Yesterday was the 3rd day Kendra attending the nursery and I received a call from her nursery while I'm working yesterday afternoon. Her teacher told me that she had a little bit fever (37 Celsius) and ask me to fetch her earlier to send her to the clinic. Without thinking much, I drove to the nursery and pick her up and send her to the clinic directly.

At the clinic, she was so excited before we go into the consultation room. When her name is being called and I just hold her hand and wanted to walk into the consultation room, she started to cry and refuse to go in..... she some more sit on the floor. With no other choice, I have to carry her to go into the room even she don't like it. She keep on crying while the dr. examine her. According to dr, her fever just started and only prescribe the fever medication for her. If the fever still not subside, have to bring her back to the clinic again by tomorrow.

Around 4.30am this morning, when I check on her temperature...wow, it's 39.1 Celsius! I quickly wake up hubby and we decided to bring her to the nearest hospital for the out patient clinic. After the Dr. examine her, she ask us to admit her since she is having the high fever. But, I've decided not to admit her first and just ask the Dr. to prescribe her the medicine that use to be insert into her buttock....... ( we try this before and it work for her) When we are at the counter to settler the bill, I think the charges must be around RM100 but the actual the hospital charge is only RM20.89 for the consultation and medication.

Now is 10.22am and I just check her temperature, it's 35.4 Celsius and hope she is ok for the next few hour.


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