Magic Loans

Terry called me this morning and we had a long conversation today. She told me that she have a plan in mind which is running a "take away" shop with one of her friend in Manchester. What she worried right now is the capital and she told me that she might be apply for a Secured Loans.

Since I'm giving an offer to write a review on the new website of the Magic Loan, definitely I'll recommend this website to her. Magic Loans provide secured homeowner loans of between £5,000 and £250,000 for any purpose, allowing for repayment from 3 and up to 30 years. With the loan calculator provided at their website, you can always know how much is the monthly repayment by simply key in the loan amount and repayment period base on your desired. Isn't it sound user friendly? Try to check it out by your own today!

Do you have student loans you are attemping to pay completely off? Personal student loans may take a considerable amount of time to pay off considering you probably will not be making much money for private student loan consolidation when you get out of the university.

A Joke To Share...........

This is an email from my friend and I thought is good to share with you all........come on, don't be so tension, let's relax for awhile!

ne Chinese person walks into a bar in America late one night and he saw Steven Spielberg. As he was a great fan of his movies, he rushes over to him, and asks for his autograph.
I nstead, Spielberg gives him a slap and says "You Chinese people bombed our Pearl Harbor, get out of here."
The astonished Chinese man replied "It was not the Chinese who bombed your Pearl Harbor , it was the Japanese".
"Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, you're all the same," replied Spielberg.
I n return, the Chinese gives Spielberg a slap and says "You sank the Titanic; my forefathers were on that ship."
Shocked, Spielberg replies "It was the iceberg that sank the ship, not me."
The Chinese replies, "Iceberg, Spielberg, Carlsberg, you're all the same."

This particular joke won an award for the best joke in a competition in Britain

Autonet Van Insurance

Autonet Insurance is a leading van insurance company in Google UK. They provide the lowest possible insurance premium in its industry. They premium deals are cheap and willing to return your money back whenever you found another cheaper insurance and with the same level of cover. If you are a business owners which has commercial vehicles like van, you must be very concern on getting a good deal on insurance premiums.

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2nd Round

Last Sunday was the last day of the Japanese Food Fair. We went to Parkson's Cold Storage right after our dinner to get some snacks for Kendra as the one we bought earlier is going to finish by Kendra. Here are what we get on our 2nd round............. oyishi oyishi!!!!

Home Furniture Change Over

I feel so thankful to own our (me and hubby) own house. Before we move into our home sweet home, we did a lots of survey for the home furniture. Due to the place where we live is a small city, we found difficulties to find a good furniture for our house and end up buying the furniture that not suit our house due to the limitation of choices available.

I thought of have a change over for some of the furniture in my house due to wear and tear of. The first things I would like to change is my bed and mattress. I thought of getting a bigger bed for since Kendra is sleep with us now. I'm looking for those storage beds that I can save lots of space in my room.

I also wish to have a small bar counter beside my living hall. Just a simple bar counter with some bar stools will do. When hubby's friends come and visit, they can have their "men's talk show" there. A wide screen entertainment center is needed I think. So that they can enjoy their drinks while watching the football match. At the mean time, I need to have some new dining room furniture too as the dining table set that bought by my sister is a bit small.

Hopefully I can have a new look for my house before the Chinese New Year!

A visit to Taiping's Zoo

We suppose to bring Kendra to Cameron Highland last Sunday but due to the heavy rain last few days, the trip was cancelled. My dad had a better plan which is bringing Kendra to Taiping's Zoo and it's a good idea indeed.

We start our journey from Ipoh around 11.00 am and reach there around 12.00pm. Before I go to the zoo, we had our lunch at the hawker center there. The foods there is extremely cheap.....

We straight away went to the zoo after our lunch. The admission fees is only RM5.00 per person. We enjoy our day in the zoo for about 2 hours. Kendra have a great day in the zoo too! Here are some the pictures we taken on that day.....enjoy!


Have you thought of buying a new house or remortgage your house as the deal out there are so tempting now. Hubby and I did have an idea to remortgage our property to save some interest and shorten the repayment terms.

Recently, I've found this website which I think is useful for me. They are a Mortgage Broker with the benefit of having INDEPENDENT financial advisors (not salesmen) on every call. They offer a wide range of mortgages like commercial mortgages, Re-mortgages, Bad Credit mortgages and etc. You just need to complete a form which provide some info of yourself and their experience independent financial advisor will contact you to provide you a free quote base on your circumstances in just couples of minutes.

So, try it now and I'm sure you will amaze with their excellent service and packages.

My Past Pregnancy Scan

After I've read the post from Vicky about her pregnancy scan, I have the urge to share with you all my pregnancy scan too.

Date Scan: 9.11.2005
Weeks: 19th

Can you see that she is so active even inside mommy's tummy!!

Cash Advance

Life is full of commitments. No matter how well we planned, there are still a lot of uncertainties and unforeseen circumstances which we may bumped into. In the event of emergency, how much $$$ we afford to take out? Especially for those like me who is in the working class employees with fixed monthly salary and expenses.

Nowadays, there are so many options available out there and one of them is cash advance which offers instant quick cash. Cash advance loans are small, short-term loans that are intended to resolve our urgent cash needs. So, do you need cash urgently? is a right place for you. You can apply it from the Internet and the amount are ranging from $100-$1500. The biggest advantage is that you can apply it anytime (24 x 7) either from your home or Starbucks. Furthermore, this is a payday loans which does not require a credit checking. Once it is approved, the money will be send over to your designated account via wired transfer.

My Handphone Picture

Thanks lovelymummy and Esther to pass this tag to me so that I can share with you all what is in my handphone screen.

I'm holding 2 phones currently and both phones display the picture of my lovely daughter. Picture on shown on the black color phone was taken when Kendra is about 5 months old. We were hanging around in a shopping mall and suddenly I felt that let her try one the sunglasses display in the mall. So, I quickly snap a photos of Kendra wearing the sunglasses.

The other picture shown on the white color phone was taken when Kendra was only 1 months plus. Whenever I feel unhappy or down, sure I'll take out my phone and take a look at this picture of will make me smile whenever I look at it.

So, I want to know what is on your handphone screen.....
1. Dora
2. golfmum
3. calivy

Online Casino Review

Commonly, gambling is not encouraged in Malaysia. I would say it will be a good leisure entertainment if we know how to control it. In order for me to have this entertainment, I need to travel few hours to the only one Casino in Malaysia--Genting Highlands.

Sometimes I will think of how nice if I can have this entertainment whenever I feel like to do it without wasted my time on travelling more than 2 hours to the casino and it's totally hassle free. I should thank to one of my friend who introduce me the online casino as I can enjoy the same experiences from the real live casino. By the way, my favorite game in the casino is "Roulette".

There are a lot of online casino websites around but how do we know that we are getting most of the benefits of it? Well, my advise is to check on the online casino reviews websites before you start. Here, I would recommend you all It provides reviews for trust score, games available, bonuses offered and other information. This will greatly helps us to determining which is right for us base on our needs. Interested on betting online? Check it out!

Slide or Study Desk

I'm very confuse now as I don't know to buy a slide or a study desk for Kendra this few days. I came across this step2 brand in one of my customer shop and I'm keen on all their products too. I've shortlist 2 of the items that I think Kendra will like it.

Hubby and I thought of getting Kendra a slide because she just like to go to the playground near our house. If we had one in the house, she can just play without being the victims of the mosquitoes.

In the other hand, I also wish to get her the study desk as it's more useful as she grow up I think. It has two side compartment for books storage and plenty of space to keep the things more organized. And the whole set of the desk looks durable!!!

I'm scratching my head now because I don't know which one should I buy. Both are almost the same price and due to the budget constrain, I can only choose one from it. What do you think??

My Online Business Plan

I was jobless for half a year after I gave birth to Kendra and at that time, I have an idea in my mind to sell some baby stuffs online. The advantages that I can enjoy for doing the online business are more freedom, time flexible and less pressure. I can even spend more time with my family. Although I am working now but I still didn't give up my plan to do my online business. Lately, I found a useful ecommerce tool called "Ashop Commerce". AShop Commerce offers a complete solution like shopping cart software, shopping cart, ecommerce software and etc for merchants to sell their stuffs online. It is simply easy and convenient for those who does not have more knowledge on web programming like me cause all functions were integrated and user friendly. Also, it offers a no strings attached 10 day trial. This provides a real-feel on using the application. Don't wait any longer, start to plan for your online business now!

Kendra's New Toothbrush

This is the new toothbrush I bought for Kendra when I'm at my customer place yesterday. Found that is not bad as it has a soft massage part that can be use to clean the tongue and gums and at the same time can ease the teething discomfort.

There is a safety shield in the pack that can be clipped onto the top of the brush to prevent the brush being pushed too far into the baby's mouth.

You may click on their website to find out more about their products. Oops...forgot to tell you all that I did purchase a new bottle of this brand for Kendra couple of weeks ago and she just loves it.

*this is NOT a paid post, I just wish to share with you what are available out there*

Snack Snack I Love You

Went to Parkson yesterday and was so happy that there is a booth for the Japanese food hosted by Cold Storage. I cannot resist myself to walk to the booth and came out with all this at the end.......
I like the Hello Kitty Rice Cracker very much and hope Kendra will like it too. Will go and get some more if hubby is willing to drive me to Parkson later.....

Your Attention Plzzzzzz

For those who are reading this post, I need your favour. If you come across this bag, do let me know, ok???? or you can email me at :

Brand Name: Lesportsac
Model/ Design: Small Weekender
Print/Color: Ink

Here are somes pictures of the bag:

My Tissues Collection

Before I share with you all my bags collection, I would like to share with you all my another collection here.......Yes, it's my tissues collection.

I think I started to collect this cutie tisuues since I'm still in my primary. When my eldest sister's friend Carmen gave her few pack of this tissues and she passes it to me and my youngest sister Joeye, we started our interest then. Carmen has her brother studying in Japan and do send her this kind of cute stuffs and she seems not so keen on it and pass it to my sister. Me and Joeye are the big fans of this cute stuffs and both of us have started to collect.

I remembered once we fight because of this tissues. We don't talk to each other for few days because Terry (my eldest sister) gave the tissues to her more and I only have a few packets of it.

Everytime when we visited Singapore, of course we will ask Felix to bring us to the Japanese shop to source for this kind of tissues. When it come to the situation that only 1 pack of the selected design left, we are sure start the fire between each other.

The Pooh's tissues and the bear's kitchen towel are a gift from my friend in UK. I need to thank her to search it high and low to get it for me. Thanks, Lace!!!

All the tissues are just cute and have a very very nice print on it! It make me feel so "sayang" to use it. Sometimes when I'm free, I'll just bring out the whole box and arrange all the tissues on the floor and slowly clean it.

I'm glad that Joeye have the same interest as me and I'll ask her to rent me her tissues to show to you all!!!!

Kendra Speak........

My naughty girl with lots of her funny actions and language.

My new bags

Thank God hubby able to catch the last flight from Singapore to Penang after 6 hours delay in San Francisco. He reach Ipoh around 22.30 and I'm happy that he is able to get me another Lesportsac bag when he transit in Changi.

As I have promise to some of my friends, I'll snaps the photos of the bag and post it here.

This is the "Molly" in Sweetie Pie print. For your information, this Sweetie Pie print is a limited edition print and it's out of stock in some countries. I like this "Molly" design is because of it's size. Is's big enough for me and have lots of compartment and pockets to stay organized. It came along with a small cosmetic bag. Bought it at SGD130.........

Front view of the bag
Side view of the bag

View from top

Molly in Sweetie Pie + the cosmetic bag

The cosmetic bag

This is another Lesportsac bag of mine............ "Large Weekender" in Caviar Olive. I get it in ebay at USD79.90 inclusive of shipping to US and ask hubby to bring it back for me. This is a gorgeous bag I had. It has few pockets of it and as other Lesportsac bag, it came along with the cosmetic bag too.

Large Weekender in Caviar Olive

With the free cosmetic bag

The interior of the bag........

The cool zip with lock on it....

Postcard from the sky

Guess what I received in my letter box yesterday...??? Yes, it's 2 postcard sent by hubby while he was in his flight to San Fransisco. 1 is for me and the other one for Kendra. I wonder how come it needs 1 week plus to reach us as hubby will be coming back this Sunday, it's better he deliver it by hand....LOL!

Ashop Commerce

If you are interested to start your online business, then you need a good ecommerce software to list all your things on your website. What I found lately is AShop Commerce software which is a provider for online shopping. Pricing for this software is very affordable. If you do not want to start immediately, you can try out their 10 day risk-free trial. With this trial, you can have a real feel on how this software works and whether it suits your needs. Besides that, they provide additional services such as web promotion and design services for users who have limited knowledge on web designs.

Futhermore, AShop Commerce are hosted on very reliable servers. Thus, need not to worry on the hosting services availability and realiability.

On top of that, members of AShop can make extra income by referring/introducing to others. One can make 30% of the total sign up fee and also a further 5% commission will be paid once he or she signs up a client with Ashop Commerce.

I will definitely recommend Ashop Commerce shopping cart software to all web users out there. Again, it is risk-free 10-day trial. No harm for you to try it out if you are thinking of opening an online store. Without further delay, check their site for web promotions, design services and ecommerce tips and tools.

the 100th Post

WOW.....finally I've come to this 100th post of my blog and what a coincidence that today is Kendra 1.5 years old birthday!!!!

Need to celebrate it later......and too bad hubby is not here!

Get Paid For Your Post

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The best part I like Smorty is their weekly payout. As soon as your post has been approved, you will be paid for that blog article on the first payment day of that week. To start to blog for money, you need a blog which was elder than 3 months old and must be indexed by Google or Yahoo. You can have as many blogs as you can manage to earn more money.

So, start joining it and make more money by now!

Action Figures For Your Kids

For those who know me well will noticed that I like to shop shop shop and buy buy buy. I like to shop online nowadays because it save me times and another reason is that I have more choices compare to shop in the mall.

I'm searching some toys for Kendra during hubby's trip to US and I found this useful website. They offered a wide range of action figure for all levels of kids. Among the popular characters I like are Dora the Explorer, Finding Nemo, Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty and many many more.

Go go go mommies, grab some for you lovely kids now!

Milestones: 18 months

YEah....... Kendra is exactly 18 mths!

weight: 10kg

Formula: Isomil Plus Advance

Teeth: all together 6 (4 upper and 2 lower)
Shoes Size: in between 4 and 5

I think Kendra can be consider a fast learner. She knew a lots of words at her age now. Here are some of the words that she can pronounce........

Words from her ABC book: apples, boy, bear, ball, bag, cat, car, cow, duck, egg, elephants, fish (she will pronounce it sheeeee), flowers, girl, ice-cram, lion, pen, shoes, merdeka (she will put her hands up when she see a flag)

Counting: she can count from 1 to 3 easily. If she is in good mood, she will count the 4 and 5

Parts of the body: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hand, hair, forehead, tongue and stomach. She will point to me when I asked her:" where is our eyes, kendra"

Cartoon character: Cars, Kitty, Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, Shrek, Doraemon (she will just pronounce it as A-Mon)....... she recognised all the characters and will called their name whenever she saw the picture of them.

She can called and greet: daddy, mommy, gong gong, por por, yi yi, fu (her uncle), jie jie (sis), gor gor (bro), uncle (an-cle), auntie (an-ty), kakak (so surprise when I first heard she call an Indon), baby, morning, nite nite, hello.......

Expression: geng geng or par par (scare), good, yummy, ng oi (don't want), oi (want), da da (beat), tong tong (pain), pao pao (carry), neang neang (beautiful), shame shame, go go, no or no no........

Foods: ping ping (biscuit), nen nen (milk), kult kult (yakult), cheese......

Others: open, close, wait, ng ng ( when she want to poo poo), kao kao (sleep), zou zou (sit), jut jut (her pacifier), throw, put, light light...........

*When I asked:"Who are you?"
She will answered me: "girl girl" or "ying ying"

*I think she like to write now....she will tell us "seh" (write) when she got a pen on her hand. Other than writing, she like to dance aslo. She will move her body when she heard the music.

*She like her "ABC" VCD more than her Barney VCD. She can watch it again and again for this "ABC" VCD until she fall asleep. Others than this, she like the cartoons "The Cars" and "Shrek" too.....

*She had 2-3 feeding of 7oz milk daily. Other than that is porridge, oat and rice.

*Still wearing size M of her Mamy Poko and Mamy Poko a lots for her daddy!!!

Under por por care

As you all knew that Kendra's nanny is taking another whole week off starting from today and she is under her por por (grandma) care for this week due to I can't find a replacement in such a short time. This is what happen today...take a look!!

If you have a closer look at the above pictures, you will notice that her diapers is "terbalik"......hahaha!

Garage Storage

Ever thought of how to organize your garage to make it looks clean and organize? I found that garage storage offer by carguygarage may help in this. They carry over 1,000 products to make your garage another room in your house. I'm so amaze with what they have offer like the metal storage cabinets, the storage bins, tool boxes, garage refrigerator, workbench, garage floor tiles any many many more.

So, get off the mess and petrol smell from your garage and have a clean and handy garage now!

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