@ 12 weeks

Went for my checkup yesterday after my last checkup which was 2 weeks ago. I felt this checkup are so special to me as we did it on the last day of 2008 and it remarked the end of my 1st trimester too!!!!

baby length: 5.09cm (grow about 2.36cm in 2 weeks times)
Heartbeat: 165 beats per minutes
mommy BP: 120/70 (seem not so relevant, right...LOL)

During the whole ultrasound scanning, we (hubby, Kendra and myself) can feel how excited the little baby was when he/she meet his/her parent and sister. He/she keep on moving and kicking till my doctor told us that he/she was tooooo active. Halfway of the scanning, he/she started to suck her thumb......hahaha!!!! When daddy told Kendra about this, she was doing the "shame shame" reaction to her little sis/bro. Other than this, doctor did count the baby fingers with Kendra too!!!!

My gynae has stop to prescribe me the folic acid and prescribe me with the multi-vitamin, calcium capsules and neurogain. For my weight, it remain unchange from my last visit and my appetite was back to normal. I didn't have any special foods I would like to crave so far but I like chilling drinks a lot especially Ribena.....LOL!!!!

I was so amaze that I found lots of new development of my baby on my visit and can't wait to see him/her in another month time.


Mummy Gwen said...

Happy New Year! Glad to hear that you are fine and well. :)

LittleLamb said...

Glad that Number2 is growing well. I m excited for you. Happy New Year to you & family.

Wonderful Life said...

Happy new year!

So happy to hear you and no.2 are doing well.

Take care!

Debbie Y said...

it's a good news for the new year!!! Take a good care ya...rest more!!

Debbie Y said...

it's a good news for the new year!!! Take a good care ya...rest more!!

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