Birthday Week

Since last year "tak jadi" to buy Kendra a rabbit as her birthday present, so I suggest to hubby again this year and thank God that hubby agreed to get the rabbit for Kendra. After sending Kendra to nursery on Saturday morning, we went to the pet shop and bought the rabbit.

When she return home, she was so excited to see the rabbit. We decided to name this rabbit "Happy" and hope that she really bring Kendra lots of happiness. My little girl was so busy on that day, she keep on asking carrot from me to bring to the rabbit. When she want to go to have her nap, she wish Happy "nite nite" (actually that time is only 3.00pm) and ask us to keep quiet because Happy want to "kao kao" (sleep)....... so funny!

Beside the rabbit, her beloved gong gong had get her a motorbike. Before she get on the bike, she is so excited too as she don't know that the bike can be move by just step on the button. When the bike is moving, she was so scare and keep saying she don't want it...ahhaha, her gong gong feel so "sayang" to buy a bike that she dare not to sit on it again.....

On Sunday, due to hubby need to go for the prayer (Ching Meng), so I have to take care of Kendra by my own again. After feeding and bathing her, I brought her to the McDonald. Another surprise for her. She is very behave the whole morning and make me felt that worth to bring her there. I am so surprise that she can finished the whole harsh brown by her own without mess up her clothes.

After having the breakfast, I bought her go up stair to the playground. There are few kids inside and one of the boy come near to me and told me that he met Kendra in the school.....what a coincidence, Kendra met her schoolmate here. The gor gor was so "protective" towards Kendra, keep holding her hand and taking care of her in the playground.

I think Kendra was so enjoy her weekend until this morning she refuse to go to nursery again. She keep on asking me to bring her to McDonald and don't send her to the nursery.

Click here for the photos.......

2nd Birthday Dinner

Here are some pictures taken on the dinner....


GUESS....what is inside this box???? No, no, no... it's not dozen of coffees but a lovely cake indeed.

This is the cake we bought for Kendra from The Coffee Bean and she was so surprise when we show it to her. It's weighted 2kg and fill with the royal chocolate filling. On top of the cakes, there are 3 smiling flowers with some marshmallow, chocolate, smarties, jellybeans, creamy biscuits and etc.

Early Celebration

Kendra's birthday is on 2nd of April and due to the day was fall on Wednesday, we had to bring forward the celebration to today. Nothing special.... we (my family) just had our dinner outside but the restaurant that we went was the same restaurant where we celebrated Kendra's 1st birthday. Of course you will ask me why I choose back the same restaurant....the answer is my parents like the food there.

My Stuffs

Hahaha..... at last it's on my hand. This is the stuffs I bought online at some US website and ask hubby's colleague to smuggle to me on his trip to Ipoh. Things are pretty cheap there and the exchange rate are low too.....glad to have all this items at a lower price compare to get it here. Now, I'm thinking to make my purchases at Old Navy and GAP again since they are having Spring sales now.

Kendra in her uniform

Finally Kendra got her uniform after the alteration by the tailor due to her tiny size. At first, she don't allow me to put it on for her because she is so refuse to go to the nursery this morning. After some persuasion from mommy, she put it on and let mommy snap the photos.

Gift for Little Rafael

Yes, this is the first gift for Rafael. It was bought by hubby in US and I found it was cute for this little prince. It's a gift set from Levi's which consist of 1 long sleeve creeper, 1 short sleeve creeper, 1 Levi's jeans and a keepsake box. Will bring it to him if I'm available to join my parents to Singapore next month.....see ya, Rafael!


Yeaaah...after a long wait, finally he is out! Who is he...??? Of course my nephew Rafael Oh.

Received a call from Felix this morning and being inform that Yasuyo had gave birth this morning at 9.30am. This boy are really naughty as he don't want to come out even his mommy passed her EDD on 17/3/08.......

Congratulation to Felix and Yasuyo......

This is the picture of little Rafael......

Little Singer - Part 1

Can you hear what song she is singing??? Can she be the next Sammi Cheng??? hahahaha


Kendra was having fever on and off for the past 2 weeks. Her fever didn't subsided even she took the Paracetamol. At last, the doctor prescribed her with this antibiotic called "Zithromax" and guess what....her fever subsided the next day after 2 doses of this medicine but found some red spot appear on her arm. In the evening, her back and thigh was infected too.

We went back to the clinic again and the doctor examined her again and confirmed that she is allergic to this antibiotic....... We need to stop the medicine immediately.

Forever Friends Award

Thanks lovely mummy for such a lovely rewards....

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Yesterday was the 3rd day Kendra attending the nursery and I received a call from her nursery while I'm working yesterday afternoon. Her teacher told me that she had a little bit fever (37 Celsius) and ask me to fetch her earlier to send her to the clinic. Without thinking much, I drove to the nursery and pick her up and send her to the clinic directly.

At the clinic, she was so excited before we go into the consultation room. When her name is being called and I just hold her hand and wanted to walk into the consultation room, she started to cry and refuse to go in..... she some more sit on the floor. With no other choice, I have to carry her to go into the room even she don't like it. She keep on crying while the dr. examine her. According to dr, her fever just started and only prescribe the fever medication for her. If the fever still not subside, have to bring her back to the clinic again by tomorrow.

Around 4.30am this morning, when I check on her, it's 39.1 Celsius! I quickly wake up hubby and we decided to bring her to the nearest hospital for the out patient clinic. After the Dr. examine her, she ask us to admit her since she is having the high fever. But, I've decided not to admit her first and just ask the Dr. to prescribe her the medicine that use to be insert into her buttock....... ( we try this before and it work for her) When we are at the counter to settler the bill, I think the charges must be around RM100 but the actual the hospital charge is only RM20.89 for the consultation and medication.

Now is 10.22am and I just check her temperature, it's 35.4 Celsius and hope she is ok for the next few hour.

2nd Day

Today is the second day Kendra went to the nursery, overall is fine. She cried when I leave her in the morning and looks ok when I fetched her in the evening.

When I asked her what she had did in the nursery yesterday, she answered me happily that she sang and dance in the school. For today, she told me that she ate carrot today. I'm happy that she can adapt the new environment and look forward the day she wave her hand and say bye ye to me when I drop her in the nursery one day.......
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