4 Months Old

Randal turned 4 months on 16th and we brought him for his vaccination yesterday. His weight is 7.7kg and head circumference is 41.5cm. We didn't start him the pneumococcal vaccine when he is 2 months old as we planned to let him take it when he is 4 months old. He took his 2nd dose of Rotarix and 1st dose of Synflorix yesterday.

When taking the Rotarix oral vaccine, he is trying to throw it out from his mouth but the PD is experienced and patient enough to let him finished it. The Synflorix Randal took is cheaper than Prevenar. Both Rotarix and Synflorix only cost us RM354.

Randal like to listen while we are talking now. Sometimes, he will even add in his opinion by making the sound"buuuu", "kuuuu", "aar", "yiiii".............. and even scream out loud when he is over excited. I think he will be talkative as Kendra......"faint". Another new skill he learn....... pull mommy's hair. He like to pull my hair when I try to come near to him. And sometime I pity Kendra too..... she always go near to him and thought give her brother a kiss but ended up being pull by her brother......hahahaha!!!!!


LittleLamb said...

Happy 4 months old. He is growing very well..

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

7.7kgs??!!! Maine is only 7.7kgs now at 8 plus months... *sobs*

Happy 4 months old Randal!!

quEeNie said...

happy 4 months old to Randal...he is so cute...hahaha, Ryan also always pull Chloe's hair

karenyiau said...

Wow Randal is very chubby, of course handsome looking too....hehe :)

Dora said...

My XJ loves to pull my hair too, hahaha :-)

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