Gift From Stephanie

Finally I got back this parcel which I think it was lost in mail. I received a PM from Stephanie on last Sunday asking whether I've received the parcel that she sent out last week. I was so surprise about the gift and on the other hand, I was worried too as she told me she posted it out last week via Pos Express and the status shown from the Pos Malaysia's website was " Delivered".

I decided to wait for the postman to come and ask him about the parcel on yesterday. Around 10.30am, I received a call from a stranger and being told that she was oversea and when she returned home yesterday, she got a parcel which was belongs to me and wrongly send to her house. She would like to pass it back to me. Hoo hoo hoo...... i got it back finally. Thanks so much for this kind lady.

OK..... what is inside the package???? It's a birthday present for Kendra from this kind and thoughtful mommy...... Stephanie!!!! There are some princess stuffs inside and when I show it to Kendra, she like it so much and keep on asking me to unwrap it for her.

Once again, THANKS Stephanie!!!!!



If its yours, its meant to be yours, I guess. Glad kendra got her beautiful birthday package. She must be jumping up & down for joy?

Serene said...

Wah.. so terrible la Pos Express sent the parcel to wrong recipient? Who is Stephanie? She is sure a kind mommy!

vickylow said...

Luckily the kind lady call and return it back to you.

MeRy said...

nice pressie

sam said...

Some people are really kind. It's nice that you got your parcel back. After all it was a gift by someone.

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