Princess On Ice

This is the show Kendra wanted to watch it for long as I keep on telling her that we will bring her for the show as her 3 years old birthday present. Too bad, hubby need to travel on that day when the show is held and in other words, our plan is canceled due to this.

I found that it's hard for me to tell her this bad news as she is so looking forward to the show. When I'm cleaning her this morning before send her to nursery, I started the conversation with her. I told her that daddy need to go to work and we can't bring her for the show but we will still buy her a present and the Barbie Doll cake on her birthday.

Surprisingly, she looked at with a smile and told me that "OKAY, we don't go for the show"..... then hug me with a big kiss. I felt so warm at that moments and keep on smiling in my heart when I think about it. My girl make me feel so proud of her and I can't wait to call hubby and let him know that our girl has grown up so much.


LittleLamb said...

indeed she is grown up..

Kristie said...

ohhhh so sweet :) she has grown up more to be big sis ya :)


Big girl now .. easy to understand us as long as we care to explain to them. Hey, wanna do pregnancy tag or not .. do lah, if free, drop by and read my kaypoh answers too ya!

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