I think I've fall in love into the bags from this LeSportsac, especially the Tokidoki summer collection. Below are some bags that I wish to have.....let's take a look.

Tokidoki Citta Ciao Ciao

Back view of the bag.....cool!

Can be fold like this........

Can you see the multi-color zipper....??

Whimsical Tokidoki Qee Chain

Paradiso Ciao Tote Bag

Pocket with zipped closure under flap

It's too expensive to own a Tokidoki print LeSportsac ciao bag. It cost about USD160-200 for a bag. I have ask hubby to get me one but he refuse to. What he will get me is just the normal print LeSportsac bag........ He is going to get me this "Molly" style. My first choice of the color will be "Flamingo print", follow by "Ink print". But according to him, what he saw from the store is only the "Sunny print"...........better than nothing la. Pray hard that his flight won't delay by that time and he have enough time to shop for me when he reach Changi airport this Sunday.

*p/s: know more about Tokidoki..........

8 Random Facts About My Mum

A big thanks to lovely mummy to pass me this tag....I love it.

Here we go for the 8 random facts about my mommy.....

1. She will be 56 years old this 15/9....let me wish her "happy birthday" in advance

2. She never work after her secondary (SPM) until now....... meaning to say she got no working experience at all.....hehehe

3. She is very good in cooking. She always make sure that we have our favourite dish every meal and end up she can cook for 8 or 9 dishes for a meal.

4. My mum got her driving license before I got mine. She can only drive forward but cannot reverse......that's why you will only she her driving in the highway.

5. My mum sacrifice a lots because of us. She don't have much friends because she is a full time mum and need to take care 4 of us. So, we become her best friends.......

6. The only hobby for my mum is "4 ekor". She is so hardworking to collect all the result in the newspaper and paste it in a diary to keep track on it....funny, rite!

7. She is such a oriental women. When we travel to Australia and Japan, she insisted to have her Chinese cuisine which is difficult to found there.

8. She very rely on my dad. Although she study until SPM, she don't know how to turn on the DVD player by her own. For her mobile, she only know how to answer and make a call...other than that, sorry la.......

Let's tell me more abt your mum:

chooi peng
vicky low

Kendra reading the newspaper

This are some pic taken last week...see, Kendra is reading the newspaper.

Terri Leaving

Last Tuesday we are so happy because Terri just back and this Tuesday we are sad because she is going back to UK tomorrow. Carmen just came and picked her up. They will stay a night in KL because her flight is early in the morning tomorrow.

I felt that I'm so useless...I tell myself not to cry when she is leaving but I cannot control myself in the end and the tears just come out.....and so for mom. So fast the time passed us by, one week holiday was over and she need to go back to UK, don't know when is our next meet up. Maybe when we meet next time, Kendra already can call her by her name and not just calling her "yi yi"......and can chat with her yi yi as well.

I'm sure I will miss her a lot......my Tai Ka J. Anyhow, I can still see her tru webcam when we chat online........

Kendra's New Ride

This is the new bicycle that her beloved "gong gong" bought for her last week. She was so excited for the first 2 days and when comes to the 3rd days, she have no more interest on it already...... When her yi yi ask her whether she want a ride or not, she just tell her yi yi "ng oi" (don't want)......

My New Camera

Since my Nikon camera was spoiled by Kendra few months ago, I've decide to get a new camera. After searching and comparing for months in so many shops in town, finally I've bought myself this new camera from Sen Heng aka Sen Q. The deal I got is not bad....RM13xx for a DSC-T20 + 2GB memory card and a stylish casing. Let's take a look at my old and new camera.......

See, how worse is my Nikon........

Kendra, I think u need to compensate mommy.........

My new camera...... Sony T20

I think black color is COOL....!!!

Terri is back

Terri is taking the flight from London -Sin-KL on the 12th August and reached Ipoh at 11pm. Thanks her friend Carmen to sending her home from KLIA to Ipoh. We are so happy to see her. We didn't see each other for more than a year since she left Malaysia in year 2006. And this is the first time she see Kendra. Kendra didn't have any strange feeling towards her "fei yi yi" (fat auntie) and willing to kiss her when I ask her to do so........

She purposely come back to attend Felix's wedding on this Saturday. I think this is the first time she meet our "tai sou" (sister in law) too.....but before that they did chat on MSN. It's good also she is here as the "record" show that she always absent for all the big event in the family like my wedding, when I give birth.......... Hope she will enjoy her stay!

p/s: will post some photos of her in my blog later

Holiday Cheer Throughout the Year!

When coming to August in Malaysia, everyone will sure think of the Mega Sales. I like to shop especially online shopping. Sometimes we can found something that is special and unique which we cannot get it in the mall.....especially in a small town like Ipoh.

Coupon chief is the website I always visit when I shop online. With their promo codes, we can save up a lot for our purchases online. Since the holiday season is just a few months away! First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and before you know it, you'll be stuffing stockings! It's never too early to start getting the deal until the holiday. Coupon Chief have tons of merchants that offer you a best deal online. Among the merchants that I like in Coupon Chief are: GAP coupons, Banana Republic coupon codes and Timberland deals. So, don't wait and start your shopping list now!

8TV Summer Concert @ Ipoh

I just came back from a dinner at Thai Thong, Heritage. So surprise when I step into the hotel lobby just now. It's full of the Summer Concert's poster.

While I'm waiting for my mom and sis, I saw few peoples walking out from the lift and all of them are wearing the pass with the SC logo on it. All of them are part of the staffs for that function.

I also "kepoh" and listen their conversation.......I heard one of the guy talking to another girl that Sandy Lam was "black face" due to one of her luggage was missing. When I thought of walking nearer to hear clearly, my mom and sis already walking to me and it's time to go into the restaurant, so I don't have a chance to listen the whole story.........

The show will be held in Ipoh Padang @ 11/8/07, 8.30pm.

Fisher Price Toys Being Recalled!!!

I was so shock when TCW forwarded me this article from the star online....please read tru:

Fisher-Price toys being recalled due to toxic content (updated)

PETALING JAYA: Mattel South-East Asia (Malaysia) Pte Ltd is recalling three made-in-China Fisher-Price products because they have excessive amounts of lead.

In the United States, Fisher-Price announced today it is recalling 83 types of toys, including the popular Big Bird, Elmo, Dora and Diego characters, because of excessive amounts of lead in their paint.

However, according to Mattel South-East Asia Pte Ltd (Malaysia) marketing manager Cheok Ching Won, only three of the 83 toys are being sold in Malaysia.

The three toys -- Barney Best Manner Phone (serial number B6966), Sing N Play Alphabook (B7418) and Sesame Street Giggle Surprise Giggle (C1211) -- are amongst the nearly one million toys US toy giant Fisher-Price said it was recalling.

The recall involved 967,000 plastic preschool toys made by a Chinese vendor, and sold in the United States between May and August.

It is the latest in a wave of recalls that has heightened global concern about the safety of Chinese-made products.

The recall is the first for Fisher-Price Inc and parent company Mattel Inc involving lead paint. It is the largest for Mattel since 1998 when Fisher-Price had to recall about 10 million Power Wheels from toy stores.

Cheok said letters had been sent out to all leading departmental and toy speciality stores where the products were sold. She added that the retailers were asked to remove the affected toys from their stores immediately.

"Advertisements will be placed in the newspapers as soon as possible to inform the public on the matter, and those who had purchased the toys will get a full refund from Mattel.

"The affected toys were manufactured between April 19 and July 6 by a manufacturer in China, and during that period less than 500 of the three products were distributed to the respective stores nationwide," she said.

According to her, photos of the three products would be included in the announcement in local newspapers to make it easier for the public to identify them.

"Our priority is to ensure the safety of the children, and therefore necessary steps are being taken," she added.

It is learnt that although the three products were available in the country since January, the excessive amounts of lead in the paint was only discovered since a new manufacturer had produced the toys within that period.

To get a full list of the products that are being recalled, go to http://www.service.mattel.com

Swatch Watch

This is the Swatch watch bought by daddy for me last weekend. When we are shop around at Parkson last Saturday, I walk into a watches shop and look around their Swatch collection. When I was eyeing on a cute watch (got a frog print on it) and I ask hubby whether it suit me or not. Hubby can answer me straight away that I'll look so childish if I wear that watch. So, I keep my eyes on to others design. My eyes just stop at the one that with a red strap and date display watch. I think this suit me more.
So, I ask the shop assistant to take out the watch to let me try on it.

hubby: eeemmm........not bad. Do you like this?
me: If need me to pay for it, I don't want lor
hubby: just answer me you like it or not?
me: are you going to buy it for me?
hubby: ok. I'll get this for you since I didn't buy anything for you recently......

Bravo......... mommy got a new watch.

Kendra go Shopping

This are some of the photos we taken during our outing last week. Kendra seems enjoy shopping very much and she don't like to be carry as a little baby but prefer to walk by her own. When she walk, she like to "kacau" others by waving her hands and keep on giving flying kisses.
Mommy with her new hair style...........

Hotel Reservations

I've been travel to a few countries with my family for the past few years and all of our trips are not organized by the travel agency but my brother. He like to bring our whole family to travel if he got the budget. We are more prefer to travel by our own instead of the tours by the agency. We have more control of our schedule and more flexible if we travel by our own. Others may not agree with me because they will think that booking a hotel or rental a car when abroad is very troublesome for them. What I can say is if you properly plan your trip, you will have a lots of great time then.

Supposingly we have our family trip every year but due to giving birth to Kendra and Terry (my sis) was went to UK, so we don't have the chance to travel last year. Until this April, we need to attend the wedding dinner of Felix (my brother) and Yasuyo (my SIL) which was held in Osaka. The whole family flew there for the dinner.

Before the trip, Felix was so busy to book the air ticket and the hotel for our stay. It's not easy to plan a trip with the infant (Kendra just turn 1 year old by the time we travel). How I wish I discovered this Hotel Reservations website earlier so it will ease our problems and can save a lots of money for him.

Hotel Reservation is a one stop travel website that you cannot miss out to plan for your trip. From booking an air ticket to rental a car for your trip, all you can get it from this website. Other than that, if you book a room marked as a Special Internet Rate will save you money. This is because of the large numbers of lodging reservations they process and able to negotiate special rates with the properties. Their Special Internet Rate are guarantee the lowest you can find. If you found any rate that lower than their Special Internet Rate for the same date and the same hotel, you may call them up within 24 hours of booking your "Special Internet Rate" reservation. They will either refund you the difference or cancel the reservations without any penalty. This will make us more confident to book our room with them.

Since Felix is planning his honeymoon to London or Paris this coming October, sure I'll recommend this useful website to him.

Have you consider visiting hotels Rome? There are a lot of great places to visit in Europe, and Rome hotels can help you see all of them. The net can help you get the best Amsterdam hotels prices around!

Creatures I hate Most

I think now is the "tag" season......I received tags almost everyday for the past few days. Thanks Lovelymummy to pass me this tag.

The two most creatures that I hate are :

1. Mosquitoes - I don't know why the mosquitoes family like me so much. Always follow me wherever I go and like to bite me....(especially my face). Make me like seeing ghost when I see a mosquito come near to me.

2. Rat - I hate them because they are so ugly and dirty. I remembered one incident happened when I'm still a little girl. While I'm brushing my teeth before I go to bed, a rat walk across my feet and I cannot control myself and start screaming very loud. My parents thought somethings happen to me an quickly came out from the room.........since that time, I need someone to accompany me whenever I stand in front of that sink.

Luckily my house now are free from rats but still will have some mosquitoes fly by..........

Would pass this on to :
1. chooi peng
2. pauline
3. momofcairo
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