He is 1 Today....

Time flies and he turn 1 today. No big birthday party for him as usual as I'm a lazy mom and hate all the cleaning job after party (don't laugh so loud ya...:))))) Will have a simple dinner with my family tonight.

I had been recalling what had happen last year this day from morning till now. It's a HARD day for me last year at this time. I know I know.... I should not think too much since me and Randal are well now, but my mind just non stop flashing back what had happen that day....sob sob!!!

Okay Okay, let's talk about Randal progress.

**He is able to walk very well now. whenever we are outside or in the mall, he likes to walk by his own.

**He is able to recognize some of us in the family...... daddy, mommy, jie jie (Kendra), gong gong (grandpa), por por (grandma) and yi yi (aunties)

**like to mumble a lot but we don't understand his baby language.

**he likes to get on his sister's bicycle now. Everytime when we are in my parent's house, sure he will looks for it!!!

**He is 9.5kg and taking semi solid now. Still on Isomil and 3 feedings per day @ 210ml each feed.

**taken all the compulsory and optional jab to date.

**can't think of anything to write already...... will post more after the dinner tonight!!!!!


mommy wish you healthy and happy always!!!!!


MeRy said...

Happy bday to Randal !!

淑惠 said...

Time flies, so fast 1 year gone.


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