Lucky or Unlucky

Today is the replacement holiday for hubby's company so he decided to go to the Australian High Commission to get all our passport stamp for our Australia PR. He took the 8.30am bus and suppose to reach there before 12pm.

I gave him a call around 11.30am and I was being told that the bus broke down and he need to take a cab to rush to the AUD High Comm before they close for lunch. 12.10pm, my phone rang again and hubby told me that he was not allow to enter the building because he reached there at 12.02pm and their office was close at 12pm. He pleased the receptionist (a malay lady) to let him go in since he is travel so far away from Ipoh. But the malay lady insisted not to let him go in. I can feel how frustrated and annoyed hubby was at that time. He purposely took bus to get there but was not allow to go in because he was late for the 2 minutes. Opps, I forgot to mention that their office was only open till 12pm only. He please the receptionist again and again and even show her his bus ticket but she still not to let him go in. So, he have to leave with no other option.

At 1.30pm he called me again and let me know that he was on his way to Pudu and will be back soon. So, I just take note about it and continue my Facebook game. Not long later, he called me again and told me that he called to the High Comm office and his phone call was answer by an Australian lady. He told the lady about his case and she was helpful enough to ask him to go back to their office and she will get it done for him.

While I'm writing this post, I'm waiting for his call too. Don't know how the receptionist feel when she see hubby can go in later and will hubby make a complaint to them about this......hahaha!!!!


~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

Hoho...Luckily he called!

MeRy said...

I should call that day as a lucky day. If your hubby did not call the office and make the complaint,then his effort is NIL.At least,now your hubby has get his things done.

peimun said...

yeah.... he is lucky! If he take the bus without calling them again, then his trip will will meaningless.

Alan said...

Found your blog by chance... can feel his determination to get the PR sorted. Despite the dreadful bus journey and missing the closure time by 2 mins, not many people have that focus mind and I admire his never take no for an answer attitude. Hope all will turn up well for you all down in Queensland! :)

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