see, she is ready for school............

Finally, we had enrolled Kendra for the full day nursery at Kids Choice due to the new babysitter need to go for an operation at the very last minutes.

Before we decided to enroll her, we bring her for a music class at the center yesterday and guess what..... She enjoy the class and can mix around with other kids there. From the CCTV at the office, I can see that she is so active in the class and according to her teacher, she did look for me 2 times when others are happily singing.

After the class and when we want to go home, Kendra was crying badly as she want to stay and play at the center. Of course hubby and I were happy to see her like the place so much. Hopefully she will not feel bore after a week attending the class later and want to escape......

When I fetch her at her existing babysitter house yesterday evening, her babysitter told me that Kendra keep telling her that she met up with some "gor gor"(brothers), "Jie Jie" (sisters), and singing "I love you, you love me........." what a "kepoh" girl I have.

Last Year and This Year

I've make some photo comparison for Kendra on her last and this year Chinese New Year celebration.....

And here are some others pictures we taken this few days.........

Top: The hair is shorter and still don't know how to walk by her own
Bottom: Can run the whole house and not easy to snap photos for her now

Top: Last year the reunion dinner was 8 people but this year only 6 of us...look forward for next year.....will celebrate it 9 or 10 of us (if Terry is back)

Reunion Dinner

As usual, mom didn't cook and we are having our reunion dinner at restaurant. Felix and Yasuyo are not coming back to celebrate CNY with us this year, so only 6 of us are having the dinner. My dad treat us very good, he order the delicious dishes for us and everyone are enjoying the meal.

Abalone served with sea cucumber

Mexico Lobster


Dessert: Bird's Nest

Ang Pao Packets

Since some of the mommies had posted up the Ang Pao packets they collected, I also wish to "kepoh" and share some of the Ang Pao Packets I collected this year.

From left: ICard Enterprise, HSBC and Astro

Hello Kitty Ang Pao Packets

Top from left: Megumi Japanese Restaurant, Jumbo Restaurant
Bottom from left: Liang Court, Singtel
(All are from Singapore)

Bank of Tokyo, BOH, Esprit, Singapore Press & Corcs

Guess this is not fresh design for you all....I received this kind of Ang Pao when I was a little girl.

This is the Ang Pao packets holder came along with the Ang Pao packets from Singtel.

All are from Singtel.....but not sure for which year..ahahha

This is from my sis..... I think she got it from her friends who is working in the printing company.

China Doll Looks

Gong Xi Gong Xi, today is the second day of CNY and I just put my little princess on bed and have some free time to update my blog.....

See, how lovely is she with her Cheong Sam and funny lips.......

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