Nod His Head

Before I drop Randal to his nanny house this morning, we went to my parent's house which is just next door of his nanny's house. My parents were so happy to see him and so does him. The first things he saw my dad is ask for carry.... He will open his arms wide and ask them to carry. And my dad will carry him without saying NO and straight away bring him to the dining hall. My dad brought out a big can of raisins and let him to taste some. After that, they came back to the living hall.

My dad left the can of raisin on the staircase. Randal spotted it and he keep nod his head while pointing it to my dad..... My dad keep asking him whether he still want that raisin is it? And he keep nodding his head....he is so funny till I must blog it down.....hahahahha!!!!


MeRy said...

So cute..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Sooner, Randal will express himself much better orally. He will kept saying, "I want, I want..":-)

Pei Mun, I got an award for you

Dora said...

haha it;s so cute of Randal nodding his head as if he is fully understood!

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