Randal's Teething Chart - 1 & misc

As promised, I will update my blog more often and I've to force myself to write at least a post before I login to Facebook....LOL!!!!

Yes, Randal got his lower central incisor erupted last month while we were in Australia. Not much of cranky or uncomfortable for him. Like to bite on everything in hand..... key, remote control, pillow and etc. I remembered Kendra teething quite late too and I think Randal just as same as his sister.

Today when I sent him to nanny's house, his nanny took out an used handphone and passed it to him. Guess what..... he is able to take the phone and put it near to his ear!!!!!!!!! His nanny said he is a future boss, can answer call at so young.....hahahahaha!!!!!

Beside this, he is able to stand without support for a few seconds. Sometimes, he likes to push/stroll his jie jie's stool to walk around the house. I think he can walk very soon...... and my night mare will be start soon too!!!!!!!


Kristie said...

more to come for u randal ;)

MeRy said...

Well done.....Hope to see Randal can walk soon.

prince n princess mum said...

More teeth teeth!

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