KL Day Trip

We supposed to bring Kendra for the Princess On Ice show next week but due to some unexpected circumstances, we have to cancel the show and change our plan to a day trip to KL. Kendra was not feeling well early in the morning. She can't finish her milk and vomited after she took her milk.

I advised her not to follow us since she was not feeling well but she insisted to go with us because she wish to collect her cake by herself. So, we got no other choice but to bring her along. She slept well once she got into the car and had some bread when she woke up. When we are almost reach the toll exit, again she vomited. I'm so worry about her condition.

We head to One Utama straight from the highway and it's almost lunch time when we were there. We had our lunch at Dragon-I and Kendra's seems ok when she reach the mall. She told me that she felt better and no more the vomiting feeling.... Great!!!! We started our window shopping then and headed to The Curve after that. She had a great time playing the slide there while mommy was shopping alone. I'm so happy that I finally found the Princess dress with Magic wand for this little girl. She was so excited when I showed her the dress. After a few hours of shopping (walking non stop), I felt so tired and asked hubby to drive me home. Before we were leaving, of course we need to collect the princess's cake and this is the main purpose we were visitng....hahahah!!!!


Serene said...

Can't wait to see Kendra wearing the princess dress and the cake!! Wow, Peimun, you order cake far away from Ipoh to KL? Wondering how many hours drive from Ipoh to KL wor? Wishing Kendra a speedy recomery..

MeRy said...

Hope Kendra is fine and can't wait to see her wearing the princess dress...sure very nice n pretty.

MommyAngel said...

Can't wait to see the cake, the dress and everything!! It really is a big day for your little pricess, can see that mommy and daddy really love her so much until driving all the way to KL to pick up the cake!! Happy birthday to Kendra in advance ya!


All the way from Ipoh to Curve to collect the jelly cake ar .. wow .. parents love are .. really ... really ... unlimited.

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