Milestones: 18 months

YEah....... Kendra is exactly 18 mths!

weight: 10kg

Formula: Isomil Plus Advance

Teeth: all together 6 (4 upper and 2 lower)
Shoes Size: in between 4 and 5

I think Kendra can be consider a fast learner. She knew a lots of words at her age now. Here are some of the words that she can pronounce........

Words from her ABC book: apples, boy, bear, ball, bag, cat, car, cow, duck, egg, elephants, fish (she will pronounce it sheeeee), flowers, girl, ice-cram, lion, pen, shoes, merdeka (she will put her hands up when she see a flag)

Counting: she can count from 1 to 3 easily. If she is in good mood, she will count the 4 and 5

Parts of the body: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hand, hair, forehead, tongue and stomach. She will point to me when I asked her:" where is our eyes, kendra"

Cartoon character: Cars, Kitty, Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, Shrek, Doraemon (she will just pronounce it as A-Mon)....... she recognised all the characters and will called their name whenever she saw the picture of them.

She can called and greet: daddy, mommy, gong gong, por por, yi yi, fu (her uncle), jie jie (sis), gor gor (bro), uncle (an-cle), auntie (an-ty), kakak (so surprise when I first heard she call an Indon), baby, morning, nite nite, hello.......

Expression: geng geng or par par (scare), good, yummy, ng oi (don't want), oi (want), da da (beat), tong tong (pain), pao pao (carry), neang neang (beautiful), shame shame, go go, no or no no........

Foods: ping ping (biscuit), nen nen (milk), kult kult (yakult), cheese......

Others: open, close, wait, ng ng ( when she want to poo poo), kao kao (sleep), zou zou (sit), jut jut (her pacifier), throw, put, light light...........

*When I asked:"Who are you?"
She will answered me: "girl girl" or "ying ying"

*I think she like to write now....she will tell us "seh" (write) when she got a pen on her hand. Other than writing, she like to dance aslo. She will move her body when she heard the music.

*She like her "ABC" VCD more than her Barney VCD. She can watch it again and again for this "ABC" VCD until she fall asleep. Others than this, she like the cartoons "The Cars" and "Shrek" too.....

*She had 2-3 feeding of 7oz milk daily. Other than that is porridge, oat and rice.

*Still wearing size M of her Mamy Poko and Mamy Poko a lots for her daddy!!!


Lemonjude said...

wow, M size diaper still...not tight? Kendra really grow a lot and know a lot of things now...the first pic is like waiting to go to school

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