finished my house chores and sitting in front of the TV, I bring out the ice cream and indulge it myself. Without notice, I finished the whole pint by myself in less than an hour. I feel so guilty that I didn't leave any to Kendra or hubby so I decided to go to Jusco again and this time, I bought a Quart size of the same flavour again. I really cannot resist it...help!!

Fyi, this "Love Potion 31" is a seasonal favorite. Cupid's white chocolate and raspberry ice cream swirled with a raspberry ribbon and loaded with raspberry filled chocolate hearts and chocolate chips....yummy yummy!!!!

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A new look for my blog

When I'm free this afternoon, I go through my blog and thought of giving my blog a new look since Kendra is 2 years old now and I still displaying her baby photos on the header. Will shortlist some of her cute recent photos and post it in my blog, so you all won't feel boring when you visit my blog later....hahaha!

Happy 2nd Birthday

Yesterday was Kendra birthday and as per our plan, we ordered a cake to send to her nursery for the celebration. When hubby came home (he is taking a half day leave), we head to the confectionery shop to collect our cake and went to Kendra's nursery. When we reached there and pass the cake to the teacher only we realized that parents are normally not invited for the party........ so, we just left the cake and the camera to the teacher.

According to the teacher, the kids like the cakes and Kendra was very surprise too.......

With teacher Sherry....the principal

making a wish.......

blow out the candles.....
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