Processing of Our Autralia PR

We had our Australia PR granted somewhere in September 2009 and some of my friends would like me to share with them how the process was. So, I will try my best to share it out with you how our application being processed. The process is base on the points system. You need to have at least 120 points in order for you to lodge your application under General Skill Migration (GSM) subclass 175. Beside this subclass, there are still few types of visa available.

He has to get his skills assess by the relevant organization/bodies. He work in IT field and of course he need to get Australian Computer Society (ACS) to recognized his skills.You may check out your skills recognition here. All relevant documents including a letter from your superior need to be submit to them. It took about 8 weeks for them to get back to you and no online submission for this. You have to send them the documents by mail and the result also will send back to you by mail. He paid AUD200 for this assessment.

While waiting for the ACS result, we registered for the IELTS test. We took the test on xx Dec and got our IELTS result 2 weeks after the test. For this IELTS test, the main applicants must score at least band 6 or you will get additional 5 points if you score band 7 for all 4 components. Hubby only scored band 6 for this test means he is short of points for him to lodge his application. He got 2 options which is either re-take the test until he score band 7 for all 4 components or get the State sponsorship which earned him 10 points. Moreover, if you lodged your application under GSM subclass 176 (State Sponsor or sponsor by a relative living in AUD), only 100 points is needed. So, hubby decided not to re-take the test as the test cost him RM530 per test. He tried to apply for the state sponsor from Queensland (QLD) due to we don't have relatives in AUD. The state sponsor is free of charge. You just need to make sure your skill is listed in their demand list. Each state will have a different list for this. Hubby got the letter from QLD xx weeks after he submitted all his documents.

Since he got the state sponsor from QLD, he has more than enough points to lodge his application. He lodged his application on 29th April with the fees of AUD2050. I think the fees had been adjusted to AUD2525 W.E.F 1st July 2009. He didn’t appoint any agent for our application, all are done online and this had saved us about RM10k for the agent fees. He got the case officer allocated to him 3 weeks after the application was lodged. We are requested to undergo the Medical Examination (ME) and submit the good conduct letter. Due to I’m expecting at that time and can’t carry out the X-Ray. Right after I finished my confinement, we (include my 2 kids) did the ME and all reports were submitted by the panel doctor.

We got the grant letter around 4-5 weeks after the ME and stated in the letter that we must validate our visa by enter to AUD no later than 22nd July 2010 and the visa expired 5 years from the date granted. Time to time, they are still some changes of the requirements for the application.

We have booked out tickets for our initial entry and I’m so looking forward to this trip. This will be the first overseas trip for Randal.


daddykhong said...

Congratuations on obtaining the PR. Wise move :)

I have a few questions:
1. It is not clear in your post but how long did the entire process take, from submission of visa application to the actual granting of visa? Your application seems to be approved rather quick.

2. If you have no relatives in QLD, is there a reason why your husband ended up requesting for QLD state sponsorship instead of from other states?

3. The police character clearance report - did you have to submit BOTH Malaysian and Australian forms? Also, are the forms only application for the principal applicant or for all members in the application above 16 years old?

4. Any mention of the Returning Residents Visa in your PR approval package? That one is a tricky issue to understand?

Thank you.

peimun said...

Hi daddykhong,
thanks for dropping by my blog.....

1. We submitted the online application on 29-Apr and granted on 21-Sep. State-sponsored application has higher processing priority compares with independent-sponsored application. As you may aware, there is no exact timeline published for application processing. Well, I would say it's all depends on luck!

2. State-sponsorship uses/relies on occupation on demand concepts. They will revise/publish their list on regular basis. So happens that my hubby's profession was in the QLD list.

3. Just follow whatever requirements stated on "Sijil Kelakuan Baik". For our application, no Australian immigration letter or application form needed. We understand that applicant with 18 yrs & above are required to provide Police check. Also, applicant whom stay more than 12 months in other country must provide police report.

4. PR holders can stay indefinitely in Australia. PR holders can travel out of Australia indefinitely within the first 5 years. Once expired, we can continue their stay in Australia but must get RRV if we need to travel out of & "return" Australia again. RRV can be granted for 3 mths or 5 years. Just abide to their stated regulations.

Have you got your PR granted?

MeRy said...

Congrats when will be our Australia trip?

daddykhong said...

Thank you for the answers, they are very helpful.

No, I have not applied for PR but I have read all the information on the Immigration Department's website. Read until pengsan :)

Why did you decide to apply for PR? For fun to see if it will be approved or with serious intention to move?

Winnie said...

Hi Peimun, congrats!
As explained by you, all is papers processing thing, wonder is there any financial background requirement?

peimun said...

We seriously intend to move there for the good sake of our children. Hope to give them a better environment to grow up......

For the whole process, we are not being asked to proof our financial status. We just need to declare to them, roughly how much we will be bring over when we move there. No supporting documents to show it.

tammy said...

hi peimun,

i came across your blog while blog hopping. congrats on your PR grant. and the process was very very fast, i would say.

me n hubby have lodged our PR application in june this year, and they have yet to allocate us a CO. :(

well, keep us updated on your initial entry process yea..:)

LittleLamb said...

PM, Thanks for the info. Last week when I read the post, I quickly check if I am on Critical Shortage List ..unfortunately it is not. My occupation carries 50 points only. If I select another occupation which i m qualified but hate to do, it 60 points. Anyway I will still try ur method to apply online cos agent is asking RM10k now.

peimun said...

Good luck to you and anything unsure, let me know. Will try to ask hubby to get it solve if he can.....

daddykhong said...


Please don't be confused over the nominated occupation that you are inserting in your PR application form. It is just a "nominated" occupation which means that there is no requirement for you to work in that occupation once you move over to Australia.

So go ahead and get your skills assessed for the 60 points occupation. If you achieve 120 points, and manage to get PR, you can technically go in and work as a waiter and the Australian government won't even care.

Debbie Y said...

congrats!!! and thanks for sharing. I'm sure it's an useful guide to those intend to migrate!!!

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