@ 10 weeks

Went for my checkup on last Wednesday and this was the progress of my little one inside me.

Length: 2.73cm
Heartbeat: 176 beats per minute

Head, hands and foot were seen through the ultrasound scan. For myself, I only gain 0.5kg from my last visit which was 2 weeks ago. I'm so surprise about the gain as I thought I will gain at least 2 to 3 kg because I ate a lots during this 2 weeks time.

Kendra was so excited when she saw the scan and when we got home, she keep on showing us her tummy and told us that she also got a baby inside....LOL!!! One thing I need to compliment her is that she was very behave during the scan, when the nurse try to give her a sweet and this was how she answered to the nurse....."Thank you, I don't want".....even my gynae also praise her for this as he seldom see a kids that will say NO to sweets/candies.

Looking forward to my next visit.....!!!!!


Kristie said...

wow what a detailed scan! isnt it beautiful... a new life has begun!

kendra will be a good jie jie!!!

Mummy Gwen said...

That's great that you are doing fine and Kendra is such a good girl. She is very loving hor.

Wonderful Life said...

Oh my... it reminds me of the scan of my boy at 9-10weeks with tiny hands and feel rolling left and right! Babies are amazing huh?

Aww, Kendra so good girl for rejecting the sweet in a nice way! Good girl Kendra!! *hugs*

peimun said...

Ya, I'm kinda proud of her when I saw her rejecting the sweets...!!!

Linda said...

Yes. u teach Kendra so well. U give me an idea to try and teach my girl to reject sweets as well. I really don't like doctors giving out sweets/lollipop to my daughter. Congratulation on your prenancy. wish u have a smooth pregnancy till delivery.

peimun said...

Ya... i think we have to train them from young to reject sweets from others.....

Actually I've trained her for quite some times and still she can't resist it for some times too.... when she can say NO to others abt the sweets, I will award her with one sticker....hehehe!!!!

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