I don't know how to describe my feeling over the past 3 days. It's terribly sad and heart pain deep in my heart. I never feel so down after the birth of my boy as I had a hard time during my labor and it's the darkest time in my life. But, after I know about his case, I can't help and keep thinking why it's so unfair to the little boy who had just live for 7 months on his life..... I'm really blessed that my boy is given a second chance to live.

I think most of you are aware about Bernard Wee....... ya, a poor boy who had a heart disease and passed away before he got a chance to go for the operation. My heart is so pain every time I clicked on his mommy's blog and FB and saw the messages she left for him. As a mommy of 2 kids, I really can feel how sad will it be of a mommy who lost her child.

When I decided to left my lappy for all the sad news, my friend show me another blog of a little angel who passed away on this Feb due to cancer. My tears are out of my control when I'm reading her blog. Why they need to suffer so much in their life????? They are just a innocent baby, aren't they deserve a chance to live since YOU decided to bring them to this world...... Why YOU want to take them back from their parents?

May these 2 angels will meet in heaven one day.........!!!!!!!

My New Toys

Yay..another new toy of the month of September........ oops, now only I realize I haven't share with you all about my first new toy which hubby bought it few weeks ago. Never mind, I will reveal it in this post too!!!!

First of all, hubby had bought this Nintendo Wii for us..... You must be wondering who is the "us" refer to....yes, it's for me and my girl- Kendra!!!! The main reason he got it for me is with the hope that I can have some workout at home. He got me the Balance board and it looks great to me. Hope it really can help me to shed off some weight.

Nintendo Wii........

My 2nd new toy is the sewing machine which I wanted for ages. Finally hubby approved my request and got it for me. A big thanks to him for his support even he know that I know nothing about sewing....... what a joke, right?????

I will try my best to sew some pouches and bags for my kids everyday use......!!!!!!!

Brother Innovis 30

Some fabrics I bought for my projects..........

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