Babysitter on leave again

As you all knew that Kendra's babysitter was taking a week off last week when I'm in KL to attend my sales meeting. She is back this week and I thought the nightmare was over. When I fetched Kendra on Monday evening, she told me that she would like to take another week off to settle her income tax case in Johor.......I'm so mad when I heard that!!!

Hubby was not around and I'm new in my company, how I can apply a week off to babysit her the whole week. What I disappointed is her attitude, NO RESPONSIBILITY at all. I quickly went home and on my pc to talk to hubby about this case. He told me that it's totally unacceptable even if he is here. He ask me to find a new babysitter within this few days and if I can find one, then fired the existing one and straight away send Kendra to the new babysitter.

Until today I still cannot find one and with no other choice, I have to seek help from my mom. Hopefully Kendra will not bully her por por (grandma) and be a good girl next week.


Lovely Mummy said...

wah, ur babysitter also on leave one no need to work. As ur hubby said, find another new babysitter.

btw, i tagged u at

Mummy to QiQi said...

prob time to consider some nursery? Obviously this bbsitter cannot harap la...

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