Identity Theft Protection

Recently, I had received a hoax email saying that I am selected to own multi-millions wealth from someone who has deceased. It requested to click on the link and it will redirect me to a website to insert my particulars. This including my login credential in one of the local bank. Another scenario I faced earlier is SMS notification. In the SMS, it requested me to send them my personal particulars and bank account. Of course, in both of the cases, I didn't do as what they told cause I never believe such thing cause I know this will bring harms than good.

Here I would like bring up this topic which is identity theft protection. There are 4 things that you need to know about Identity Theft.

1. Identity theft is always a stepping stone to identity fraud.
2. Identity theft can victimize anyone.
3. Most identity theft crimes are committed by someone the victim knows or may knows.
4. Early detection of identity theft is better.

You can learn more about identity theft and preventions from IdentityHawk. I hope you are not the next victim and could spread the knowledges around your peers and family members. Together we could beef up our identity protection in the virtual world that could bring us unexpected damages e.g. money loss and crime conviction.


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