She is HEATY!!!

After our dinner last night, I took out a bottle of Yakult for Kendra as a reward to her for finished up her dishes. While she was happily enjoying her Yakult, my mom took out the bowl of fruits for us. When she saw it, she quickly run to my mom and demand for the fruits while she still haven't finished her Yakult. I sound her and told her that she can't have the fruits as this will cause her stomachache if she took too much of cold food. Guess how she answer me...?????

"You try to see my lip, it's soooo RED........ means I'm heaty!!!!! I need to take some fruits or "leong sui" (some chinese drinks to cool down the body).........

We all were so surprise by her response and laugh non-stop after heraing it........ Now only I realized that my girl grow up a lots.....LOL!!!!!


淑惠 said... little Kendra, can answer mommy like an adult.
CNY is approaching, should drink more leong cha to cool down.

Mummy In Vain said...

clever girl!!!

Congrat to you for the second bb!
A bit late to update myself.... ;p

My Lil' Monster said...

Wa ka ka ka...

Pei Mun, U goin to be Pengsan really soon. She is such a cutie.

BTW, Gong Hei Fatt Choy to U, Hubby & Kendra

Kristie said...

hahah! yes kids never fail to surprise us ya... cute kendra!

how's preggie mummy :)

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