My Tissues Collection

Before I share with you all my bags collection, I would like to share with you all my another collection here.......Yes, it's my tissues collection.

I think I started to collect this cutie tisuues since I'm still in my primary. When my eldest sister's friend Carmen gave her few pack of this tissues and she passes it to me and my youngest sister Joeye, we started our interest then. Carmen has her brother studying in Japan and do send her this kind of cute stuffs and she seems not so keen on it and pass it to my sister. Me and Joeye are the big fans of this cute stuffs and both of us have started to collect.

I remembered once we fight because of this tissues. We don't talk to each other for few days because Terry (my eldest sister) gave the tissues to her more and I only have a few packets of it.

Everytime when we visited Singapore, of course we will ask Felix to bring us to the Japanese shop to source for this kind of tissues. When it come to the situation that only 1 pack of the selected design left, we are sure start the fire between each other.

The Pooh's tissues and the bear's kitchen towel are a gift from my friend in UK. I need to thank her to search it high and low to get it for me. Thanks, Lace!!!

All the tissues are just cute and have a very very nice print on it! It make me feel so "sayang" to use it. Sometimes when I'm free, I'll just bring out the whole box and arrange all the tissues on the floor and slowly clean it.

I'm glad that Joeye have the same interest as me and I'll ask her to rent me her tissues to show to you all!!!!


Mummy to QiQi said...

Geee...Pei Mun, i enjoyed colleting tissues too (from advertisement company) when I was in Japan :)

Lemonjude said...

Wow, thats a lot of that...all are cute and nice...My first time come across ppl collecting tissue..

Too bad we can't find any nice one here...

Lovely Mummy said...

OMG, all are so cute and nice...

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