My Diapers Stock

Finally I managed to grab the discounted Mamy Poko at Tesco yesterday after so many times of attemps. I didn't thought of they got stock for the size I want but just give a try since we are having dinner there. So happy that they got stock for size M and without thinking too much, quickly I grab 4 packs of it and another 4 packs of MP pants. After checking out, we go and have dinner and hubby decided to go back and "sapu" another 2 pack of size XL plus the MP pants. The MP pants is super cheap with the RM3.00 rebate, only cost us RM13.60 per pack after the rebate.

When reached home, I did do a stock take for all the diapers I have now and here is my stock on hand:

Mamy Poko

  • Super Jumbo M66 = 4 packs

  • Super Jumbo L56 = 2 packs

  • Super Jumbo XL50 = 2 packs

  • Jumbo M44 = 1 pack

  • Jumbo L38 = 5 packs

  • MP Pants M17 = 2 packs

  • MP Pants L14 = 6 packs

  • MP Pants XL12 = 3 packs

  • MP Pants Travel Pack : L2 = 11 packs

  • MP Travel Pack L3 = 8 packs

  • MP Pants (Bought in Japan) : L26 = 1 pack


  • Huggies Dry Comfort L60 = 1 pack

  • Huggies Dry L72 = 2 packs

  • Huggies Ultra L34 = 2 packs

  • Huggies Pull Up Pants XL30 = 1 pack


  • Sealer M57 = 1 pack

I think the supply I have now can last for at least a year and the next things I wanted to stock up is the formula milk that Kendra is consuming now.


Kendra was very good in imitation of sound nowadays. When I do the "blu blu blu" sound in front of her, she will quickly catch me and imitate the sound....she looks so smart by that time.

Another funny action of her recently was she like to kiss on everythings she like. I show her a book with the alphabets and she didn't really look into it but keep on kissing the pictures inside the book. I quickly put my cheek near to her and ask her to kiss mommy.....hooray, she did kiss me with the sound coming out from her mouth....I'm so happy at that time! She knew the word "kiss" already...

MMR Jab and Chicken Pox Jab

Kendra suppose to have her MMR jab this month but due to her condition now, i think I'll postpone it to next month. She is still having cough now. What nanny had suggested me this morning is give her some "Monkey Bezoar Powder"(猴 棗 末). Will try to get her tonight and hope that she will get well soon and have the jab very soon.

I plan to give her the chicken pox jab too. This chicken pox jab need to be taken after 1 month of the MMR jab. Some will have fever after taking this MMR jab and I hope Kendra will be fine after taking this jab as she had been suffer quite some times oredi.....As for the previous pneumococcal jabs, she is ok, no fever too!

Cheap Mamy Poko

I was told by my friend that Tesco is having promotion for the super jumbo size Mamy poko. It's 42.99 plus RM3.00 rebate if you buy the mamy poko pants. A SUPER best deal in town i think. The promotion period is from 19th April 2007 -2nd May 2007. Hubby and me were there for so many times but still cannot grab 1 for the size we want. Only size S and XL were available. Will go and try my luck again this afternoon and night.

Sick in Japan

pic taking at the waiting hall of the clinic..........

Yeah, we are back from our Japan trip and everyone was fall sick during the trip. Dad got flu before we depart and it passed to mom when we were in Osaka. After 2 days, it's Kendra turn. She got a high fever, 38-39 celsius and without thinking of too much we did bring her to the clinic. She was recover the next day.

On that day we return back to Malaysia, Kendra was not feeling well again inside the flight. She keep on coughing and vomit after taking her milk. The fever came back again on and off. We reached Ipoh at 1.00am and most of the clinics was closed. We brought her to Hospital Fatimah on the next day. The fever has gone but she still got cough..... poor kendra!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Kendra,
Happy Birthday to you.

Yeah, today is our princess birthday. We didn't throw any birthday party for her but just a birthday dinner at 1919 Restaurant yesterday. I did received some SMS from my friends to greet her Happy birthday and some of them did buy her a present too. I think most of my friend can remember her birthday is because her birth date is easy to remember (day after April fool). Hope that she will grow more healthier and happy for the year ahead.
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