What Color to Choose

A design blue color

A design Pink Color

B design white color

B design Fuchsia color

B design Green Color

Mommies, I need your help as I can't decide what color to choose for Kendra as both color are so cute for the A design.


Kristie said...

peimun, does kendra have lots of pink stuffs for a girl?

if yes, then design A, go for the blue one.

For design B, go for the lime green one, very refreshing!

peimun said...

Thanks Kristie for your valuable suggestion. Actually 1/2 of Kendra's wardrobe are pink.....LOL!

Serene said...

I personally like blue.
As for design B, white color not bad ya..

Mummy Gwen said...

I can't help it Pei Mun, I like pink...hehe. For Design A, I will go for pink and Design B, how about white.

Esmeralda said...

If you ask me Pei Mun, my choices would be as follows:


DESIGN B - Green (I love this!)

Wonderful Life said...

hmm... all also nice. Difficult to choose... I usually end up buying two with different colors things... if it's the price is not too expensive! :P

Well, I like the blue one for Design A and the lime green for the design B.

Lovely Mummy said...

for design A, I will choose pink and B i will go for green...:)

peimun said...

Thanks for all your valuable suggestion. Actually Kendra like pink for A and lime green for B!

Funn's said...

Hi Pei Mun,
I will choose design A, blue cos is my favorite color and as for design B, I will go for Green.

Kristie said...

hahah peimun, actually the best is let kendra choose ya :) good choice kendra!

Lemonjude said...

Gal always looks nice with pink...great choice Kendra. Like the Nike set a lot.

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