Soup Filter

Get this from Parkson, Ipoh Parade and found it very useful for boiling soup for Kendra. I like to boil the "ikan bilis" soup for Kendra and everytime I found that it's very troublesome to separate the "ikan bilis" from the soup. Thank God I found this soup filter and it make my life more easier.

I just need to put in the ikan bilis into this filter and put all other ingredients into the soup for boiling. When it's ready, I just need to pour it out without any hassle.

It's only RM5.90 (I bought mine at sales time, got 20% discount) for 32 pieces. All are pack in a resealable bag for hygiene purpose. You can use it as a tea bag for your tea leaves too.


Lemonjude said...

Thanks for sharing this. I want to buy this also as no need to drain up the boiled ikan bilis, so ma fan..

liteng said...

i'm using this too.. very useful & hassle-free!

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