Ang Pao Packets

Since some of the mommies had posted up the Ang Pao packets they collected, I also wish to "kepoh" and share some of the Ang Pao Packets I collected this year.

From left: ICard Enterprise, HSBC and Astro

Hello Kitty Ang Pao Packets

Top from left: Megumi Japanese Restaurant, Jumbo Restaurant
Bottom from left: Liang Court, Singtel
(All are from Singapore)

Bank of Tokyo, BOH, Esprit, Singapore Press & Corcs

Guess this is not fresh design for you all....I received this kind of Ang Pao when I was a little girl.

This is the Ang Pao packets holder came along with the Ang Pao packets from Singtel.

All are from Singtel.....but not sure for which year..ahahha

This is from my sis..... I think she got it from her friends who is working in the printing company.


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