While I'm chatting with my friend Angel on MSN yesterday, she told me that her husband's car was break down middle on the road when he is on his way home. I suggested them to send the car to Dallas Auto Repair for a thorough inspection.

After seeing their case, I think I should send my car to the workshop for some brake job too since I've been travel so frequent in the past few months. We should make sure that our car is always in tip top condition when on the road to avoid unnecessary things to happen.

Hubby thought of selling his existing car and get a new one. I help him to do some surveys and found out that this Chevrolet Silverado has a good reviews by others. I have all the reviews print out and will show him tonight.

"Family" in the eyes of a 4 years old

2 scenarios below were best described the word FAMILY of my 4 years old girl.

Scenario no. 1
On last Saturday afternoon, while I'm busy washing some dishes in the kitchen and hubby walked in and told me that he need to go back to office to settle some issues. Kendra heard it and she raise up this good question to her daddy. " Do you know today is Saturday? It's weekend which is our family day....why you need to go to work". She asked with full of disappointment.

Scenario no.2
When hubby was ready to go out for a date with his friend, Kendra again not allowed him to go. She cried and begged her dad not to go and not to leave us in the house.

"Don't go out, left 3 of us in the house so "yam gong"(pity).............

When hubby was out and I asked her, why she don't let her daddy go out. Guess how she answer me?????

Kendra: In a family, must have daddy and mommy. Now daddy go out, we don't have a family already.......:((((((((( I want a family...............................
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