Cute Fullmoon Package

I must blog it down before I forgot. I came across this website when I'm searching full moon package for Randal months ago. I like their products so much but didn't happen to order from them as I've promised my friend that let her handle the Full moon package for Randal.

Their latest design are so cute and make myself have to promote it to all of you. I like their creativity. Other than the full moon package, they do sell some good quality baby wear too. So, mama to-be, try to take visit their website and I'm sure you will like it too. Even though I didn't place any order from them, but I wish I have a chance to do so later.....maybe Randal coming birthday...hahahaha!!!!!

*this is not a paid post...


vickylow said...

Nice cute moo moo. Next year shall be tiger loh...:)

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